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What questions do you have around the Carr Fire?

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when is my parents house is in old shasta it burned down when will the roads be open in order for us to get to there house When can I start cleaning out the debris at my house? Can I just get a building permit and start rebuilding my home? Ash from my property What happens to all the ash when the professionals remove it from my property? Why can’t I just wash all the ash off my driveway? What do I do with all this rotten food? Where can I take my bad refrigerator/freezer? Can I just put it on the curb? Volunteer opportunities Would be nice to list different volunteer opportunities. Debris removal not cleaned by CalOES We got the letter saying soil testing was good. And that the debris removal was completely done. There is still quite a bit of debris, mainly dead trees, that we need to get rid off in my property. Is there a special instruction for removing and dumping these remained debris. Thanks. Refrigerator removal We are being told not to open the refrigerator in the house. How do we get it moved out? Who will pick it up? Carr Fire Missing Loved Ones After working in one of the Carr Fire Evac shelters I can say with a pretty high degree of certainty that the Safe and Well website was not being well tended to. Nore were there an abundance of people signing up for Safe and Well or even being told there was such a website during the registration process. To tell family members that they have to check there first is frankly a bunch of hooey. These families ought to be able to check first where they darn well please. Being told that it is a possible, slim chance that their loved ones may be in the Safe and Well data base would be more accurate and less time consuming, which we all know is highly important when someone goes missing. So my question is, can we please change the procedure for missing persons related to the Carr Fire? Testing demolition debris What requirements will there be for testing contaminants in ash and debris in residential neighborhoods? Will there be a centrally located disposal site set up to handle debris from the Carr Fire? What human health protections are required of demolition contractors to mitigate for air-borne contaminants (such as asbestos)? Ms.Scott The hill behind Lake Redding estates is toast. Many of the trees in the greenbelt burned. Is someone available to help is determine if the trees on our hill are a hazard and need removal? Carr fire financial assistance I lost my home to the care fire and am in need of financial assistance. I was looking for resources that can help. Housing for rent I have a vacancy in my rental house. Is there a forum for getting the information about my rental to families that need/want to rent for 6- 12 months or longer? Carr fire rental My friends home burned down. She had renters insurance, but they are dragging their feet. They are staying with family in the mean time. They can afford a hotel. The water heater in the home they are staying at went out, is there some sort of assistance for that? FOUNDATION REMOVAL Hello my name is Mary Jane Power and I am the operations manger for Dave Cullen Construction. We are a licensed bonded demolition contractor experienced in foundation removal. I was wondering if the county is having a disaster relief event for Phase 2 of clean-up that we could attend to present ourselves to insurance companies and home owners. Local Assistance Center Moving Do you know know where the local assistance center will be moving to after today? Thanks! Request to add section for missing animals Hello, This is a really great site, thank you for getting this resource up so quickly! I am writing because one of the biggest concern and questions I've seen online about the Carr Fire is regarding missing pets. Would you please consider adding a box for Pet Assistance? I'm working with the Carr Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification group, which is actively working with hundreds of pet owners, helping them find their lost animals. If you would consider adding our info, we would really appreciate it. Also, I'm sure Haven Humane would like to be listed as a resource, considering many of the lost and injured pets have been brought there. Our information is: "Carr Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification" Facebook Group OR text 707-349-6005 We also have a help guide for pet owners that we can share with you Thank you! Food/ evacuated replacement? Is there any way for regular people to get food/ money for food lost to no power? And displacment gas/ expenses ? Winter rain I hope and mudslides I don't hope A person in Lake Redding Estates from LA raised the spectre of mudslides caused by rain in bare hills. Any thought given to that? Is there a note about that for a plan to come, Sending Clothing Contributions? May we send clothing contributions to the recovery center? Tenant Personal Property Sifting/Removal Prior to Landowner Clearing Is there any official coordination of when and how tenants can sift