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What are your impressions, thoughts, concerns or suggestions regarding the proposed site plan and uses submitted by North American Properties for the Avalon Development at the northwest corner of GA-400 and Old Milton Parkway?

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The plan seems to be consistent with previous expectations. I'm interestest to see who the potential merchants are who will occupy the retail space and the projected date for completion and opening of Westside Parkway (this is the biggest issue that needs addressing in my estimatin) Pro - Good street interconnectivity and access. They could add another access point along Westside in the residential area. - Good use of terminated vistas from the center avenue. - This design is much better than the current situation. Con - Far too much surface parking in the commercial and office side (east) of the development. Garage parking should be encouraged. Once you build the parking lot... you're not going to be able to do anything else with that space. - The southeast area will be one of the most visible sections from 400 & OMP but you will see parking lots. - This design is too much like Perimeter Place in Dunwoody. - Kill the 14 story tower and put a cap at 6. - Retention pond should not be segregated away. Look at the new Old 4th Ward Park for inspiration. Deck parking everywhere would reduce the amount of space devoted to parking, allowing more green space. The office towers need deck parking or the first n floors of the tower need to be parking. Allow the tower to be taller if necessary. I am very disappointed. It looks like typical suburban sprawl all over again. My first reaction is that it looks like a giant parking lot. It certainly doesn't look very pedestrian friendly and there is only a tiny amount of green space. With the amount of paved space shown I get the impression it will look like the Target/Kohls complex north of Alpharetta on Hwy 9. That is certainly not at all pedestrian friendly. Two more traffic lights on Old Milton? Really? I would like to see: more green space less parking lot (put in a deck) accomodation for bicycle traffic on Webb Bridge Road, Westside Parkway, and inside the complex a pleasant place to walk between all the various businesses sidewalk cafes outdoor dining Who wants to sit outside in the middle of a parking lot! Terrible. Turn this space into a destination not just another parking lot! Bob Falkenberg After all the effort Mark Toro put into his well publicized, nationwide tour of class projects across the U.S., this is the best NAP could come up with? This sea of parking lots is going to look worse than anything around North Point Mall, or even the Outlet Mall! This is a huge strip mall, disguised as bad mixed-use. While the density may be less than Prospect Park, the key differences are significant...and not positive. I was hoping for something like The Forum, or Avenues...not "Big Box" retail hell! The out parcels alone, (along Old Milton Parkway), will be incredible eyesores, and did NOT exist in the former plan. There is almost no green space, and one of the "Public Spaces" is a detention pond! Good luck with the residential piece...would you want to live in the middle of a strip mall? Too much surface parking. Public space seems to be restricted to the residents and not open to the public. Doesn't appear to be a focal point. Not in favor of additional apartments right now in Alpharetta. We are already out of balance. I would prefer office tower to be located further back on the property and towards the exit ramp. Hopefully the detention pond will be well landscaped along Old Milton. 3 access points from Old Milton???? There should be more retail/restaurants closer to the theater. It looks like a gigantic parking lot. It also resembles the Northpoint Mall with the roof removed. The view for Highway 400 and Old Milton Parkway needs to be addressed. A parking lot does not get it. I am having trouble finding anything that I like about it. I had envisioned something that would be more of a park like pedestrian friendly environment. Soemething more upscale than a parking lot. When I think of mixed use I think more along the lines of the proposal that was presented by Metlife. Please start over! Wow. After following NA Properties take their road trips to other cities/states featuring some great ideas THIS is what they came up with?? And they hired top-talent? We asked for features that would be amenable to a residential village-like environment. A grassy ampitheatre, water fountain for the kids to play in, green space were all mentioned previously. This looks like a yet another over-priced luxury strip mall. Please go back and review the photos you posted to Facebook of your road trips, and all the great ideas you saw and which you proudly displayed, then start revamping the plans again. Avalon cold either boost Alpharetta, or bring it down. Please provide something our great community wants and needs, instead of giving us big-box commerce. The current abandoned property is a blight. Having a work, live, play development will be a plus for the area. too many rental units, need to add/increase water features and walking/bike paths and trees My concerns align with some of the others mentioned. When I heard the people responsible for Atlantic Station had purchased the property, I envisioned something similar to that complex. The pictures posted seemed to go along with that idea. Then we get this. It looks like any other strip mall. There's entirely too much surface parking and it doesn't look pedestrian friendly at all. I want a place that I can park my car and roam from shop to shop to restaurant. As it is, I can't see any reason to linger and shop in the plan. It doesn't look as if it'll be appealing to the eye or enjoyable to frequent. I think the plan needs some serious considerations. Quite a bit of parking - it could be consolidated with a couple of decks. The land is high enough to take the decks underground. Don't like the first turn-in for the outparcels off of Westside. The intersection is too close to the main entrance and has only U-turn access when coming south on Westside. Suggest moving it further north and tie it in to Thompson Street as an intersection. This gives another corridor to work with (Thompson from Westside to Haynes Bridge. This would also alleviate the need for 2 set of lights on Old Milton. What are the plans for Phase II before development begins? Hopefully it won't be just some sort of rye grass cover. The City went from a luxury site to a (perhaps upscale) strip mall with rental residential, not luxury homes! What happened? If this is all that the economy will currently support, just seed the red clay and mow it for a few years until someone with vision comes along. Too much surface parking Too little green space 14 story building is too tall-why do they continue to be proposed, only to be shot down by Planning, Design Review and Council? Rethink the views from: Driving along GA 400 and using the ramps Driving along Old Milton Parkway This is supposed to be a focal point, not another hoo-hum shopping center. All in all-rethink what is proposed. Aaverage at best. Why would anyone want to live in a building overlooking a sea of parking or the building next door? The site planning is terrible!! THINK GREEN! Alpharetta is known for it's "green space". The first thing that people notice when they visit is how green everything is and how well landscaped the city is in comparison to other cities. I don't see enough green space in the middle of this mass of concrete. I'd love to see more of a Central Park setting in the middle with buildings surrounding the park-like setting. What brings families to an area is nice outdoor space where children can play and families can sit out and relax. When I look at the development in Crabapple I see lots of buildings and nothing that pulls me in to make me want to walk around. I go to a particular shop and then leave--never to really walk around and tour the town. If I want to eat an ice cream cone in the summer I want to be among the trees on a park bench. You go to DaLonagha or Helen, Georgia and what do you see--people walking around outdoors going in and out of the various shops. I don't want us to be like Crabapple which has lots of buildings and concrete. No real outdoor space for walkers and bicyclists. No place for movies on the green. Let's think green with all we do in Alpharetta. I think there should be a water feature that turns into an outdoor ice rink during the winter months when people tend to stay inside. You must draw people to the area during all the seasons. There should be a place for evening concerts like at National Harbor in Washington, DC. Let's make use of the rooftops with rooftop parks like atop Georgetown University's bookstore. If you first draw people to the outdoor space they will automatically mozie their way indoors to the shops. Go look at The Forum in norcross - peachtree corners to see what is better. This is just another strip mall or crabapple mess. We don't need more empty strip malls or empty townhouses. I'd rather leave it a vacant lot. Green space!!! Many today have already voiced my concerns. Say NO to more of the SAME. This is a hideous plan with way, way, too much concrete. It is not unique nor pedestrian friendly. We already have areas in Alpharetta that are like this and they are under used (as noted by other comments). I see that the office space built in the Milton Park complex on North Point Parkway south of Kimball Bridge Road is nearly empty. Why would we build more space like this? I am a big fan of mixed use development and mixed income housing but who would want to live there in this massive asphalt hell? We already have lots of empty housing so these units would compete with those. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make great use of this large parcel of property; having yet another paved over acreage with commercial buildings is NOT WHAT WE NEED. We need more green space. Build a PARK that can accommodate a variety of uses. Some day your grandkids and great grandkids will thank you for the opportunity to have a park. I doubt anyone in the future will thank you for another movie theatre, another set of office buildings and yet another set of buildings to buy "stuff" that can be purchased anywhere. Be visionary. Be good to the people of Alpharetta and the generations to come. Build a wonderful park. Save the environment. What is Alpharetta? A place to shop? Can't this property be used to support other aspects of life in a great city? Thanks for asking for our input. This is just another outdoor mall with some office and residential similar to that near Perimeter Mall. Very little green space and a horrendous eyesore for nearby neighborhoods. Needs to be redesigned to emphasize green space, put parking underground, several walking green streets and pedestrian/bike pathways and some real creativity. Also it is only a short walk from the new downtown Alpharetta area and should be made easily accessible by some of the back streets that need redevelopment and tied into a comprehensive plan to make Alpharetta a warm, green inviting area so that people can walk from Wills Park, to downtown to this entire district easily, comfortably and surrounded by a park like setting without being trapped by major roadways. There is a significance to a corner in architecture. Please make sure the corner of Old Milton Parkway and GA 400 is a visual delight for anyone driving on GA 400. Putting a parking structure there will not attract many to leave the highway. I am missing a 3d rendering of this development and the requirements from the developer in order to “maybe” understand what this architect was thinking. More pervious open greenspace. Place parking underground behind the store fronts. I want to sit outside at a cafe and look out onto grass, trees and native flora. I don't want to look at cars parked on asphalt. Parking lots are clear-cut asphalt heat generating and water-polluting/retaining deserts. Would like to see use of native flora & grasses for storm water runoff, patches of green to include trees. At my corporate offices in Pleasanton, CA – they have one “green” natural space for every 2-3 car parking spaces. The runoff / ditch area is covered with native grasses for natural filtration. Roswell recently did an all natural storm water runoff in a newly-built public parking lot behind Canton Street. Specify MAXIMUM automobile parking spaces instead of minimum. Provide pedestrian walkways to access the building entrances (starting from the sidewalks at the road). Safely walk – or ride a bike – from the road entrance to the front door. Have recycling receptacles in public spaces, in front of retail shops, bus stops, etc. Provide bike lanes and bike trails to access the development. The apartments need to be taken out. They bring crime and bad elements. Otherwise this is a great capitalist effort--need to keep oppressive govt out of their business. Unless I'm missing something this looks more like a residential development instead of what I thought was going to be upscale shopping and entertainment/restaurants. If the project was not on the major road leading into downtown it would be fine. But being what will likely become the first public impression of people coming into the older portion of Alpharetta, it would be nice to see some greater and greener creativity on the part of the planners. I know budget realities have to come to bear, but there are far too many resident- and visitor-friendly designs for this type of development already in place in the metro area. It would be sad for Alpharetta to settle for following a dying style, rather than taking the opportunity to set trends and welcome people to the city in a more desirable fashion. This is basically Atlantic Station and feels too "urban" of an idea for Alpharetta. There is almost no green space in the entire development. It has everything in it that Alpharetta already has: a theater, hotels, retail, and town homes. Or you can go 15 miles north to the Avenues Forsyth for probably the exact same retail stores. I am not a fan of town homes to begin with...I think Alpharetta is more suited to single family homes because most people who live or want to live in Alpharetta are families. Further more we do NOT need another light on Old Milton Parkway just for this development...completely unnecessary and Old Milton already has traffic issues. If you ask me the only good idea on the entire plan is opening up Westside Parkway all the way to Webb Bridge Rd. It’s a good start, but it could be so much more. First of all, this plan adds a new traffic light to Old Milton Parkway. With three lights within about 1200 feet of each other we are making an already traffic plagued road that much worse. Second, it’s like Atlantic Station Lite – except that all of the great things about Atlantic Station were cut out. There’s no green space, no parking decks, no underground parking. It’s just a new design on huge parking lots like Perimeter Place and the Avenues properties. Alpharetta has plenty of huge parking lots on North Point Parkway south of Haynes Bridge Road and on Windward Parkway west of GA-400. It would be great if this area really connected with and accentuated the plans for our new downtown area: open, green spaces, with boutiques, higher-end retail and restaurants. I’d like to go to dinner on a nice Spring evening, sit on a patio, and look at a nice park and water feature, instead of a beat up 1996 Honda Civic and drainage gutters carved into hot asphalt. Finally, the residential areas do not seem targeted to the demographic that would be interested in living in Alpharetta. Living over a retail outlet with a view of a parking lot may appeal to someone living and working in Buckhead or Midtown Atlanta. People live in Alpharetta to get away from that urban atmosphere. Please consider reassessing your plans and making improvements that better reflect the people and values of our city. I agree with everyone's comments of more green space, unsightly parking, too much commercial glitz. Take some ideas from California architecture and landscaping. Bring in the same look as our downtown. It should not be just another slick looking generic shopping center. As of Feb. 13 2012.....disappointed at new design. Unfortunately it doesn't address our concerns. I don't see why Avalon ( why this name? How does it relate to Alpharetta?) couldn't continue the design concept of our Downtown area. It seems the most logical approach to a consistent design (throughout Alpharetta city). . I would like to see a complete redesign using Downtown as a model and the suggestions of all the people that have contributed to this forum. Please consider this request. Think subtle, classic, green, walkways, shops, outdoor dinning woven throughout. Think European esthetic. The people that are moving into this area and currently live here are used to a more subtle, casual sophisticated atmosphere. Think La Jolla at the cove, Del Mar, Santa Barbara, the winerys. Del Mar, Ca. has a beautiful shopping center in the middle of town. It has all the features people are asking for. You might take a look at that design. Please, go there. Walk through the Del Mar Plaza, have a drink and sit outside. That is the feeling we want when we envision Avalon. Remember, Silicon Valley companies, biotech, communication companies are moving to this area. Might be a good idea to rethink the design. Take a trip to Calif. experience the atmosphere in those places. # 1 idea: might be a boutique hotel and meeting facilities, a small plaza with a range of restaurants and a spa. We don't have anything like that in this area. #2 idea: small plaza , town homes and garden homes, boutique hotel and green space. #3 idea: plaza, town homes , condos, garden homes, offices and boutique hotel. green belt surrounding the perimeter, park like setting Curved pathways to all Center area : is terraced plaza with shopping and restaurants, underground parking................see