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State Street Mobility Study

Here’s what we heard about State Street. What do you think?

Imagine Orem: VR Event Follow Up Survey

Do you think the City should continue to use VR and other activities to engage with citizens in new and creative ways?

Arts District Creation

What cool ideas do you have for creating a unique "Arts District"? (around the SCERA Center for the Arts)

Orem Frontrunner Station Plan

What is the ONE thing you would love to see in the Orem Frontrunner Station area?

Imagine Orem: Geneva Road

What ideas do you have for the Geneva Road Corridor from 1600 North to 800 South?

Natural Playground Proposal

We are studying the possibility of building a "natural playground" at Timpanogos Park. We'd like to know what you think!

Imagine Orem State Street: Survey

Help shape the future of the city by taking our survey!

Imagine Orem: State Street

In one or two words, what do you think is missing in downtown Orem?

Sustainability Day Survey

Oct. 25th is Sustainability Day! Please help us by answering the following questions

Water Conservation

What ideas do you have to help conserve water?

Re-Designing State Street

Which design upgrades would you like to see the most on State Street?

Recycling in Orem

Which of these items can go in the Blue Bin? (Recycle)

Street Light Maintenance

What do you think is an acceptable amount of wear and tear for our street lights?

Bike Skills Park

We’re considering a “Bike Skills Park” at Timpanogos Park! What do you think about this idea?

City Center District

What are your top priorities for Orem's planned "City Center District"?

Multi-family and Student Housing

What do you think about protecting single-family neighborhoods by locating multi-family housing in Orem’s five downtown districts?

State Street Signs

How do you find your way to businesses and restaurants in Orem?