through a destroyed home prior to the time the landowner contracts for debris removal? Is any permit needed for tenants to sift for personal belongings? I know there are some organizations that are helping residents with this process, but am not sure if a permit is needed. Homeowner Can I stay in the pile of burnt rubble that was my home? Looters have already taken things out of my property. So who is watching out for us that have nothing left? And what if I might not want to live there,do I have to rebuild.? Refrigerator We were told by other neighbors to not open our refrig but rather tape up and put on curbside for City of Redding to pick up. Is this correct information? Utility Bill Forgiveness Is there any program or are you giving any forgiveness on CARR fire victims July/August Utilities Bills? Redding Veterans Resource Center informtion. My name is Brad Long and I am the Site Director for the Veterans Resource Center. Our main funding is for housing veterans and stabilizing veterans housing. We only pay utilities if it is part of stabilizing a household in addition to rent. Please change the our listing on you site to reflect "Veterans Housing Assistance" Thank you. Help for lost wages during the Carr Fire Hi I am just wondering how we could file for lost wages during the Carr Fire. My boyfriend was not able to work for 4 days due to the roads being blocked off to both Our house and the shop where he works. Also for food we lost from power outage and gas money we are out for helping others evacuate. Sam What i should do with my fridge the food inside of it and the fridge itself Roe form Can it be signed electronically? I’m in SoCal Do those impacted by the disasters need no-charge Tetanus Immunizations? While reading Fire-related Facebook Groups postings, I noticed many comments about people walking through areas that were burned containing hidden nails and metal. People expressed concern about being properly immunized. I am in contact with a pharmaceutical organization happy to go to centralized locations on the ground to provide at least Tetanus Immunizations. Who would I direct them too? Where is Usaa located Hi, I’m looking to where a representative from Usaa is. Phase 2 clean up, no insurance What is the process / procedure for phase 2 clean up and debris removal if you opt in but do not have homeowners insurance? Spoiled food & refrigerator disposal and pickup in county I seeking information about what to do with my refrigerator and spoiled food inside ? It’s been over 20 days and have not been able to find out who can help me with this issue ?? Where can we take bad, outdated, or no longer used prescription medicine Last time I tried to drop off expired prescriotions at the fire hall on churn creek and hartnell the drop box was gone. Anyine know of a safe place to drop off meds?? School Supplies Hello my name is Shellie Bell and I am the mother of one of your students, Joseph Christian~Thomas Bell. I was stuck unfortunately in the middle of the fire in Happy Valley, the fire was less than a mile and a half away from my brother in laws house from which where we were RoaD BlockeD in awaiting confirmation of a possible EvaC. My son Joseph was in the City limits of Anderson, however safe he was as well as our home. Unfortunately with the cost of having to help my brother in law save the house that my sister and myself grandfather had built for our Grandmother, I was unfortunate to provide my 15yr old 5"9' son Joseph with the proper materials/Supplies for re-entry as a Sophmore this year with. As well as a few back to school outfits, underwear, socks & shoes. Is there in any way possible you can help us with a few items to ensure my son's return to your Prestigious School this year ready on point and able to complete required tasks necessary and Mandatory to provide a clearer path to success this year? Thank you so very much for your time and Bless You for helping all who has had the Unfortunate CARR FIRE DamageS. Donations Where can furniture and household items be donated for fire victims? Patricia Shaw, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist #46918 Is there a way to inform the public of emotional support groups for those impacted by the Carr fire? These are being offered free of charge by Volunteer Licensed Professional Mental Health Providers? Contact Lynn Fritz Licensed Marriage Family Therapist 530-243-8862 Housing Assistance I own mobile home parks in the Redding area with vacant lots. Would FEMA consider putting up a mobile home or travel trailer on vacant mobile home spaces in a privately owned park? If so, would FEMA pay for the set up of the housing? Would FEMA pay the rent due on the space? Financial Assistance for Retired Seniors Hello: I am contacting you for more information on financial assistance for retired seniors that have been affected by the Carr fire such as losing all of their belonging and home in Old Shasta, CA. I am the owner of the senior community Frontier Hills Mobile Home Park with approx. 