Del Mar Plaza, San Diego, Ca. (on-line) Two, 3 or 5 level, terraced hotels or office buildings...facing Old Milton and style hotel...nothing like it in area. Three, 2 level parking structures, underground parking if more space is needed. All surrounded by tree screens. Fountains and green areas throughout All structures except center plaza, at an angle with pathways European cafe with outside patio and condos above, 1 or 2 stories only.............see Tuscany restaurant, off N Point Pkwy, Alpharetta Townhouses........see new ones on Academy Single family garden homes near Academy/Webb. Brick, black iron work, urns and planters, traditional look to blend in with town. Frontage road around perimeter. Energy efficient technology with smaller terraced buildings. No theaters, no high rise, no acres of parking. I am an engineer and project manager at a design build construction company. Please read my comments below: The main entrance takes you to a large parking lot which is situated in front of a 4 story residential building. This places all the traffic in front of the homes rather than the commercial areas. The commercial buildings are situated to the west, and there is no parking in front of them. There needs to be some street parking in front of the commercial space or under the space in a parking deck. If it is the desire to place residential space in the front of the development then mixed use buildings should be utilized. Place lofts and condos on top of commercial spaces. Create spaces for people to walk. I do not see any green space and the retention pond is being hidden. The retention pond should be used as an opportunity to create a water attraction with green space around it. This space currently looks like a neighborhood next to a mall. I is my hope that the design is changed to look more like Atlantic Station and less like urban sprawl. It's good to see the plan progressing and NAP's interest in soliciting local opinion. As a close neighbor to the site (<0.5mi.), I'm very concerned about three issues: traffic flows in/out of the complex, ambient light/noise generated by the site, and allocation of acreage to parking. First, NAP and Alpharetta's planners need to be sensitive to the probability of adding substantially more traffic to the Webb/Academy corridor. This likelihood will profoundly change the character of the neighborhood, producing vehicle noise, pollution, traffic volume, and degraded safety for bikes and pedestrians. While an unavoidable consequence of development, proposals for managing these issues, and methods for offsetting the impact to the quality of life for nearby residents, should be openly discussed and project resources assigned to address them in the site's design. Impacts should be brought to everyone's attention, estimates/predictions stated, and consequences agreed to that hold the developer accountable for creating conditions that exceed acceptability. Long after NAP has moved on, the site will forever impact the lives of nearby residents. NAP surely would like to have its name and reputation enhanced by creating a balanced project -- attending to the needs of the surrounding community as well as its investors and tenants. Second, the site will generate substantial noise and light pollution, which ought to be a key element of the design team's priorities to manage and mitigate -- for customers and nearby residents. Adequate buffers need to be incorporated to diffuse the light "leaking" into the nearby residential neighborhoods -- both by directing sources away from residences, and creating filtering with trees and other means. Permitted activities on the property should be judged closely against criteria to protect the interests of nearby residents from unwanted intrusion. Third, large tracts are shown in the NAP drawings to be allocated for parking. NAP and the city need to strive for efficient use of space for parking, and utilize vertical decks where possible to balance parking needs with inclusion of green space. Many in the surrounding neighborhoods will use the development as a destination for walks, biking, and other park-like activities. A vast spread of open, street lit parking lots will be a visual blight -- uninviting to pedestrians and those in the neighborhoods who might choose to routinely shop in the project's stores rather than drive elsewhere. Creating some semblance of linkage of this project and the development of downtown Alpharetta will depend heavily on how the two efforts address traffic, parking, pedestrian traffic, and balancing the interests of the contiguous neighborhoods and the commercial stakeholders. Overall, the excitement of this project will create jobs, development, property value increases and other benefits for everyone. The NAP team and the city need to temper the excitement to proceed with careful design and attention to the local residents' need for a blended environment -- bringing the best commercial, residential, and transportation sensibilities to the table for consideration. Simply doing what's been done before in commercial/retail development will waste a tremendous opportunity for Alpharetta and the region. The leaders of this effort need to spare no expense to come up with a unique plan incorporating all the best thinking in urban and community design. (Is "Avalon" naming finalized? This is far from a favorite choice for me -- an island paradise for King Arthur? Surely there were other ideas floated. How about opening discussions for the locals to weigh in with alternative names?) I enjoy visiting the developer's LA project, "The Grove" and it is a MUST stop every time I visit LA. Some might consider it a concrete jungle, but I think it is developed very responsibly. I especially enjoy The Farmer's Market at The Grove and would LOVE to see this kind of element built into the Alpharetta Avalon project. I have worked as a marketing specialist for commercial and residential developments for over 15 years and know that not everyone can be pleased. I don't personally know this developer, but I know their work and have to say that I am pleased they are willing to take over our big eyesore. I definitely don't agree with adding parking structures, but would like to see beautiful walkways and common areas. If given a choice, I would rather see high-quality, long-lasting construction materials, over more green space. Nice presentation last night. Of all the things you said, the two that impressed me most were 1) emphasis on green-space as an amenity and 2) potential for chef-driven/locally owned restaurants. You almost said, but did not quite say, "farm-to-table" restaurants and that would have been impressive too. You evaded the question on parking, perhaps for good reason, I don't know, but that remains a major concern and deserved some discussion I thought. I do see this venture as a parking nightmare. It's so much happening on just 80 acres - yes, parking is an issue. As well, the point that our weather is not the same as San Jose is a great point when it comes to the life on those green-spaces. I am all for walk-ability and green-space and gardens and such, I'm just realistic about it. This is Georgia. The people making the most money on this development will be the management company (you) and the landscape services company. But, there are ways to work in sustainable landscape design and I hope you all are doing that. I suspect that in the end, some combination of the elements you are bringing together will be a winning combination. Will it be hotel, office, retail, rental, residential-for sale all together like that on 80 acres? Unlikely. I think you (and the other developments you mentioned - in San Jose, etc.) are throwing the whole pantry into the cake and why not? But, I do think one or more of those ingredients portends an odd flavor. It's not the best in the world but it does what everybody who lives in Alpharetta wants, to get something that will look good and uses the space that has been an eyesore too long. Without having actual names of places that will provide services in that location it is hard to determine how much will be available for usage of the available retail space and also the type of Restaurants that will be there. The release of the current plans will ensure that we can see some progress and also it will complete the West Side Drive connector. The lack of green space will make this place look like a large parking lot. However, green space aside I'm worried about ANOTHER movie theater being built within Alpharetta. Currently we have two on North Point with another being discussed for the Mall. I see two scenarios developing. Either United Artist or AMC will want to move to a state-of-the-art facility and leave a vacant building in its wake or Regal or another chain will move in and likely kill one of the existing theaters here, again leaving a vacant building in its wake. Let's get Westside Parkway open! Back in late October the mayoral candidates were talking that rights to the road were almost complete. And then an article in Revue & News had Arthur Letchas commenting that the deal was done and he hoped to have it opened by the end of the year ... 