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This is an on-line space, facilitated by the City, where citizens can engage in conversations about important City topics. Typically these topics are suggested by City staff who want to engage with the public about an important project or initiative. The public can also suggest topics for discussion.

City staff will read what participants contribute and analyze their responses to gain a better understanding of how the public feels about the topic, capture helpful suggestions and good ideas, identify better ways to communicate and collaborate with citizens.

As with any public comment process, participation in this forum is voluntary. City staff will consider input from this forum along with all other channels for participation. However you choose to participate, thanks for helping us build a better Edmonton.

To participate, users must enter their name and home address. This information is kept confidential and users can choose not to show their name next to their posts. This information is collected so the City knows which statements are from local residents, and so the City can address any posts that do not adhere to guidelines for civility.

The forum is operated by Peak Democracy, a non-partisan company whose mission is to broaden civic engagement and build public trust in government. They will keep your information confidential per their strict privacy agreement.