26 senior residents. I would greatly appreciate any assistance I can receive towards this type of information. Thank you. DISPLACED PERSON DUE TO UNHEALTHY AIR QUALITY Is there any help, financial or re-location services, available to people who have been displaced by the excessive smoke and heat? My situation is that I was living with a friend on the east side of Redding for the past 9 months. Though her house was not burned, the resulting smoke and initially ash, coupled with the extreme heat and lack of air conditioning, and my senior age of almost 70 and current health issues, have left me without a place to live. I am temporarily staying with my son and family in Bay Area. I stress temporarily as I am beginning my third week here and do not know how much longer they will host me. Thank for any information or help! Sharyn Buchholz Option 1 Cal Recycle Program - debris moving / removal vs sifting The Cal Recycle program option 1 states, "Homeowners should not physically remove debris from its original location prior to this process. Removing or placing fire debris in other places, even if still on the property, may disqualify homeowners from being able to participate in this program." Does this statement mean homeowners are not allowed on their own property to sift or salvage items that still have value before Cal Recycle Teams arrive? And doing so would disqualify them from the program? Or, is the term "debris" used only to describe items completely destroyed by this fire event? No dead trees removed under the city and county debris removal program? Many homeowners in the areas that burned have larger parcels with many burned dead (but still standing) trees that are not in the immediate vicinity of their homes. These trees are nonetheless debris and will soon come down on their own at random times. Some insurance companies are providing funds to remove some of these burned trees under their debris removal payments. However, if homeowners sign off their debris removal insurance proceeds to CalOES then the program will take all the debris removal insurance compensation but no trees beyond the immediate vicinity of the house will be removed ? Ritchie Construction / looking for clean up jobs on the Carr Fire. I am a small contractor. How do I find information on who to contact about using my trucks and equipment for clean up jobs? Urgent: Houseboat vacation advise My family & I are suppose to be heading up to Silverthorne Resort tomorrow night for a week. We are from LA & aren’t very familiar with the area or the latest news. We are uncertain if we should back out considering all the time & money that we’d spend. Air quality, road closures & evacuations are also a major concern. Please help us to make a beneficial decision. THANK YOU, Gonzalez Family Debris removal This afternoon I tried to submit my Right of Entry form to the permit center and they refused to take it because I did not have a specific clause for debris removal. Why is this? The State has specifically said that they would remove debris whether or not I have that clause in my insurance policy. I contacted my insurance company and they do have a debris removal clause. So my question is why wouldn't the permit center take my paperwork because that debris clause did not show? Additionally, when I was in there Monday morning the lady who helped me said that it was not necessary to have that clause in my Insurance declaration in order to submit my "Right of Entry". I would really like to submit this paperwork. Refridger Are they safe after extended power outages and rotten food Rod Dole owner, 3596 Americana way 96003 we lost our house The video said to let the city know we lost our house. Contact at or 530-351-1526 11297 Menlo Way Is there any coordination with the Property Management Groups in Shasta county, which would allow you to fill out one rental application and pay one fee that could be applied to all properties. I lost my home in the Carr Fire, we lived at 11258 Iron Mtn Rd We are looking desperately for a 3/2 house that will take in two adults one 19 year old Shasta college student. We also the 3 dogs two dogs under 10 lbs 1 130lb Rottweiler (he is not mean) all are house broken. So we need to have a fenced in yard. If you can help us with that it would surely be appreciated. My family is scattered from Medford to Quincy to a very nice but an expensive motel here in Redding for 9 more days then I don’t know where we are going. We are clean, we will leave the house as we find it. It is going to be for at least 1year if not 2 we are rebuilding our home on Iron Mtn Rd. My son Karel (pronounced Carl) is the point of contact at this time. I am 71 and partially disabled. So the extent of my knowledge is how to use my remote for my television. I don’t know how I reached this site. Karel can get in touch with me. His phone number is 5309417878. We just turned in our debris removed paper work to who ever it is supposed to be done on line. So now it’s hurry up and wait. So can you please help us. My email address is I know how to text and email anything else I do on this iPad is accidental. Thank you so very much for anything you can do for us. fire suppression and removal of hazzardous material what help is available to remove