2011. Yet, there is not a sole out there even working on Westside yet. At this point, whatever North American Properties wants to do is better than the eyesore there now. Highlands at Park Bridge I hope to see a Whole Foods included in the plan. Don't be afraid to go vertical with some of these buildings. You've got all these parking lots and spread out suburban sprawl type stuff, it looks lame and not like the future of Alpharetta. Put in more green space, a public commons, some type of park in the middle, make it attractive to people who want to WALK, not drive. If you want to have the same amount of retail and apartment space, don't be afraid to build a high rise— honestly, if we had one high rise on Haynes Bridge Road it would look better than the 30 mid-rises surrounded in a sea of parking lots that is already there. Build up, and use the space left over to make it walkable and covered in trees. You want business? Make it a destination, not another suburban shopping plaza that will be blight in 20 years. This looks like one big parking lot. I would like to see an underground parking deck. There is a lack of green space. I wouldn't say Alpharetta needs another park in that area especially since the new Downtown area will have one, but trees, bike path and pedestrian walkways would be nice. Maybe a nice fountain or round-about, give something to please the eye. I don't see any trees in the plan! I am not a fan of the office over retail. I believe that most of this will stay vacant and remain an eyesore, just as it is now. Ditch the rental housing and the town homes if attached; No sufficient green space; Seems to be a project done on the cheap from that originally envisioned.If it cannot be built with the vision of what Alpharetta wants to look like( liveable community with sufficient green space), do not build it. This looks like they couldn't decide what they wanted so they put in a little of everything. The residential piece along Westside looks like an afterthought and doesn't fit next to a shopping area. It looks like it is going to be more cookie cutter multi-family housing like we already have along Webb Bridge and the Deerfield area. Stop already. We have enough of that. Cut out the residential altogether. No more townhomes, condos, or apartments. We do not need a 14-story tower in Alpharetta. We want to see tree-tops, not something akin to the king/queen buildings near Perimeter. Please limit the buildings to no more than 5-6 stories. Agree with another poster regarding the theatre. That seems to attract the wrong crowd and we already have plenty of that at NorthPoint. Plus new cinemas are supposed to be going in the mall. Add some curves, more green space, some curves, a nice water feature, and some curves! Make it pretty like Crabapple, not the typical no-character stuff that sits just off the expressway. I have real concerns as to whether we can fill all the commercial and retail we are planning everywhere. We have vacancies galore, just passed a huge bond referendum for more retail just down the street. Can we really fill all that up in this economy? Or are we going for the Chinese ghost town effect? Vacancies hurt our property values and invite criminal activity. As I mentioned in my earlier post, we very much appreciate all of the public input being offered relative to our Avalon proposal. Please be sure to come to the first informational meeting on Feb 13 at City Hall at 7pm, where we will share details of our project and solicit public comment. Thank you, Mark Toro Managing Partner North American Properties Pro's - it deals with a huge uncomplete project. There are development ideas that would be more effective near down town- (retail Like is a plus for pulling growth in south Forsyth/400 (exit 13)but it is already started and and less $ for leasing. Negatives- just a proportionally smaller Prospect Park lots of parking area space vs use of prime land The similar retail and commercial developments at North Point near Best Buy after 2 years is still 100% vacant This likely only is development that just moves retailers one on site to a new one. Just fills a big space with poor urban design. Trying to be a Atlantic Station which is poorly executed. This space would be an awesome local/national/international Soccer/Sports complex + area for fitness centers. With a athletic centered hotel + sports physicians + sports retail + walking/bikng paths + good access from GA400 for visitors- just think of the possibilities. Develop Not just another shopping center but real community pluses. I think it was a bad idea to show this plan with just this one image. It feels like a giant parking lot but I don't think that is what it will actually end up being (I hope). It's hard to envision the true look and feel of the area without some street level renderings. This area needs to be very upscale and include as much green space as is practical in such a development. I am glad to see this area in the hands of what is by all accounts a very reputable developer and I look forward to seeing a more detailed picture of what this area will become. Thank you for soliciting input into your project. Things that I'd say MUST be changed: - Change the apartments to condos - Lower the 14 story building to 8 stories Things that MUST be true to accept any plan: - Make sure the architechure is upscale Things I'd suggest: - Eliminate vehicle access through the center east-west corridor (between the buildings) so people will want to walk around that area. That's what would differentiate you from the Avenues. I still can't get past the fact that there are numerous smaller retail developments throughout Alpharetta sitting 100% empty, yet Alpharetta is seriously considering adding more, and on a major scale. Just because it's "upscale" doesn't mean it won't become an another empty eyesore. This does not reflect favorably on Alpharetta's wisdom in how to grow and develop the region. As a city, we need to decide whether we are going to keep the "family neighborhood" environment or change our branding and lifestyle in an effort to attract singles and renters. Does every inch of the city need to be developed into some sort of housing or retail space? There is a lot to be said for "green space" just for the sake of green space. It doesn't have to be a park or have something sitting on it or covered in asphalt. I can envision a boutique hotel with restaurants and higher end retail stores on a much smaller scale on this spot with definitely deck or underground parking. PLEASE -- no more rental units of any kind, and no more movie theaters. How about a dinner club -- fine dining and dancing, like the "old days"? I think it's great that the dilapidated half finished parking deck will finally be gone. However based on the current site plan. I think there are too many proposed apartment buildings. Alpharetta already has too many existing apartment buildings, and I always see signs outside the existing ones looking for renters. I think a 14 story building would change the look of Alpharetta as a whole. Currently there are no high buildings anywhere in Alpharetta or the immediate surrounding areas. I think something that is 14 stories would stick out like a sore thumb. I do agree with the other posts that there should be some thought given to green space so there is not such an industrial look and feel. I think the retail stores facades should have more of a small town store look(ie: somes of the stores in the crabapple section) rather than a strip mall look. The increase in the number and type of housing is troublesome and may not be permitted because of the 85% rule. I'm glad to see that there will not be a large, looming parking deck at the street. Please carefully watch the landscaping of the Old Milton Parkway side as well as interior/400 areas. Fields of parking lots with inward-looking box retail and out parcels. Typical suburban highway strip commercial planning. A huge disappointment. My suggestion: move shops outward to front on the streets with wide sidewalks, shade trees, decorative light posts, and street furniture. Hide the parking behind the buildings. Needs more Rodeo Drive, less Northpoint Parkway. The apartments go against the Alpharetta 2030 vision and I am not sure that much residential will do well in that area. The housing market is still soft and you are proposing housing next to 2 major roads (Westside and Old Milton). The walking areas around the shops and rest of the development appear well designed. Excellent use of the space and I am glad to see the mix of residential and retail zones, similar to Atlantic Station in Atlanta. I also like the parking place layouts, i.e. parking parallel to the direction of travel. Any chance of adding some green space in the few dense parking grids in the plan, similar to Milton High School's parking lot? It does reduce total spaces but adds "green strips" between the rows, allowing for better drainage and absorbtion of surface