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Other rulemaking


The passage of SB 1399 requires the department to engage in rulemaking regarding the implementation of new privacy provisions contained within the bill. In addition, other topics related to the implementation of Paid Family and Medical Leave are included. References to specific RCW's have also been changed as a result of the recodification of Title 50A RCW. Due to the content of these rules and their impact on other programs, the department has decided to proceed with a rulemaking process that is independent from the typical "phase" process that has been employed to this point.

Read the proposed rules here:


- Filed CR-101
- Filed CR-102
- Significance Analysis (Draft)

NOTE: A CR-101 was filed prior to the above reference. When the scope of rulemaking changed to include additional topics beyond privacy, this filing was withdrawn.


October 1 - Rules posted
October 4 - Stakeholder meeting (more info)
October 15 - File 102
November 26 - Public hearing (more info)
December 2 - File 103
January 2 - Rules go into effect