dead trees rolling toward my home? Home Destroyed in Carr Fire Hello, our home at 1388 Spinnaker Dr., Redding, CA was destroyed in the Carr Fire on July 26th. I would like to verify that the City has our Right to Entry form on file and our address is included on the list of those homes that have been destroyed. We did not find it on the list in the Permit Office. Thanks, Steven and Mary Karen Capfer Submittal of Debris Removal right of entry form I would like to submit a right of entry form for a home we lost in the Carr fire. I note the form apparently requires a witness of our signatures. Also, the home is in a family trust. Should I make an appointment to bring in all the trust paperwork so you can copy whatever is needed and witness our signatures? Debri removal What do i have to do to get debri removal started? Using a Private Contractor I want to use a private contractor, what are the guidelines they are going to have to follow to meet the new requirements when removing the ash and debris? Opt Out Form When will the Opt Out Form be available so that we can pull a permit for debris removal? This form was spouse to be available on Friday, August 18 and as of Tuesday, August 21 COB we have not been allowed to OPT out, please advise. Thank you. Jeff Pink Project Supervisor TROON COMPANIES I have 30 super 10 and larger trucks, loaders and water trucks and would like to help out with the recovery work. Who would I contact to discuss helping with the clean up. We could mobilize in a few days. I look forward to hearing from you, Thank you, Jeff Pink TROON COMPANIES 818-917-6328 Opt out forms Where do I go to get opt out forms for debris removal? HAZARDOUS TREE AND BRUSH REMOVAL ONLY WE HAVE 6 ACRES OF BURNED TREES AND BRUSH TO CLEAR AND REMOVE. WE PLAN TO USE SOME TREES AND WOOD CHIPS TO PROVIDE ERROSION CONTROL TO OUR HILL SIDE, BUT WHERE CAN WE "DISPOSE OF" EXCESS NATURAL MATERIAL AND SOME DAMAGED OUTDOOR FURNITURE/EQIPMENT? How do people without computers or computer skills stay informed? Everyone does not have a computer, or computer skills, so how do they get information on what they are supposed to be doing in a timely manner? Kyle Roland I own a trucking company and have 10-15 trucks available. How can I get involved with the cleanup efforts? Mandatory Evacuation Dates FEMA has required me to show proof of the dates I was under evacuation orders. Can you tell me when Old Shasta was evacuated (i believe it was Thurs, 7/26) and then the date when SR299 was opened to westbound traffic so residents could return to Shasta? Donations (monetary) for Carr fire victims I'm a firefighter in the Bay Area, My aunt would like to donate to the Carr Fire Victims. Is there a donation center she can send money to? I know American Red Cross collects donations, but I think she would prefer it to go directly to Carr Fire victims Thank You! Gary Dunbar Alameda County Fire Dept. Debris Removal Final Sign Off Who can we contact regarding getting a letter confirming that debris removal has been completed on our property? Debris Removal My deck around my pool was destroyed along with fencing, vegetation and a trampoline. What are my options for removing the burned debris since my house is fine? Toxic runoff Hi I am concerned that toxic house burn waste will not be cleaned up before it rains and will affect our creeks and streams. Sonoma county handed out free wattles to homeowners to prevent toxins from going into streams creeks our lakes and watersheds. I have called Shasta County, the city of redding and Cal OES, and cal recycle and no one seems to be doing anything to prevent toxins from going into our streams, creeks and lakes. Fees and permits related to rebuilding In following the example of Santa Rosa, are the city of Redding and Shasta county going to waive fees for demolition permits if a resident decides to opt out of the CAL Recycle/OES debris removal process. Many people are going to do this to in hopes of expediting their rebuild time. Will the city and county still expedite the permit process for these families? As a local business owner, I am concerned by the number of people that are leaving the area because they can't wait 1-1/2 to 2 years to get their home rebuilt. Is there a list of fees that are being waived or decreased to assist those that are staying in the area? This would be good information to provide on the recovery website. Insurance Our insurance does not have "specific and separate" debris removal coverage. My understanding from the city's ROI form is: that the city is only entitled to the " unused benefit amount" after the residence is rebuilt. In our case, it is very unlikely that there will be any unused benefit amount. At what point is the determination made that there is an "unused benefit"? Clean up Schedule You know the addresses of all houses damaged/destroyed. Can you set up a simple list for the scheduled clean up? This would include a column for the address, Phase 1 assessment, Phase 2 Right of Entry, Permits, ECD for clean up, Columns for Steps 1 - 7 (for ECD's). The application/database should include a search function on the Property address. This