water, planting of trees, shrubs, etc. This hopefully sets the theme for eventual development of downtown Alpharetta's "village" concept. Any proposed use of small buses to link downtown Alpharetta with Avalon and North Point mall, not to mention Greenway and Verizon Ampitheater? Assuming the plan attracts young, upwardly mobile professionals to live in Alpharetta, this will be expected. It is incredibly important for the city of Alpharetta to figure out where it wants the community centers to be located. After passing a bond referendum to drastically change downtown into a more pedestrian and retail friendly area, a concurrent project in a similar light could have dramatic consequences on the success of downtown. It is important that the new project is carried out in a way that will compliment the existing facilities throughout the city. A new movie theater will put increased strain on the already saturated movie theater environment in the area and could cause vacant parcels near Northpoint Mall. Also with the mall already struggling to fill all of its stores currently, how will more competition impact the vibrancy of that area? It would be nice to see if there were enough unique retailers that would be willing to open new stores in Avalon without removing stores from Northpoint. We have a similar problem along the highway 9 corridor already with a huge overbuild of commercial strip malls that have been sitting vacant since their construction. I think such a large scale development needs to include some contribution to improving the local infrastructure surrounding it. This will only further add to traffic and congestion in the area. Is there any forethought to incorporating mass transit into the long term plans? MARTA expansion has is currently being discussed to Windward. If this development is approved, it would be the perfect opportunity for a transit station within a high density area that could actually support it. This must be considered if we are ever going to improve the quality of life in the area from a traffic standpoint. 1) Too many apartments, not in keeping with Alpharetta precedent. 2) I disagree with the outparcels located along Old Milton Parkway. The developer should be responsible for those parcels, and not allowed to "farm out" the development to others. 3) Do NOT add a third traffic light along Old Milton. Rework traffic flow inside the development to have more flow onto Westside Parkway, which can then find its way to Old Milton Parkway. A 14-story building is too tall. This is not the Perimeter and I don't want it to be. It would set an unwanted precedent. Eiight stories should be the maximum. I like to see trees, not office buildings. Also, how will Old Milton Parkway be able to handle the additional traffic? It can hardly handle it now during the three daily rush hours. Why are we building more strip malls when we can't fill what we have? won't this take people away from the new downtown center? Why not some sort of high class housing with parks? With north point mall and the city center underway, I would think this project would take business away from those two major anchors for Alpharetta. Anything over 8 stories should be downtown. 14 stories? Are you serious ??? Alpharetta has long maintained that apartments should number no more than 15% of residential space within the city. It would be in the best interest of the city not to violate this guideline and set a precedent. Furthermore, Avalon's apartments would violate the UDC's limit on apartments in a mixed-use development. I would support the project without apartments. I'm pleased that the overall scope of the project is less than Prospect Park. 1. Eliminate all apartments, anything multi-family or any housing that is ‘for rent’. 2. Re-work the massive parking lots to include better planning of that space. The current parking layout is lazy and highly unattractive. 3. Lower the 14-story building 4. Ask yourself…do we really NEED huge amounts of additional retail space? What will happen to the already large amount of existing vacant retail all over Alpharetta? 5. Eliminate overlap of the Downtown development & the new site. Will both spaces try to accomplish the same thing? Will they be forced to ‘compete’ with each other? If they do, that means one of the spaces will have to ‘win’ and one will be forced to ‘lose’. How can they both succeed? 6. Eliminate the movie theatre. 7. Make it pretty. Make it have a ‘village’ type feel. Make it upscale. All the things we hope Alpharetta can be. Without the benefit of the designer's presentation, vision and accompanying elevations, the site plan seems uninspired. It seems like any typical suburban, sprawling shopping mall and the ubiquitous retail areas that surround them, much like North Point Parkway. Even though this plan incorporates mid-rise commercial office and residential space, it still seems like meandering interconnected mall parking lots. The abundant parking may be necessary but it is unsightly. If the topology allows, it would be nice to locate some parking underground creating green-space above. Alpharetta, We are pleased to share an updated site plan, which has been posted at the following link. We appreciate all of the feedback on this forum, and look forward to presenting more details at the informational meeting at City Hall on Monday, February 13 at 7:00. Thank you, John Kelley Partner – North American Properties Having that much surface parking facing Old Milton is just plain wrong. It will make the entire area look like on giant parking lot. And driving around Alpharetta/Johns Creek now all you see is giant empty retail centers. I really hope they go back to the drawing board on this. And please, please tell me that they are thinking about including some sort of connection to mass transit, or some sort of way to mitigate the large amount of traffic that will further clog the intersection of GA 400 and Old Milton. This project looks like a giant way to reduce the aesthetics and qualify of life in North Fulton. I agree with many of the commentators before me: too many apartments! Alpharetta does not need 250 more apartments! They often attract the wrong people. Also, high-density living creates high-density traffic. Westside Parkway is going to be a nightmare. If anything, this space should more closely resemble the Avenues at Forsyth. Are there not enough vacant retail spaces within a mile or two from downtown? The whole downtown area is pretty pathetic, especially when compared to downtown Roswell. Why dilute the pool with more developments? Are there not enough unused (brand new) retail spaces between downtown and Windward? It really is amazing that people don't learn from the crash of the housing market. As a resident, I am deeply concerned that people in power can look at a plan like this and turn a blind eye to the retail spaces (old and new) that sit unoccupied for YEARS in Alpharetta. Without seeing what the complex is going to look like it's hard to comment on the success of the project and areas of improvement. One thing for sure, it shouldn't be another generic looking shopping plaza. Apartments are a big concern. There is going to be as many units for rent as there will be units for sale. I would reduce the number of apartment units to less than 80 to make sure that we don't end up with an oversupply of units that could lead to depressed rental rates, loss of prestige. Since there is still room to expand in the future, add more rental units later to slowly absorb the needs of the community. So maybe the city can consider a conditional zoning approval that would require another approval down the road depending on how well the area is doing and the average occupancy rate. Here is what I would do instead, expand the number of office/apartment type units (first floor for business/second floor - living quarters) that would attract artists, musicians, professionals that could run their businesses and live in the same place. We need more galleries, exhibits, show rooms, professional schools in Alpharetta. Not only it would benefit the restaurant scene but it would also bring the prestige that Avalon is seeking. Adding another theater might be an overkill. Again if you do plan to add a movie theater, it needs to stand out from the two other theaters in close proximity. Instead I would add something that like an upscale entertainment center that would include a comedy club/bowling alley/rock climbing wall/ping pong room/pool table room. If you do add a movie theater include a movie room to show (independent/foreign) line of movies which would be something unique and appeal to the young professional base. Alpharetta is full of families with small kids. I think that if you added a kid’s club similar to what cruise lines offer where you can drop kids off while peacefully enjoying a meal or a movie/comedy show, it would be an instant hit. This development is not needed. First, it seems the large amount of retail will directly compete with the downtown Alpharetta plan that is still taking shape. In addition, it will likely