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Take the Budget Challenge! How would you distribute $100 of ARP Funds

Total Allocated

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Services to contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, including vaccination, medical expenses, testing, contact tracing, quarantine costs, capacity enhancements, and many related activities.

Behavioral healthcare services, including mental health or substance misuse treatment, crisis intervention, and related services.

Payroll and covered benefits for public health, healthcare, human services, and public safety staff to the extent that they work on the COVID-19 Response.

Deliver assistance to workers and families, including support for unemployed workers, aid to households, and survivor's benefits for families of COVID-19 victims.

Support small businesses with loans, grants, in-kind assistance, and counseling programs.

Speed the recovery of impacted industries, including tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors

Rebuild the public sector capacity by rehiring staff, replenishing state unemployment insurance funds, and implementing economic relief programs.

Premium Pay for essential workers (Specify below)

Water & Sewer Infrastructure (Specify below)

For public buildings & facilities (Specify below)

For private infrastructure (Specify below)

For public housing (Specify below)

Other Eligible Uses (Specify below)

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