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Fayrouz Mishak inside City Boundary October 10, 2019, 5:59 PM

i think that the smoke shop should be moved since it is right nest to the little kids' toy store or it should be removed from Lafayette completely

Janette Fon inside City Boundary August 30, 2019, 10:45 PM

I was walking home tonight with my 10-year-old son and had to cross Moraga Road at Moraga Blvd. We are well aware that someone died last summer as a left-turn was made into him. Even after that incident, it has always bewildered me why we still have a yield-on-left-turn light there. Why isn't the pedestrian protected all the time? Tonight, as we were crossing, as soon as the red light was up, the driver ready to make a left turn gunned it right towards us. I froze and yelled at the top of my lungs, "Stop!" as I held my hand up (as if I could have stopped him) protecting my son. Fortunately, his window was down and he was able to stop. We crossed as he hung out of his car window saying he was so sorry. My son and I were petrified. We stopped and hugged after crossing trying to shake off that terrible image of the car accelerating towards us as if we were not there. This light configuration is too dangerous. It needs to be 100% protected for the pedestrian to cross completely before the red light is lifted on the left-hand-turn driver coming from Moraga Blvd. It's just an accident waiting to happen and borders on negligence. If this won't be done then we need more visibility such as lights on the ground lighting up the cross-walk or in the best case a bridge that avoids the pedestrian in the street altogether.

edith locher inside City Boundary July 20, 2019, 12:33 PM

I am strongly supporting the comments by Elizabeth Doyle, June 9th 2019 about leaf blowers! They are a health hazard! Edith Locher.

Kathy Marshall inside City Boundary June 17, 2019, 2:38 PM

I attended the June 12, 2019 EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Committee meeting to ask whether or when inspections will be done in our County particularly in Lafayette. The answer was not what I hoped. Moraga-Orinda Fire District posted on Facebook that they are out in force issuing citations and they are focusing on evacuation routes. I saw tree work happening on Glorietta. Is Lafayette, particularly the part that is marked red for very high hazard zone doing the same?

Elizabeth Doyle inside City Boundary June 9, 2019, 6:39 PM

The din from the leaf blowers in the community has changed Lafayette to a very noisy place to live. All day and most days there is leaf blowing racket....everywhere. I have lived here 35 years. Even on the "spare the air days" the gas driven loud leaf blowers are run all around our neighborhood and it is oppressive but also illegal.
Berkeley outlawed them. I would like to do the same.

Joe Beck inside City Boundary April 25, 2019, 10:28 PM

Is it bad to use the word "senior" to describe an older member of our community?

A very distinguished Lafayette community leader, whose contributions I much admire, and whose experience and insights I greatly respect, feels strongly that is the case.
I do very much understand and sympathize with those who would like to see a world in which “seniors” were not given that label, which risks stereotyping them and underestimating their capacities and potentials. I totally agree with the vital importance of addressing the “ageism” issue and bringing about changes in our culture. But I for one do not agree with the usefulness of putting time and energy into the goal of getting rid of the use of the specific words “senior” and “seniors” to refer to the age group that the Lafayette Senior Services staff and the Senior Services Commission have so long been devoted to serving.

It is very obvious that people aged 65 and over (and any age group really), manifest a very wide spectrum of functional capacities and other personal characteristics. It should be equally obvious that it is inappropriate and improper to stereotype people because they have reached a certain age. All individuals deserve to be treated and evaluated as individuals, and without preconceptions because of their age or background.

I have been a member of that demographic for quite a long time now, and personally have never felt uncomfortable being called a “senior.” I also have had no qualms about taking advantage of the significant discounts available when using my BART Senior Clipper Card, and other discounts when available because of my “seniority” at restaurants, stores, etc.

I very much support and applaud the Lafayette City Council’s addressing as a priority objective the broadening of senior community inclusion, which was the subject of the subcommittee meeting that Cam Burks chaired on 4/9/2019. I do strongly agree that the needs of our older citizens, and indeed of our entire community, are best served by focusing on how best to achieve respect and inclusivity for all of our people.