take business away from the North Point Mall area and pretty soon that part of town will be below our standards. Why do we need to keep building new retail when existing retail space is below capacity? I would like to see the current numbers on townhomes, apartment homes, and condos in Alpharetta and relevant occupany rates to see if that supports yet more of these. What will the effect be on our local schools? I favor this kind of high density development, mixed with open space. I'm concerned with having so much of the parking facing North Point Parkway - I think for passers-by, a more attractive option is having the retail face the street with parking hidden behind. For a well-executed example nearby, take a look at the modernized Lindbergh Plaza in Buckhead ( The site plan as presented looks like just another average suburban shopping center. There is substantial revenue to generate in Alpharetta .... With Avalon we Alpharetta peeps can spend our dollars in Alpharetta as opposed to Dunwoody and Buckhead. My wife and I are very excited about this addition to our neighborhood. First, let me say that I appreciate North American Properties taking over this development and committing to bring it to fruition. It is much needed! Some of the modifications they have proposed are welcome (e.g. lowering of parking deck and building heights). After looking at the plans and comparison sheet, I have 3 major suggestions for change: 1. Development Inspiration - The plans seem to bring the "feeling" of the development from fab to drab. I suggest North American Properties work collaboratively with Alpharetta to ensure the architecture, layout and landscaping of Avalon remain consistent with the original high quality, upscale and unique inspiration that Prospect Park was going to deliver. If not, it will not be unique enough to draw people to visit or shop here vs. the many other such shopping sites in metro Atlanta (the closest competitor being the wildly successful Avenues @ Forsyth on exit 13). 2. Rental Units - The biggest concern is the inclusion of rental units. Apartments, by their nature, bring a very transient group into an area as well as the increased potential for criminals that would want to target Alpharetta because of its higher than national average income level. I suggest turning these apartments into condos that would allow homeowners to purchase property at a lower cost for ownership in Alpharetta. According to the National Association of Realtors, higher levels of homeownership have been shown to reduce crime rates. ”Homeowners have a lot more to lose financially than do renters. Property crimes directly result in financial losses to the victim. Furthermore, violent non-property crimes can impact the property values of the whole neighborhood. Therefore, homeowners have more incentive to deter crime by forming and implementing voluntary crime prevention programs.” 3. The Name - "Avalon" evokes images of an average Toyota vehicle...not very interesting or inspired for bringing business to the area. I suggest North American Properties work with Alpharetta to modify the name - even slightly - to make it different. First of all is a Live, Work, Play concept a viable concept in this area ? If the answer to this is yes, then lets proceed onto some of my other concerns. - I understand what the design team is attempting to do, with the creation of a central boulevard with the living and retail on this street, with a with focal points at three ends, but it is making significant sacrifices with the two major street fronts. Placing all of the parking along Old Milton Parkway does not help distinguish the community from your typical suburban sprawl development. - There is no sense of entry into the community. - The townhomes along Westside Parkeway seem to have been dropped in haphazardly without addressing the this main drive at all. The residential community does not seem to have much sense of a "community". - The 14 story building would not be so offensive if it was placed in a better location. Its location is in total disregard with the layout out of the community. - Rental units need to maintain a high standard of design and build-out in order to maintain a high enough price point. - The retail on the ground floor of the multi-story buildings needs to be able to accommodate more than your typical strip shopping center fare. A grocery store would be an asset to those living in this community. - More green space would be beneficial with a coherent walking / exercise trail would also attract residents. - Instead of another movie theater, maybe a different type of entertainment center would be more appropriate. This community has a lot of potential and could become something great in Alpharetta, but much thought and effort must still go into this design. This is not a complementary design for this city. Mixed use developments are good. Opening Westside Parkway is really good We appreciate all your comments and look forward to presenting this incredible project tonight at 7pm at City Hall. Thank you, Michael Davis Senior Development Manager North American Properties Nice presentation last night. Of all the things you said, the two that impressed me most were 1) emphasis on green-space as an amenity and 2) potential for chef-driven/locally owned restaurants. You almost said, but did not quite say, "farm-to-table" restaurants and that would have been impressive too. You evaded the question on parking, perhaps for good reason, I don't know, but that remains a major concern and deserved some discussion I thought. I do see this venture as a parking nightmare. It's so much happening on just 80 acres - yes, parking is an issue. As well, the point that our weather is not the same as San Jose is a great point when it comes to the life on those green-spaces. I am all for walk-ability and green-space and gardens and such, I'm just realistic about it. This is Georgia. The people making the most money on this development will be the management company (you) and the landscape services company. But, there are ways to work in sustainable landscape design and I hope you all are doing that. I suspect that in the end, some combination of the elements you are bringing together will be a winning combination. Will it be hotel, office, retail, rental, residential-for sale all together like that on 80 acres? Unlikely. I think you (and the other developments you mentioned - in San Jose, etc.) are throwing the whole pantry into the cake and why not? But, I do think one or more of those ingredients portends an odd flavor. My concern is for the rental units. Alpharetta is supposed maintain residential dwellings to 15%. I understand the city is currently at 25% rental properties. This number of rental units will significantly increase the percentage of rental properties. If the city council has set a supposed limit of 15% rental properties, which the residents support, why should the city continue to increase the percentage of rentals? Alpharetta becoming more of a rental community means more properties will not properly maintained and more people will be residing in the community that do not have a commitment to the city. Please reduce the number of proposed rentals in the Avalon property. Raymond Allen This is a wonderful idea. I watched the meeting on February 13th, and was blown away. I have been curious about this project for 3 years. I would love to have my business at the Avalon, and show off our 5 star service and talent. My salon is the salon to go to when you want runway finishes, or fresh polished looks. My salon can continue to grow successful stylists to cater to our community. It is also my dream to live, work, and shop in one place. This development is perfect timing for me, and our community. Veronica Stone Salon I don't buy the position that the rental units will command higher rents. There are already so many apartment complexes within 5-10 miles of this development. If apartments are empty, prices come down. Why not condos instead of rental? I'd like to see the analysis around the current rental market in Alpharetta, and why we need to increase the density even further. These developers have clearly stated that the project is a no-go without the rental units. Alpharetta is so desperate to have some developer clean up that mess, that they will bend to the demands of the developer. I sure hope that Alpharetta isn't soft on the entire approval process, leaving us with something less that we can be proud of. I can't wait to experience Avalon! A mixed-use walking friendly development is always better than those monster structures were Alpharettans only can access using a car, or those that look so industrial and/or warehouse type , like the ones we see along Old Milton and Mansell Road. Anything where you can see other than blocks and blocks of cars before you get to where you want to go (i.e. North Point Mall), will enhance the city. In my opinion, eco-friendly developments are the way to go, open outdoor spaces (i.e The Avenues, or Atlantic Station).For what I see, Avalon seems to