would go along way towards giving us confidence that planning is in process and moving forward. Health and Safety cleanup Hi I live in the Land Park subdivision. My home was one of a few that only has minimal damage to it. I’m concern about living there with my 3 year old and 11 month old daughters during Phase 1-2 of cleanup. In addition we have a pug puppy that naturally has breathing issues. How safe is it to live in an area that is primarily burned during cleanup? I’m trying to get my insurance to cover short term housing. Thank you Burnt bushes removal We just recently purchased a home in one of the neighborhood that had fire damage the home was fine but there were several landscaping bushes that were damaged and burned in the fire. We have since cut up the birch branches and bushes and wanted to know if we are able to bring them to the city dump or if we have to get rid of them a different way? Air monitor Station River Ridge DR Redding Ca There is a Air Monitor Station at 1276 River Ridge Dr. Redding Ca. Put out by Cal Recycle. Can we get the info from it so we know how bad the air is around our house? 1247 River Ridge Dr, Redding Ca. What is the best contact for donation inquiries? We receive regular phone inquiries on many topics that we can direct folks to this website. Can you add a category(ies) directing folks who want to donate or help in recovery? PG&E cut and left trees everywhere!! PG&E sent subcontractors out into the fire-ravaged neighborhoods and cut down thousands of large trees, mostly grey pines, and left them on the ground.They took down just about everything within 100 feet of their power lines (to avoid future outages). One contact with MGE said there were tens of thousands of trees. One response I've heard is they left them for property owners who want them for the timber! However, most of these property owners are/were not in the vicinity while the trees were being cut and left on the ground. These massive logs cannot be handled by the typical property owner. They are hazardous! They are fuel for a future fire! Who is going to clean up this mess?! Can the city and county require and force the removal of these downed trees? Many people on Nextdoor West Redding are asking. Additionally, the removal of so many trees has left naked land that is soon to be subjected to rain and erosion into our streams and rivers. How will the hundreds of thousands of acres of fire damaged land be protected from erosion? My neighbors are all gone. Likely erosion control on their property is not going to be a high priority to them. But we will definitely be impacted by runoff from their properties. Does the county have a listing of Hello, Is there a ste where I can see progress (like if my property has past stage 1 and on 2) of the clean up? Thanks Christian Damage to driveway We live in the county and have a long cement driveway. If the driveway is damaged or destroyed do we have any recourse? Refridgerator removal My name is Matt. I live off rock Creek Road in Old Shasta. We just got back into our home to start repairs and need to remove our old fridge full of rotten food. I Heard there was services that would come pick up our old fridge and remove it. If I can get some information on that it would be much appreciated. Thank you What is Shasta County's response to fees etc. related to rebuilding? I am concerned that there is no specific answer provided by Shasta County regarding its approach to rebuilding within the County, not the City of Redding. Several specific questions have been asked but the only answers provided are relative to homes within the City of Redding, not to those outside the City. Is the County taking the same approach as the City, that is, waiving some fees, streamlining the planning and building process, providing a step-by-step guide to rebuilding? I appreciate the efforts the City is taking but am concerned I have not heard or read anything specific to the County. The vast majority of homes lost were outside of the City. Those of us in the County expect the same level of assistance from our local government as provided to City residents. A more County-specific response is long overdue. Thank you. How do I file Debris Removal online -- and Receive acknowledgment? Like many residents who lost their homes, I moved away from Redding and now live 4.5 hours away. It is hard to reach the city to submit forms and ask questions... especially during workdays. I saw there is a way to file the CalOES Debris Removal Right of Entry form online at : However, that is just an editable .pdf. How is it actually submitted? Also, how are attachments submitted online (eg. the insurance declaration page). And how do I show an ID online; as is apparently required? Regardless of how the form is submitted (in person, email, fax, online), is there a way to receive acknowledgment that we are in the program? How do we avoid a situation whereby I just wait and wait, days pass, I cannot get a hold of anyone at CalOES, then we get to mid November without a call, ...after repeated calls someone finally accepts looking into my Debris removal case,... only to tell me that