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Name not shown outside Council Districts October 13, 2020, 6:53 PM

Dear Ms. Kirchgessner,

Please find attached the comments prepared by this office for the Stonelake Master Association on the CNU Draft EIR. At the end of the letter there is a dropbox link to all of the exhibits thereto. Please contact me if you need any assistance to access the exhibits and/or would like them to be sent as email attachments.

Osha R. Meserve
Soluri Meserve
510 8th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
 tel: 916.455.7300   fax: 916.244.7300  mobile: 916.425.9914   email:
This email and any attachments thereto may contain private, confidential, and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient.

Name not shown outside Council Districts October 13, 2020, 6:39 PM

Good Afternoon Ms. Kirchgessner,

Please find attached the Sac Metro Air District Comments on the California Northstate University Medical Center Revised Notice of Availability of Draft EIR. Please let me know if you have any questions.

-JJ Hurley

Joseph J Hurley
Associate Air Quality Planner Analyst
Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
(916) 874-2694

Name not shown outside Council Districts October 13, 2020, 6:37 PM


Please use the attached letter as my public comment on the CNU DEIR. It contains a photo that I'd like to have included in my comment. I am a resident of District 1 and I live in the Stonelake neighborhood.

S. Anderson

Name not shown outside Council Districts October 13, 2020, 6:35 PM

Sarah- Attached are Comments of NEST and Jan Smutny-Jones to the CNU Draft EIR. Please advise if there is a different portal to submit. Please confirm receipt. Thanks you very much. Jan

Name not shown outside Council Districts October 13, 2020, 6:33 PM

Ms. Kirchgessner,

The attached document is my comment on the DEIR. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this report.


Beverly Roberts
Lakeside Community
District 1

Name not shown outside Council Districts October 13, 2020, 6:30 PM

To Ms. Kirchgessner:

The Environmental Council of Sacramento, Habitat 2020 and the Friends of the Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge would like to resubmit our letter, with corrections. We ask that the letter I sent via my previous email be deleted. Please see the attached letter and respond to this email to confirm its receipt.


Alexandra Reagan
Director of Operations│ECOS
The Environmental Council of Sacramento
My pronouns: she/her/hers
P.O. Box 1526, Sacramento, CA, 95812
Cell: (916) 765-4977
Office: (916) 444-0022
Visit us on Facebook or Twitter

Name not shown outside Council Districts October 13, 2020, 6:28 PM

Response to CNU Medical Center Project


I am responding to the CNU Medical Center Project DEIR. I have read the Notice of Availability letter and strongly object to the building of the medical center. The City of Elk Grove should not have entertained this request and this project should not move forward. The university is already on a large parcel of land. The university should not be allowed to acquire more land and drive out the existing business owners. If the university's intent was to build a medical center, they should notified the City of Elk Grove of it's intentions before the land was developed for the school.

I moved into the Stonelake Community neighborhood in November 2019 from the Pocket/Greenhaven area. I like living in this community. One of the issues I noticed when I moved into the neighborhood was the traffic on West Taron Drive to get into my neighborhood. My home by the way is on West Taron Drive. I noticed pre-COVID 19, the large amount of traffic from the neighborhood, the University, existing shopping center and surrounding gas stations. I like the convenience of the gas stations and the variety of food businesse choices but I dont like the traffic. I can tell you from living in the neighborhood for the last 10 months that the university generates a lot of traffic and will only increase if the medical center is built.

A high rise building/structure does not belong in the City of Elk Grove, nor anywhere along Interstate 5 for that matter. If you drive on Interstate 5 from Downtown Sacramento, you do not see any high rise building in view from the freeway until you near the City of Stockton. I personally do not want to see a high rise building when I get off of Elk Grove Boulevard. This is one of the reasons why I like living in Elk Grove. The approval of this medical center can only lead to more requests to build more structures like this in the future.

I am absolutely against the construction of the medical center. I think the Elk Grove council members in favor of the medical center are only interested in the dollars, rather than the impact it will have on the Stonelake Community. They need to wake up. Unless they reside in the Stonelake Community, mainly in the area on the side of West Taron Drive, they will not realize the negative impact the medical center will have on the homeowners that live on West Taron Drive. I do not believe the home values will increase because of the medical center.

A concerned resident on West Taron Drive

Name not shown outside Council Districts October 13, 2020, 6:28 PM

October 13, 2020

Sarah Kirchgessner
Elk Grove City Planning

RE: Comments on CNU DEIR

Dear Ms. Kirchgessner:

This is submitted to comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed CNU hospital, medical and apartment complex on West Taron Road.

As residents of the Stonelake neighborhood, reviewing the information in the DEIR cannot be separated from the issue of the inappropriateness of the CNU’s proposed urban-level density being imposed upon an established residential neighborhood. CNU owners knowingly purchased property without the appropriate zoning and general plan entitlements to construct such intense project on the site.

Stonelake residents purchased homes in the community based on the covenant with City established by that the general plan and zoning codes for the area. It was a great disappointment that just as the Recession was ending and walkable commercial businesses were opening in the Stone Lake Landing shopping center, residents learned of the proposal for the large hospital/medical/apartment complex.