respect the Georgian Traditional Design, yet introducing beautiful modern details and open-concept that will invite to a rather eclectic space. This is my overall view, I have not seen the details. Thanks ! I was hoping for an Ikea in this space but alas I see that won't be happening. I haven't been privy to any discussions on this topic before but from reading other comments it does seem there have been some. I have lived in Alpharetta since 2008 and I must say this is one ugly lot and I've been anxious to see what will be done with it. What's more is that I will be DELIGHTED when West Side Parkway is opened! It looks paved; seems like all we're waiting on is a light at Old Milton! I would love to have input on the types of stores and restaurants which will inhabit this space -- if we could get a Trader Joes I would be one happy lady The development of this parcel will be very good for Alpharetta. However, the inclusion of the 250 multifamily residential rental units is unacceptable. The developer has stated that the project will not be built without the multifamily and has given a variety of reasons as to why it is critical. The fact is the multifamily will not determine the long term success of this project but possibly the profit the developer will make. The idea that they will command rents that are above market is preposterous. If that is the case then do the apartments at Atlantic Station command rents that are higher than the rest of the market. Looks nice. I'm glad that eye sore is going to get worked on. They have a 14floor office building. Is there commitment from someone to lease that already? Is that a little tall for the buildings in the area? The project is unique and will complement the Downtown plan as well. The two plans will help each other because depending upon your mood you will choose one over the other, but not exclusive to either. They will keep people in Alpharetta rather than Canton St in Roswell. We will be able to experience "Old Alpharetta" with its traditional sidewalks at the street, old brick, and town square. Avalon could be "New Alpharetta" with its super high end retail and living accommodations which are connected by roads and sidewalks to Old Alpharetta. Apartment dweller is not a dirty word, particularly when it attracts the highly desirable demographic that NA Properties has targeted. I agree with the City's desired goal of 85/15 split between single family and multi-family, but is just that - a goal. Shoot really high but fail and you still have a fantastic outcome. Shoot low and fail and the results are what you'd expect. Avalon does not fit within the goal because it is bringing more than a single use apartment complex. They are bringing a new destination/entertainment/revenue source to the city. The NA Properties team has gone out of its way to endear themselves to the city by aggressively negotiating the release of Westside Parkway and by reducing the overall project size by an average of 30%. They could have held Westside over our heads as a bargaining chip but took the high road, realizing that in the end, even when they got what they wanted, they would have already worn out their welcome before the first tenant moved in. I'm excited to see the final product of both the new Downtown and Avalon. It is a great time to be living in Alpharetta I am worried about the traffic, during construction and after. Headed to the John's Creek area is already time consuming from Alpharetta and with this, it will only make it worse. Just today, every side street is backed up for a mile with construction on Hwy 9 and Haynes Bridge. In front of Independent (old Milton High School) it took 3 lights just to get to the turning lane to turn left unto Canton. Growth is great for the City, however, time is precious and every minute on the road takes away from my family, rest, and personal growth. Everyday you hear of cities building "a better city" but in the end, the people are rude, bitter, and complain about how they wished we could go back to when things were simple. The citizens of Alpharetta are friendly, courteous, and wave at neighbors and I do not want that "growth" to change. Thank you! This type of well thought out fully funded project will only enhance the city of Alpharetta. This project will generate additional tax revenue for the city and enhance our entertainment and dining options. One of the main reasons we were able to get such a low interest rate on the bond for revitalizing downtown Alpharetta was due to the tax revenue that our city generates. A dispute about a percentage of apartments is not a valid reason to stall the construction of what is to be the best development the city of Alpharetta has ever seen! Let's get it built so that we can all start enjoying it! :) As a resident of Alpharetta I think we continue to expand the attraction of surrounding communities to visit our city. The amount of corportations represented in Alpharetta far exceeds those in any other city in Fulton county. We have a superb school system, outstanding recreation facilities and a wide variety of businesses. Old Milton Pkwy is the most central point of the city and will also allow us to draw those from South Forsyth, Roswell, Sandy Springs. Urban living seems to be the wave of the future of both commercial and residential... and the added connection of West Side Pkwy to eventually connect to Deerfield will provide multiple ways to travel north and south within the Alpharetta area. It's been enough of an eyesoar and for a corporation to come into our city and spend the money that will continue to attract the type of affluent retail and residents that Alpharetta seeks to fill space. Our city will continue to stand out in the Atlanta area as "the place" to live and raise a family. The concept of the project is great. The residential apartments and high rise concern me. I've always looked at Alpharetta as being suburban. What I fear the most for this city is it becoming urban. Urban should stay within the city of Atlanta. People move out of the city to enjoy the benefits of living in the suburbs. Currently, the majority of Alpharetta is made up of apartments. You have 2 AMLI apartment complexes across the street from the new project. You have about 5-6 others just along Old Milton Parkway and you have another apartment complex under construction by AMLI on Mansell road. What the city needs is something that it doesn't already have....perhaps Whole Foods, Trader Joes, World Market, McCormick and Schmick, Maggiano's, Nathan's...Resturants and places that people may be familiar with, but don't have here in Atlanta/or Alpharetta. Nordstrom Rack will be opening at North Point...this was a great idea....this is something that Alpharetta did not have. When Panera Bread opened....great idea....Alpharetta did not have a Panera. Heavy hitters is the only way to go with this project. Thinks about all the people who work in the area.....restuarant, retail and some form of entertainment is key here. Alpharetta also has tons of hotels. I'm not sure about many upscale hotels, but they have alot. Urbanizing Alpharetta with tons of apartments will be a huge mistake. Movie Theater...I don't would have to be exceptionally different from the typical theater......My point is...people don't want more of the same. We want newness mixed with creativity. Alpharetta is a beautiful city and the project should be able to complement it.(Perhaps some cobblestone, more greenery, etc..) Take historic Roswell for example. The restaurants and the atomsphere is awesome. Lastly, just to throw out some ideas: state of the art roller skating rink, minature golf, new bowling alley, something similar to Dave and Buster's (but not Dave and Buster's),Bliss Spa, Restoration Hardware,. Just thinking of some of things that the city doesn't have. Where is the green space that was a key part of the original plan. Overall enjoyment of this retail space is NOT all pavement. You want to appeal to families within Alpharetta - add more green space. Apartments - WHY necessary? Our schools are OVER Crowded. Stop putting apartments in. You can't guarantee the price point discussed/proposed. The residential component is key. Without people living within the project, it just becomes another mall and office development. Traffic generation will be reduced from the proposed project. While this in itself is not a determining factor for me, it does indicate that it's true mixed use design is working as it decrease trips and increase pedestrian usage. The project is based upon a highly successful project in California, Santana Row. The demographics of this community are similar to ours. And, the architectural design of Santana Row will fit nicely within our existing community framework. There has been some discussion regarding the impact of this development upon surrounding retail centers, including North Point Mall and the City Center Project. It is my belief that free market forces will properly regulate the environment of this project and existing centers. The developer is targeting retailers that do