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What are the three priorities you would like to see the City Council adopt for 2015?

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On Nov. 20, 2014, the City posted the question, “What are the three priorities you would like to see the City Council adopt for 2015?”

A total of 468 individuals visited the topic on Open City Hall with 185 posting responses to the question.  All of the responses were compiled into a document and provided to the City Council for discussion at their annual retreat on Jan. 31 to adopt their 2015 Council Priorities.  A number of common themes were found in the 185 responses including:  

Transportation: improve bicycle infrastructure, more public parking, reduce traffic congestion, better public transportation, more alternatives to driving

Housing: more affordable and attainable housing, housing for seniors and students, housing for low to middle incomes, housing around public transportation hubs, increase housing supply

Infrastructure: upgrades, maintenance and repairs to roads, sewers and water lines, start projects already voted on 

Growth: limit growth in the City, moderate office space growth, limit large buildings, balance residential and commercial growth

Small Businesses: more promotion of small businesses, zone to retain local-friendly businesses

Youth Well Being: help provide healthier, more balanced lives for students, strengthen community and school collaboration, make youth feel valued, engage with youth, accessible mental health support for youth, encourage civic participation with all age groups

Quality of Life: maintain small town feel, provide safe environment, promote active and healthy lifestyles, 

Flood Control: reduce flooding risk along San Francisquito Creek, replace Chaucer and Newell bridges

Noise Mitigation: reduce airplane noise from planes flying into and out of SFO, SJC and the Palo Alto Airport, reduce noise from Caltrain trains

The Council’s adopted priorities for 2015 include:     

  • The Built Environment: Multi-modal transportation, parking and livability 
  • Infrastructure Strategy and Implementation 
  • Healthy City, Healthy Community 
  • Completion of the Comprehensive Plan update with increased focus from Council

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Council Members and City Manager