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Georgia Weber inside Council District 2 July 21, 2019, 3:02 PM

I support the re-designing of the Fisher carriage house for trailside exploration and cultural center. I have toured the Fisher Mansion and carriage house and found them to be of great significance to our neighborhood and city. Please use the grant for the re-design.

Nan Weber inside Council District 2 July 19, 2019, 6:05 PM

Richard Kletting designed an amazing home for the Albert and Alma Fisher Family. Even though the city now owns it, we in the neighborhood have been trying to find funds to make sure it is saved and used by community. CRSA architects have long been consulting and designing ways to evaluate and use this property. The Jordan River and the Parkway are so connected to it both physically and emotionally it makes sense to fund the Carriage House Improvement design for a trail-side exploration and cultural center.
Since 2007 Salt Lake City mayors have been supporting the vision of use and restoration. Now is the time to fund. The CRSA design is striking and the idea of its use will promote the Jordan River, long overlooked.

Name not shown inside Council District 4 July 19, 2019, 3:20 PM

can we get rid of the back-in angle parking on 200 South PLEASE! It is a safety issue for both cars and bikes: cars have a very difficult time backing up during events and crowded streets (how do you back up when another car is right on your bumper) + with empty spaces on both sides, how does one gauge proper alignment? Bikers are wary because they cannot tell if someone is ready to pull out (with regular parking, biker can observe the backup lights). There are only three blocks in the entire state that have this type of parking ... when will someone finally listen and get it returned to regular parking? Issue has been ignored for multiple years - please include in this years' project! Living and working downtown, I hear this complaint more than anything ... people hate it.

Name not shown inside Council District 1 June 6, 2019, 1:31 PM

I'm very concerned that the residents of Salt Lake City are expected to pay for a 7% insurance (healthcare) increase for Salt Lake City employees, this is unacceptable. Residents should not be responsible for rising health care costs for city employees, these costs need to be passed through to employees. Additionally, what justifies hiring 17 more full-time equivalents when consulting fees continue to increase. The rate increases for sewer, stormwater and water are not feasible for a lot of Salt Lake City residents and based on the proposed budget are largely a result of rising insurance costs and hiring more people. What is the justification for asking residents to pay for these costs? Why do we need 17 more employees or FTE's? I would request that these rate increases be denied or significantly reduced to not more than a total increase of 5%. I would also request modification of zoning requirements to allow for different levels (less) of vegetation in park strips and yards or that it become ok to allow your lawn to become "yellow" or "brown" in effort to conserve water. Zoning requirements have to be modified so that if you can afford to change the landscape of your yard to require less water or no water there won't be penalties. Can the city partner with the community resources or businesses to help support people who have yards that are only grass implement vegetation that requires less water and possibly provide these items at a reduced cost? Can the city partner with landlords, who's property is all grass, to change their landscape so that their tenants (who are usually required to keep the lawn green and pay the water bill or face eviction) can use less water on landscape? If the purpose (as written in the budget) is to continue with a rate structure that will "encourage" people to use less water by charging higher rates then the city needs to provide better guidelines in order for residents to be able to do that in addition to discouraging awards for best yard, best lawn, etc given out by neighborhood councils or providing greater education and incentive to remove those green lawns (like those around the city and county building) and put more water wise vegetation in. Raising sewer, stormwater and water rates should not be the answer to solving water use issues, nor should it be used to cover rising health care costs for city employees.

Name not shown inside Council District 4 May 16, 2019, 1:18 PM

Regarding the library budget, I'm confused about the personnel salary increases. How in the world did they arrive at an increase of $1,250 per employee, instead of a percentage increase? If the assertion is that the cost of living in Salt Lake City has gone up 5.3%, why not give a 5.3% COLA, which then is fair across the board. But I note that there is also a 1.5% salary increase, and I'm confused about why these two increases are not combined? In addition, there is a 50% increase in HSA contribution. All told, these are MIGHTY healthy increases -- what substantiation is there for the numbers chosen?

Name not shown inside Council District 1 May 15, 2019, 5:52 PM

We are only 6 days from the first public hearing on May 21. Why isn't the budget for each and every city department, including the mayor's office, included on this website? And every department with a proposed increase clearly shown. A link to the full budget right on this page would be very helpful. Note that the link at is broken.

You could go a long way to ensuring the public is able to play an active part in a public hearing if the info is readily available for their review.

Name not shown inside Council District 6 May 15, 2019, 2:00 PM

I would like to have the council note that the streets of Benchmark Drive and Benchmark Circle are in serious need of re-surfacing. They are in disrepair and have not had any patchwork repair for several years. I would hope that some budget dollars could be allocated to repair of these streets. Thanks for your consideration in this regard. Best regards!

Scott Weaver inside Council District 5 May 3, 2019, 4:20 PM

Not sure what the purpose of this exercise is as those that hold the city budget keys will do whatever they want. Over and over again this city has raised taxes, fees or bonds in order to "balance" their budget. Since 2008 SLC has had an increase of over $100 million in additional revenue but still does not have enough money to provide or maintain basic services.

Name not shown inside Council District 6 January 19, 2019, 8:28 AM

I go to work at the University Hospital from Sugarhouse at 6:15 am on weekends and weekdays. I head home after 8pm. There is no reliable way to get to work in less than 45 minutes except using my car. I can jog that distance in about the same time. I have worked in Houston and NYC and been able to travel much farther in less time. There, I can rely on public transport heading my way every 15 minutes. Here, there is nothing, especially on Sundays, except maybe every 30 minutes at the most frequent. You might as well not have a public transportation system for all the good it does. No wonder ridership rates are poor. The service is useless to a large portion of residents.

Name not shown inside Council District 4 January 19, 2019, 1:16 AM

Please rank the following issues that affect District 4
Crime, Homelessness, Air quality and other environmental concerns, Affordable housing, Traffic and public transportation, Safety and functionality of Pioneer Park, Arts and cultural offerings, Economic development downtown

Below are types of civic experience that can be helpful for Council members to have. Please rank them in order of importance.
Worked closely with their neighborhood community council, Have served on a City board or commission, Familiarity with issues affecting Downtown, Budgeting experience, Project management skills