not have an existing presence in Alpharetta. While there may be some absorption from other retail centers, I believe that the increased commercial lease rents generated by this project, will improve other surrounding rents in comparison. The proposed project will consists of approximately $800 million in construction. Along with the jobs that the businesses will generate, the construction jobs and cash infusion into the economy will be of tremendous value to the community. The plan definitely needs some more green space. I am in full support of the different types of zoning and the development in general, but it needs to be done in a more environmentally responsible manner. A nice mix of commercial, retail, residential, office, and greenspace is exactly what Alpharetta needs. Keep the concept, but refine it just a bit to include a more natural look. My wife and I moved to Alpharetta back in 1996 with our 2 small children (NOW TEENAGERS) and have watched our local community grow. Windward Parkway West of 400 exploded! However, we still find ourselves having to travel South to North point, or further North to The Avenue and Cumming for entertainment, shopping etc.. The new shopping and theater will be a hit no doubt for my wife and teenage daughters, while the business park and Hotel will help promote growth for our local businesses. This project will not only offer the City of Alpharetta community the convenience and the opportunity to invest in Alpharetta, spend in Alpharetta, but also make The City of Alpharetta a more dynamic place of business and residence. Having said that, we have got to make sure that our roads can accommodate this type of project/traffic increase please, please... Looks good AVALON. Joseph Zamora Co-Owner Better Office Systems, LLC We need more shopping in north Fulton. Suggested stores- trader Joes, Whole Foods, Luna, specialty boutique stores, new non chain restaurants including breakfast. Alons And a fun bar / restaurant from Concentric restaurant group would be great. Other ideas are a wine bar, cooking school or high end Bowling alley. N Futon needs more high end recreation options I recently visited the Orlando, FL Avalon site and it was the best thing ever. I want to eventually live there. I currently operate a store in Alpharetta. I think the plan to build Avalon would be a tremendous addition to the area with retail shopping, office space, and rental units as presented. I think the area needs every one of those aspects to create a new vision of living. I know that the concept will be embraced as an enhanced quality way of life. I would like to see a Trader Joes. I would most certainly live there. Just build it! My biggest concern with this concept is the lack of a pedestrian friendly layout and little amount of green space. I would like to see more of a common, centralized green space that brings everything together at least in terms of the retail/office space. Glendale, CA was shown as an example and it has a great community green space but it’s not represented in the plans. It’d be great to have restaurants with outdoor seating and create an environment that would entice people to walk around and visit other retailers while they are at it. I do like the idea of live, work, play communities and I certainly would like to see something similar to this at Old Milton/SR 400. I think it’s a great location for such an environment. As a lifetime resident of Alpharetta and current store owner, I think this is a fabulous development as presented. Anyone that dosen't think this will be a vital economic impact for this area, has rocks in their head. Put my name on the list as the first one to rent a one bedroom apartment. We do not need another theater and we certainly do not need additional retail. There is an abundance of vacant retail in Alpharetta. It can not be good for property values to have all this space empty for YEARS. Creating new would make the matter worse. Tenant tend to leave the "old" , which is not old, for the new. The North Point strips would be most impacted. We certainly do not want to see a deterioation in that area. Also I believe there is a plan to build another theater in the Parisan store at North Point. I do not understand that as well. How many theaters does Alpharetta need? Build it and they will come is not a concept to embrace in this economy. I like the office/residential concept with more green space. Carla Alpharetta I think it's great! This will be a fantastic addition to Alpharetta and North Fulton. Will provide something that Alpharetta does not have, but should. Pedestrian based shopping/dining/living experience. I feel that the concern over rental units is unnecessary. Alpharetta living options do not currently serve the young single professional well. I feel that these rental units as described would do so. I do not understand why some people are against the apartments. These are not going to be flop-houses. They are going to be nice, higher-priced units that will draw upscale tenants. Also, having people live in or near Avalon will be key to its success. It can't be allowed to be one of those places that "rolls up the sidewalk" at night. It has to be living, breathing... Moving from Chicago. Would've waited to buy a townhouse here, but by the looks of the plan and the designated builder, they will be out of my price range. I live in the neighborhood directly behind this development and I cannot wait for this to be built. Nothing but good can come from it. The apartments proposed sound like they will be very high-end and will not become "slums" as I have heard other people say. These apartments will improve the quality of the area because they will bring in professionals looking for a city-feel without city living. We bought our house when the site was still planned to be Prospect Park and this was a major factor in relocating to Alpharetta from in-town living. We chose to move out of the city because this was going to fulfill what we wanted out of city life but we'd have the perks and pleasures of living in a great town like Alpharetta. My husband and I are both educated young professionals that would have overlooked the opportunities of Alpharetta had we not been promised Prospect Park. Now that Avalon is coming in, we are thrilled to finally get the lifestyle we were hoping for. Shopping, dining, and entertainment that are worth staying in Alpharetta on a weekend night instead of heading to Atlanta, Vinings, or even Roswell. This an opportunity and we as a city need to take it. I love living in Alpharetta and I want others to see how great it is to be here. I live within walking distance from the site. Personally I don't believe that (many) high income professionals will prefer Alpharetta to midtown Atlanta, but Avalon project is way better than unfinished construction. I suggest adding pergolas over some pedestrian walkways and restaurant patios -- for hot summer days. I also hope there will be a good bicycle-friendly connection to Alpharetta Greenway. I moved to DT Alpharetta almost five years ago in hopes of living in a "live, work, play" environment. At the time, the City of Alpharetta was planning a revitalization of the historic district. After several failed attempts that is finally happening, hooray! I was equally excited when once upon a time, Prospect Park was on the map, but it also failed only to be reawakened by North American Properties as Avalon. I live in a community where several townhomes have been rented out because the original homeowners were transferred and did not want to give away their home in this downturned economy. They are holding onto their investment for better times. These townhomes are commanding high rental fees because of the location. Recently, I've also become aware of some of the rent amounts in the surrounding apartment communities. They, too, are commanding high rental fees. There are folks out there who are willing to and can pay rents that are sometimes higher than a mortgage would be if they bought due to low interest rates. In my heart, I don't feel that the apartment homes over the retail will ever become "low rent" homes. The higher than average income of the people who live and work in Alpharetta supports that feeling. The bottom line is that I am in favor of Avalon moving forward even with the planned apartments. It is my suspicion that most of the Alpharetta residents who live in the immediate surrounding communities moved to this location because they want to live in an area where they can walk to restaurants and entertainment. North American Properties has put forth beautiful images of what Avalon could be, which will be different from any other retail/office development in the Greater Atlanta area. Citizens, don't turn away the mega-investment North American Properties is willing to make in Alpharetta. It's time for the renewal of Alpharetta! I think it is an awesome idea. Keep Alpharetta UPSCALE! I love it!

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January 31, 2012, 10:50 AM

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