there's no record that I ever submitted anything to CalOES? Clean-up estimate We moved out of State and are wondering when your clean-up may get to the River Ridge Terrace, Spinnaker Dr., area, in order to plan our trips back there. Thanks, Susan Clarke Clean up Phase 2 My elderly parents lost their home in Carr fire. We haven’t had time to go through ashes. If we have clean up by city, Is there a deadline to sign up? How do u file? Thank you Sandy Himel Carr fire trash removal @ 3110 Bedrock Ln. We are the owners of the burned out building lot @ 3110 Bedrock Ln. in the lake Redding area. I would like to make sure that we are registered with the proper agency for trash removal, Our name is Donald and Nancy Fisher and we are the owners of the above mentioned property Clogged gutters & downspouts My gutters and downspouts are full of ash and debris from the fire. I am disabled and wondering if there is anyone who can clear my gutters before the rains come. Legal Action Against Mortgage Company Is there a list of attorneys who will meet with fire victims and review their issues for free? My mortgage loan company has taken advantage of me when I've done everything as instructed, and no one will get back to me when I call to try to work out the issue on my own. REBUILD HOMES OR MANUFACTURE HOMES What about homeowners with no homeowners insurance, why haven't I seen building materials donated for those who can't afford to build a house. Loans are offered with low interest, it's all good but misleading information to recieve help to repair or rebuild. I was under impression I was getting help to build a house... one important factor , if you can't build a home you end up putting your property up for sale and become homeless, This is very stressful and emotional not seeing any help to bring any kind of rescource to provide help for all the homeowners without homeowners insurance. Many homeowners don't know how to ask and it's sad to image no one even gave it a thought for the misfortunate property owners who were affected by the fire and lost their home, nothing but ashes. Thank you for reading this, Volunteering How do we volunteer to help with ash removal or whatever we can do? Scope of Loss Where can I get help understanding the "scope of loss" document that my insurance adjuster sent? I have no training in the value of baseboards, plumbing, nor wiring. Will the local agencies arrange a meeting for us to learn about how to respond to the insurance company's evaluation of our homes? Watering Landscape Can we have a hose bib installed to water landscape that survived? Recovery of greenbelt behind Tralee Road. Good morning. I live at 4687 Kenmare court in Redding. The greenbelt behind my home was destroyed in the fire. Now there is only ash and dirt. My question is, what are the plans to protect the homes from all of the ash and mud that will come when the rains start? Real people Heal People First of all, let's talk about healing, a community comes together in the need of a disaster. The word REBUILD puzzles myself and others, what are we rebuilding? For example; what we need is a program that brings everyone from all walks of life, get physically involve with picking up a hammer and pound a nail and feel good because you just put hope in someones life that matters.No one is asking for a handout. People are loosing hope real fast, what about a awareness program to unite as one and get those people into a homes by donations given to the community to help build homes. Real people heal people. Imagine yourself giving a person hope, and it wont cost you a Dime. Do I need to fill out a form if... Hi, My home and vehicles were not damaged in the Carr fire, however my property (landscaping and wood fence was burned) do I need to fill out a form if we don't need anything removed? donating household goods Is there a phone number for donating to the CARR fire victims - downtown mall has a place where people can go to get household items, beds, dressers, etc... I have chairs and a bed I want to donate. Is there a phone number? Do they pick things up? Thank you Sally Property owner I am the property owner who did not have insurance. How do I go about getting assistance with rebuilding? question regarding our place in list of home to have debris removed. Hello, I understand you guys are getting lots of questions you may or may not be able to answer! I have completed what I think is all is needed on our part in order to have the debris removed. I can see on that map that our home is opted in. But when should we expect that the removal may happen? Or at least how do i find our place in line of the many homes? We are being very patient, just curious. Thank you for any information you may have. -Stephen Horan 15906 Lower Springs rd., redding CA 96001. 