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What goals should your City Council set to accomplish in 2017?

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I wish the city would take more ownership of our recreational facilities. There seems to be a lack of concern and pride in facilities like the pool and tennis center and yet, these are both very much part of our town's identity. It is such a shame to have such outdated facilities in a town that takes such great pride in its quaint downtown, outdoor art installations and flower baskets. If we are to be a truly vibrant and livable community, I think we need to take a better look at the sad state of our parks, pool and tennis center. It's time the city took some interest in these areas. If we have $13 million dollars to spend on a Parks Maintenance building, perhaps we can also set aside a small portion of funding to improve our recreational facilities. Thanks for listening. Fix our roads and streets. Streets are the number 1 priority according to the City survey. We should set a goal of fixing ALL of our streets even if it means taking a bond issue to the people to get the money. The idea that we just let local streets deteriorate over time is not an an acceptable alternative.ALL of our streets should be in good condition. Start a City cost reduction program. The challenges of PERS increases and other cost increases require that the City begin a cost reduction effort. All elements of cost reduction should be considered and cash awards developed for employees who provide cost reduction ideas that are actually implemented. 1. Have an open and honest community dialogue regarding service level expectations and residents' willingness to pay for services, and develop a 2-3 year plan, accordingly. 2. Until there is clear direction from the community, continue reducing personnel on current glide path and consolidate departments to address PERS. 3. Work with and support the school district in its endeavor to repair and replace facilities. Once again City Council appears headed down its own road, regardless of the wishes of the citizenry. We voted down the initial plans for North Anchor, including a new library in that space. Any new library should be built where there is more room for parking that does not require an expensive parking garage. Currently, the library has lost 5 parking spots due to dividing building lots in First Addition that required more garages opening on to the alley beside the library parking lot. This has made the cramped parking situation even worse. Also, more of the population is to the west where there is more space to build and would be easier access for a larger number of library users. The city should move on acquiring land even if we can't build a new facility just yet, otherwise all sites of the size needed will be gone, or we will pay an exorbitant price. Any development of "North Anchor" should be built without any public monies or granting of waivers for the parking needed. Our public monies should go to improving our city streets, many of which are in deplorable condition. The street on which I live has never been repaved in all the 39 years I have lived here despite considerable development. Our council does not seem to respect the wishes of the people of Lake Oswego. We LIKE our town without too much over development. Mercantile Village has been sold and the new owners are talking about a big development, including another grocery store. With Trader Joe's, New Seasons, Albertson's, Zupan's, Safeway and Whole Foods all within approximately 2 miles of each other in the Lake Grove area, I ask do we REALLY need another grocery store? I am hopeful the Development Committee will turn this down. Of course if they do Council will, no doubt, be only too willing to step in and over ride the Development Committees recommendation. I would like the council to consider adding more street lighting to Kruse Way. There are very few lights and on dark and rainy nights in particular it is very difficult to see. I know you installed little reflectors a few years ago along the median strip but they don't help at all and are nearly invisible. I've submitted requests several times before. I'm not sure why action has not been taken. All our other main thoroughfares are very well lit. And Kruse Way has an extreme amount of traffic now. Thanks for your consideration. I would like to see more work on the Lake Oswego to Portland bike path along the Willamette Shore Trolley right of way. Having a safe flat and scenic route to Portland would increase bike commuting. Also lessening traffic congestion and make existing bike commuters much safer by removing them from the bulk of traffic the current routes are plagued with. Road improvements. It's a popular goal but not much appears to be happening. Rather than funding through proposed property tax increases, which are already skyrocketing, increase the gas tax. Alternative to Comcast. If a city owned network failed with voters, please explore other options. Foothills Park has lately become an unleashed dog park with the poop that comes with unattended dogs. Groups are using the covered facilities for parties that are not registered with the city and cigaret butts liter the grounds along with trash and grease from BBQ cooking. We have one park ranger and not enough oversight of park rules violations. Before we consider purchasing additional parks, lets get control of the ones we have.

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