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What questions do you have around the Carr Fire?

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Refridgerator removal

Matt Mcnerlin outside Redding City Limits
September 6, 2018, 11:59 AM

My name is Matt. I live off rock Creek Road in Old Shasta. We just got back into our home to start repairs and need to remove our old fridge full of rotten food. I Heard there was services that would come pick up our old fridge and remove it. If I can get some information on that it would be much appreciated. Thank you

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City Manager's Office over 1 year ago

Hi Matt, refrigerators can be brought to the Transfer Station, West Central Landfill or North State Recycling for disposal. They ask that you dispose of the food waste prior to bringing the appliance to one of the locations mentioned above. There may be vendors who will come pick up your fridge however there most likely is a cost to have this done. You might call Waste Management for any information on removal services too, they can be reached at 530-221-6510.

Thank you!


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