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What questions do you have around the Carr Fire?

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How do I file Debris Removal online -- and Receive acknowledgment?

Perry S. outside Redding City Limits
September 7, 2018, 4:37 PM

Like many residents who lost their homes, I moved away from Redding and now live 4.5 hours away. It is hard to reach the city to submit forms and ask questions... especially during workdays.

I saw there is a way to file the CalOES Debris Removal Right of Entry form online at :
However, that is just an editable .pdf. How is it actually submitted?

Also, how are attachments submitted online (eg. the insurance declaration page). And how do I show an ID online; as is apparently required?

Regardless of how the form is submitted (in person, email, fax, online), is there a way to receive acknowledgment that we are in the program? How do we avoid a situation whereby I just wait and wait, days pass, I cannot get a hold of anyone at CalOES, then we get to mid November without a call, ...after repeated calls someone finally accepts looking into my Debris removal case,... only to tell me that there's no record that I ever submitted anything to CalOES?


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William Davis over 1 year ago

This whole web page thing appears to be useless and not working. Is it just another way to make it seem the County is really managing things when in fact it is not. Bill Davis, 11460 Quartz Hill Rd., Redding 96003.

Where is all the money from the insurance going? And how many people have insurance and for what total value in this program compared to people with none? Is the government really paying any money for the cleanup, or is it all insurance money? How do we get and accounting of all of this? And, where did the estimate that each site will cost $50,000 to 70,000 come from and who calculated that and how and what agency has the records on that for a FOIA request? How do you comment at this site? It does not publish a comment.


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Patricia Lind over 1 year ago

Your comment is seen in a drop down box and if you click on all questions you can then scroll down the drop down box to see other questions. It is not a very user friendly system I think. The questions you have are valid and I have been worrying about toxic ash clean up from home sites. Why is it taking so long and all the millions poured into the disaster area are going to be spent on what? I have asked about wattles or sandbags which are cheap, to be given out for free to homeowners so they can place these around their burnt homes to prevent toxic ash from running into creeks, lakes and rivers. No one not City, county, or Regional water control board has even considered on how to get this done and the rainy season is her in a couple of weeks.


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City Manager's Office over 1 year ago

Apologies for not realizing these questions had not received a response. I'll try to answer as many as I can.
1. ROE forms can be submitted electronically. Print out the form, fill it out in its entirety, sign it and scan it. Email the packet along with a copy of your driver's license for identification to You will need to have all registered owners of the property sign the form and scan a copy of their driver's license(s) as well. All other documentation will need to be attached in the same email. Insurance declaration may need to be printed and scanned, or save the document to your computer and attach it from there.
2. Acknowledgement can be found on the following dashboard: Do a search by address to see if your ROE has been submitted vs. approved, and then you'll be able to see when your property is cleaned, and eventually approved for rebuild.
3. Money for debris removal goes to CalRecycle the contractor for the State. They subcontract the work out to several contractors, but the main contractor is CalRecycle.
4. CalRecycle actually estimates the cost of debris removal to cost closer to $100k once all fire debris removal, vehicle disposal, soil testing, hazardous tree removal, and erosion control have been completed.
5. Straw wattles are not cheap, they cost money. For us to purchase them, the money has to come out of the City/County's general fund. The same fund that pays for law enforcement and fire fighters. We have to good stewards of those funds, so figuring out the logistics of obtaining and storing straw wattles for the public has not been easy. We are working on it, but it is not as simple as you think. And just because you aren't seeing straw wattles today, doesn't mean they won't be available in time for the rainy season. Straw wattles have to be shipped here and that transit time has to be accounted for as well. As soon as we have a better answer, we will make an announcement.


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