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What questions do you have around the Carr Fire?

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Jeanette Hernandez outside Redding City Limits
September 15, 2018, 10:16 PM

What about homeowners with no homeowners insurance, why haven't I seen building materials donated for those who can't afford to build a house. Loans are offered with low interest, it's all good but misleading information to recieve help to repair or rebuild. I was under impression I was getting help to build a house... one important factor , if you can't build a home you end up putting your property up for sale and become homeless, This is very stressful and emotional not seeing any help to bring any kind of rescource to provide help for all the homeowners without homeowners insurance. Many homeowners don't know how to ask and it's sad to image no one even gave it a thought for the misfortunate property owners who were affected by the fire and lost their home, nothing but ashes.
Thank you for reading this,


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Jeanette Hernandez over 1 year ago

Everyone this includes City and County needs to be aware of the Un met needs are not met?
1. What are UN MET needs?
2. Who qualifies or who decides what is
a un met need?
3. Homeowners non homeowners
4. Insured Homes vs Non Insured
5. Homeless
If you study this with a open mind, think out of the box scenario
1. Not enough clothing?
2. Renters Homes burnt down?
3. Insured Home owners un met needs
that were not included in their
Homeowners Policy, were not met?
4. Homeless citizens feeling left out
because there needs are not met?
5. Uninsured homeowners not knowing
what to do, or where to go, who to ask
end up back on property not able to
build a home because WE, All of us
lost focus to help the UNMET needs
for homeowners have only their property to return to, in two years time you better have a home built, or the County will or will not extend your hopes and dreams of a new home to be built, in reality you stare at a empty lot that was once a place you called home.
We need a program to assist a home to be built for the people who have no means of income to replace there homes.
Thank You! I hope I made myself clear I speak for all homeowners who did not have homeowners insurance a chance to rebuild from this blasterring Fire that swept all walks of life and changed our lives forever more......


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City Manager's Office over 1 year ago

It is important to apply to FEMA for grant assistance, and to the SBA for low interest loans. There really aren't very many other options. Insurance is an expense that unfortunately many decide not to purchase, but in instances like this it becomes crucial to have. Deciding not to take out insurance is a risk, but if you need money to rebuild, there are few other options. The City/County cannot afford to take on that expense for residents.


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