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What questions do you have around the Carr Fire?

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Homeless with 2young children, need our own home in Redding. Please Help

Todd Brown inside Redding City Limits
December 15, 2018, 10:55 PM

I moved into a location with my childrens mother long before the Carr fire devestated our community and the lives of all of us who live in the Shasta County area. Some lost their home, vehicles, and personal property that may be irreplaceable. The Carr Fire had a toll on us all. A physical, mental, and emotional pain that has caused many still suffering. Long after the first rain washed the ashes from the which it lay, the damage caused still burns as if it were a "fresh start".
My question is this, we were, children 2 and 1 years old, and us parents were evacuated. The stress may have caused the recent clinical, mental health, diagnosis which may have lead to the kid's mother having a "mental break" that lead into her being a patient with a long term mental facility. Now the mother being permanently disabled and other extingent circumstances, I have the children full time. We are currently homeless. Staying In a motel, and can not find full time employment nor a home. This may be due to child care issues and current situation .. My kid's and I both have seperation anxiety to a point that is hard to descibe. Can we get help, please? I need financial help, and housing. I am currently trying to check on my "hud" and the is not allowing me logon to check to see if we are awarded Section 8 housing. I have tried many times. Please help me with getting back to a secure, comfortable life with the children and I in a home in Redding.
Thank you,
Todd Brown


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