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What questions do you have around the Carr Fire?

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PG&E cut and left trees everywhere!!

Cindy Crom outside Redding City Limits
September 5, 2018, 9:46 AM

PG&E sent subcontractors out into the fire-ravaged neighborhoods and cut down thousands of large trees, mostly grey pines, and left them on the ground.They took down just about everything within 100 feet of their power lines (to avoid future outages). One contact with MGE said there were tens of thousands of trees. One response I've heard is they left them for property owners who want them for the timber! However, most of these property owners are/were not in the vicinity while the trees were being cut and left on the ground. These massive logs cannot be handled by the typical property owner. They are hazardous! They are fuel for a future fire! Who is going to clean up this mess?! Can the city and county require and force the removal of these downed trees? Many people on Nextdoor West Redding are asking. Additionally, the removal of so many trees has left naked land that is soon to be subjected to rain and erosion into our streams and rivers. How will the hundreds of thousands of acres of fire damaged land be protected from erosion? My neighbors are all gone. Likely erosion control on their property is not going to be a high priority to them. But we will definitely be impacted by runoff from their properties.


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