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Paying back leave

Stephanie W
June 12, 2019, 11:12 AM

My company has a paid leave program currently (3 months fully paid). Although there are stipulations-one being you must pay back your leave in full if you don’t work for them for 6 months after your leave ends. The other is that you must use all but two weeks of your paid leave toward your parental leave (which thereby reduces the benefit for those with more leave accumulated). Can you please advise if these requirements will be permitted or changed when the new state plan is enacted? Our company says they have no plans to change their PPL plan as they claim its “better than the state plan.” I’m wondering how they can legally require employees to work after the leave with it being state mandated. Can you please have your legal team look into this?

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Connie Heermann 6 days ago

Employers may submit an application for their own voluntary plan. Voluntary plans must meet state requirements in order to receive approval. You may want to inquire whether your employer has submitted a plan for approval. If ESD has not approved a voluntary plan for an employer, their employees may apply for benefits from the state program.
Employers cannot require employees to use their paid leave whether they have an approved voluntary plan or use the state's program. It is the employee's choice.
Employers with more than 50 employees are required to provide job protection under RCW 50A.04.025


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