5305158072 Shirley Bailey I opened a claim for mandatory evacuation reimbursement. FEMA has been a laborious task and now they are asking for a letter from the county stating that my house was indeed evacuated and dates. I have spent 2 hrs online trying to find where to start. Any idea? I am at 4483 Neenah Trail, Redding 96003. Thank You CARR FIRE Property Taxes Will the Assessors office notify people that thry have a program in place so that the Carr fire victims can keep their Property Taxes that they had before the fire ( if they qualify)? Soil Testing How long is it taking for the soils tests to be returned? Debris Removal - Delta Fire Hello, My stepfather property was burned down in the Delta Fire. Items that were burned were cars , 5th wheel travel Trailer, small outhouse and small storage cabin. Can you help with debris removal even if there is no insurance on the property? He is on a very small limited income so paying someone to clean it up is near impossible, as he has to replace his whole livelihood first. Who has the right to live there Lost my home in Carr fire recently bought mobel home paperwork is in progress now pass owner refuses to move what can I do didn't know I was dealing with a problem Debris Removal of Property after CARR Fire Cal OES has completed removal of all of the debris on my property including foundation. When can I hire contractors to complete the debris removal including trees, patio, and remaining driveway? I was told I have to wait for paperwork from Cal OES or the City of Redding before any other work on the property can commence. Debris Removal Tracking - Carr Fire Dashboard error Just a heads up the Debris Removal Tracking - Carr Fire Dashboard shows that 3146 BEDROCK LN, REDDING CA 96003 APN: 115200055000 has had it's Debris Removal Completed since 09/19/2018 when it hasn't? They haven't started that street yet. Our home ..3086 lake redding drive. ..was totally destroyed by Carr of Redding removed home construction debris. But did not remove trees and shrubs. ...who do we call to arrange trees /shrubs removal? Any one doing this service for Carr Fire victims? Soil Check Our property at 839 Santa Cruz Drive has been cleared of Debris. When will we receive the results from the soil check? I need to get my bank paid With the evacion I had to barrow from bank know I need to get cought up what do I do fire damage to home celing insulation Our home was not burned in the Carr fire but was subject to the effects of the fire, such as smoke and heat. The fire came to all sides of the house. Insulation has been replaced in two adjacent homes in the same situation. How is the need for removal and replacement of insulation determined? Lee fire clean up who may I contact as I am a dump truck driver with hazmat and hazwop certificates? My name is Louis Sklar 916 223 6609 teamster out of sacramento Clean up hauling I would like to find out who is doing the clean up removal Hauling/Trucking to WM ? Thank you Robert Webb Soil test We lost our home on Swasey Dr. in Redding. The property has been cleaned up but I understand a soil test needs to be done. Will we be notified when site is ready to start to rebuild or is there someone we can contact for info? River trail What is the estimated date for re - opening the river trail / footbridge? Registration to receive an answer Hello, I lost two homes, debris cleanup was completed on one, the burned vehicle is still there. Originally, I was told that the car would be removed thru the program that I signed the ROE for, so I told my ins adjuster it would be handled in that manner. The car is still there. Tomorrow, debris clean-up is going to take place at the other site that also has a burned car. Will they be taking the car? Are they coming back for the car on the first property or is it my responsibility to make arrangements with ins to remove it? Bottom line, how will the cars be removed from the sites? Thank you When will they release the property so I can go further in the process? 3071 Bedrock Lane, Redding 96003 is the property that I am speaking about. Can I submit plans to the city to get the permit process started before the property is completely (dirt) released. Homeless with 2young children, need our own home in Redding. Please Help I moved into a location with my childrens mother long before the Carr fire devestated our community and the lives of all of us who live in the Shasta County area. Some lost their home, vehicles, and personal property that may be irreplaceable. The Carr Fire had a toll on us all. A physical, mental, and emotional pain that has caused many still suffering. Long after the first rain washed the ashes from the which it lay, the damage caused still burns as if it were a "fresh start". My question is this, we were, children 2 and 1 years old, and us parents were evacuated. The stress may have caused the recent clinical, mental health, diagnosis which may have lead to the kid's mother having a "mental break" that lead into her being a patient with a long term mental facility. Now the mother being permanently disabled and other extingent circumstances, I have the children full time. We are currently homeless. Staying In a motel, and can not find full time employment nor a home. This may be due to child care issues and current situation .. My kid's and I both have seperation anxiety to a point that is hard to descibe. Can we get help, please? I need financial help, and housing. I am currently trying to check on my "hud" and the is not allowing me logon to check to see if we are awarded Section 8 housing. I have tried many times. Please help me with getting back to a secure, comfortable life with the children and I in a home in Redding. Thank you, Todd Brown Don Besselievre how do I find out if my lots second soil testing has passed. My address is 3109 Bedrock Lane loss of job due to airquality; ptsd flight/freeze response from trauma I lost my job and developed ptsd from all of the events with the Carr fire, have been experiencing panic attacks, severe asthma. My ptsd has left me with no options because I have been shutting down from all of the traumatic events. I could not leave home for a month and a half, because of the poor air quality due to my sensitive immune system. I am currently in eviction process, with no income. I am in need of emergency finances until I can determine whether I qualify for temporary disability and SSI. I have had a delayed reaction to the wildfire events. My current status is displaced homemaker, is there anything out there for me? I am a renter. Permits for a 5th wheel trailer on my property I would like to put a 5th wheel on my property for my daughter and her husband here in Shasta Ca 96087. On BUELL ALLEY 15380. Two of my cabins were destroyed in the CARR fire. I have to empty spaces where the cabins were. Please let me know as soon as possible. I thank you for your time Victoria Doty 530 242 5761. I have gone over and over the Shasta County sites for permits and have not found any useful sites for this subject. paying back my fema loan Do I have to start paying back my loan from sba when the money is released to rebuild or upon completion of home being rebuilt? Burned trees behind my cyclone fence caused by backburn from Fire Dept. family of 3 still displaced hi my name is Darlene Holtel I am a brain injury survivor. Our property on 11573 center st redding ca in Keswick was completely destroyed we lost everything including my 10 pet chickens My husband and daughter and I have been living in motels We rented an rv and currently staying at redding RV park My family and I are in the process on closing escrow on our new house we need 2,000.00 for closing costs. Can you please let me know who I can turn to We have received 1,000.00 from betha. Atl salvation army Terrie has been helping with motel United ways help us with motel stay Most of the time we spent money out of pocket. We received a loan from SBA due to carfire for losses of personal property. S.B.A allowed us to put 9,000 down payment to purchase a home We need 2,000.00 to close escow then we will finally own our own home Could you please direct me to someone who can help us with finances to close escrow Compromised/Damaged Trees I live in Old Shasta and have 5 acres. Many trees were impacted by the Carr Fire. Most have to be cut down. Are there are financial resources available to cover/reimburse the cost of having the trees cut down and taken away or chipped? Leaving them is a fire hazard. So far, we've had to pay close to $20,000 out of pocket to have trees cut down and removed. This even includes the trees cut down by PG&E subcontractors. They left most of them and we had to pay to have them cut up, chipped and/or taken away. Billing When and by whom will I be billed for the completed debris removal from our destroyed house? Pay For Disaster Cleanup Hello, I lost my home in the CARR fire. My property is located outside of the City of Redding was cleared back in October 2018. I have not yet paid a bill for the cleanup. I am trying to find out where I can get the information to pay it. Thank you, Holly Hoekstra Rebuilding codes - which ones apply? I was told at the Planning Dept early this year that I could rebuild what I had where it was. Is this still true? I ask bec a neighbor said we have to meet all 2019 codes. I understand about the sprinkler system being required and that electrical and plumbing codes too. But what about set backs, location of septic system, etc.? Clean-up Where do we go or who do we contact about the billing of the Carr Fire debris clean-up? Where Can I download the GIS data? I would like to download the GIS data of the Carr fire but the online version doesn't have that option like the full Esri application. Who do I contact about this? I am selling a burnt lot that has been cleaned. Buyer is asking for a certified copy from FEMA showing the lot has been cleaned. How may I get this? Sacramento River Trail Bridge Replacement What is the status of the Sacramento River Trail Bridge Replacement? Website is not updated, says All environmental permits have been obtained and the contractor is scheduled to begin work the end of November 2019.

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Sacramento River Trail Bridge Replacement

Jackie Williams inside Redding City Limits
February 1, 2020, 9:50 AM

What is the status of the Sacramento River Trail Bridge Replacement? Website is not updated, says All environmental permits have been obtained and the contractor is scheduled to begin work the end of November 2019.


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