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City of Decatur staff and the design team led by Landis-Evans & Partners and Atkins would like your feedback on the problems and opportunities at the Atlanta Avenue railroad crossing.

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List the top 3 observations, challenges and concerns about the area.

Jeremy Buckmaster inside Decatur
December 7, 2018, 12:07 PM
  • List the top 3 observations, challenges and concerns about the area.

    There are too many potential conflict points between cars and pedestrians/cyclists. I ride my bike through this intersection several times a week and it is paradoxically easier to cross the train tracks than it is to just continue straight on West Howard toward downtown Decatur. I like the planters and the road diet on West Howard and it has made me far more likely to use this road. It also makes walking on the PATH so much more pleasant! I would like to see a switchback added so that cyclists/pedestrians could easily get from the north side of the tracks to the south side without crossing car travel lanes. Coming from the west and traveling east (as I so often do) it would be great if you could just add a PATH trail spur that crossed the tracks and then curved back to the west (toward Mead) and add a crosswalk where Mead meets W College.

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