For what it's worth, my opinion is that getting rid of the use of the word “senior” is not an essential or useful goal.

Heidi Doggett inside City Boundary April 7, 2019, 8:58 AM

We leave the city pretty much any time we want to do something together as a family. We had loved going to Color Me Mine, but...that's closed now, along with the bead store, the ice cream store, and the yarn shop we had enjoyed frequenting. The city does not have a whole lot for families or youth to do. It seems the only thing the older kids can do is go out to eat or wander around downtown. Especially the middle schoolers, who can't drive. Many of the shops that have closed down provided something valuable to our community, but are being replaced by high-end stores that have little to offer families who live in the area. Personally, I'd love to have some of these empty stores become community owned so that we can put in things that we actually really need, even if they can't generate the same revenue as diamonds or custom window coverings. I look at empty store fronts and see small children's museums, a community kitchen for rent, a community boutique, and lots and lots of potential for more green space, even for growing food. Especially during the rainy season, we are in need of indoor places where people can gather and kids can get the wiggles out.

Timothy Caldwell inside City Boundary March 31, 2019, 8:17 AM

Having moved to Lafayette 7 years ago - and paying HUGE yearly taxes every year for "City Services" - i am amazed how the Unincorporated areas are treated; like a red headed stepchild (humor). Our road to our properties on McGraw Lane is falling apart. Yes, it's a dead end road - however heavily used by County & City Service vehicles, Fedex/Ups, Construction vehicles, and general public out for a ride. I don't understand why the REPAIR of this road is on the homeowners after paying the taxes we do to the City via our Property Taxes. We should either get a break on those taxes, or the City should repair this road.

michael dawson inside City Boundary March 25, 2019, 11:58 AM

I am unfortunately unable to attend tonight's City Council meeting. In the event that Item 8C, "Production of Almost Daily Briefing", is pulled from the Consent Calendar, will you please accept my comments for your consideration?

I would like to refer back to my Feb 24th comment on Lafayette Listens about this matter. On Feb 21, 2019, the top story for the Almost Daily Briefing was titled “Court grants PG&E’s reconsideration and denies Save Lafayette Trees protected tree petition” and linked to a story about from a website called "Northern California Record". As stated before, this headline grossly misrepresented the status of the SLT/City lawsuit as no new ruling had been issued that day. The Northern California Record is not a local website; it is produced out of Rolling Meadows by a tort-reform advocacy group called the Institute of Legal Reform, an arm of the conservative US Chamber of Commerce. The search in Google Street view shows their address is postal box out of UPS Store in a small strip mall. When I asked four experienced and/or retired Lafayette attorneys their impression of the Northern California Record, each person stated that was the first time they had heard of that "journal".

I see two issues:

1. Why did the City Attorney approve the accuracy of this article when the City Communications Analyst asked prior to distributing this "top story"? Surely she must have been aware this biased headline would confuse Lafayette readers, including members of the City Council. Perhaps the Communications Analyst was also under the misunderstanding of the court ruling based on this article given the reaction by the City Attorney?

2. Has the Almost Daily Digest ran out of its useful function? The Staff Report for this agenda item describes a daily process of reviewing over 75 news alerts generated by over 50 terms every morning. How much time is being devoted to the production of this email, and is it necessary? In the past 10 years since the ADB was started, news aggregation sites like Apple News and Google News are common place, and they offer the functionality of anyone setting up their own Lafayette news alerts. Should the City feel it necessary to give it the "personal touch" by selecting only the most relevant and pressing news search results, then why did the City publish the Northern California Record which was clearly not locally produced, nor from a reputable journal, nor accurately headlined?

I respectfully ask that corrections be issued in event of such errors of judgement. My comments are not reflective of any single person, and I especially appreciate the job of the City Communication's Analyst in improving City transparency with other projects.

Respectfully yours,
Michael Dawson
Lafayette, CA

Arthur Ungar inside City Boundary March 10, 2019, 9:52 PM

Item 10a
I support a broad ban on flavored tobacco products. They lead to addiction and have no benefit except a profit to the sellers.