If this project is approved, the Elk Grove City Council will be knowingly setting up Stonelake residents for the same kinds of congestion and noise as the residents of Sacramento’s J Street near Mercy Hospital and formerly the River Park residents near the former Sacramento Sutter Hospital. Future Elk Grove councils and city code enforcement officers should expect to receive similar concerns from Stonelake residents as their Sacramento city counterparts.

The project will affect residents, students and faculty at Elliott Ranch, and sports teams that use Don Nottoli Park. These significant receptors are not considered in the DEIR.

To the point of appropriateness and completeness of the draft EIR, after a review, we find the document lacking in detail or information on the following, but not limited to, topics both in the initial and the cumulative issues:

Traffic Impacts—Two-lane West Taron Drive is the main entrance and exit for residents on the west end of Stonelake and Elliott Ranch school buses. The DEIR doesn’t fully address how motorists will be delayed at the intersection of West Taron and Ruddy Duck Way if traffic signals are installed at West Taron Drive and Riparian Way. During morning commute, the signal’s coordination could leave motorists idling beside homes at the intersections of West Taron and Ruddy Duck and backing up into the neighborhood. This back could affect Elliott Ranch students to school, and high school and middle school students as they go to bus stops. Commuting of students wasn’t considered in the DEIR. Motorists will be competing with construction vehicles and future hospital employees/students/patients for space on West Taron Drive.

Traffic Impacts during 10-years of construction – In neither the summary of impacts nor the cumulative impacts does the DEIR discuss the relentless impact of living in a high density construction zone have on the Stonelake neighborhood traffic during 10 years of major construction projects. With West Taron Drive being the main entrance and exit for the west end of the Stonelake neighborhood, repeated lane closures will force more traffic on to the signalized intersection at Elk Grove Boulevard and Stonelake Club Drive. This will affect Elliott Ranch students walking to school, and high school and middle school students as they commute to Regional Transit bus stops. Commuting of students wasn’t considered in the DEIR.

Construction impacts on residential quality of life -- The DEIR doesn’t consider the issue of 10-years of heavy duty, intense construction on the well-being of an established residential neighborhood. The long-term construction projects under way should be, but is not, assessed in the DEIR for the project. This proposed project would radically change the character of this established residential neighborhood.

Night-time lighting and glare effects on Pacific flyway ---- DEIR doesn’t address how the night lighting will affect birds that fly after sunset and before sunrise. It just says that the glass windows will have shades that people are supposed to keep closed. We often hear geese and sandhill cranes flying overhead as they move between the Stone Lake Wildlife Refuge on the westside of Interstate 5 and Don Nottoli Park on the eastside and at the south end of Stonelake. The birds (flocks and individually) fly between the park and the refuge in the mornings and the evenings. How a 12-story hospital, multi-story apartment building and administrative buildings will affect the birds on the Pacific Flyway has not been adequately considered. Neither has the impact of 10-years of construction with large lighted construction cranes will affect the wildlife.

Helicopters and Pacific Flyway birds – The DEIR doesn’t adequately address the likelihood of large bird air strikes onto helicopters. Birds fly overhead between the Stone Lake Wildlife Refuge on the west of Interstate 5 and the Don Nottoli park to the east of I-5 several months out of the year. The birds fly in flocks during the morning and evening hours. The DEIR says helicopters would be limited between March and September. It is unrealistic to say that there wouldn’t be a need for a medical helicopter to fly in the same areas at the same time.
If a bird strike would occur, what is the potential for collisions to affect Stonelake residents and Elliott Ranch school?

Thank you for your consideration of these issues that are lacking in the current DEIR. We look forward to more careful consideration of the proposed project’s impacts.

Clifford and Susan Oto
2512 Rock Dove Way
Elk Grove, CA 95757

Name not shown outside Council Districts October 13, 2020, 6:18 PM

City Council members, Planning Commissioners and Staff -

I am a 20 year resident of Elk Grove. After reviewing information about the California Northstate University Wetlab/Hospital project, I have concerns. It doesn’t feel like there’s enough information for the City to be able to make a decision that will so dramatically impact our community. I would ask that the process be more accessible to the public, that more information be shared so we can better understand the cost/benefits, and that we take the time necessary to be able to make a choice that will most appropriately fit with our community. I have a few specific questions and comments: - My understanding is that this will produce jobs and revenue, but I haven’t seen anything available to the public to explain where those numbers are coming from, and they seem wildly unreasonable. I see the CNU website refers to a report by Varshney and Associates – is that available for review? - Can Elk Grove afford two hospitals so close to one another, and what happens if the Dignity Hospital is completed and the CNU project—while partially built—is no longer economically viable? What do would we do with a half-built building of that scale? - It seems like the proposed location is better-suited for local businesses that can support the neighborhood, and really well-suited for a hospital of that scale. Was that site picked because it was the best for the community, and if so—why is that? - How will the City deal with the increased safety risks to the adjacent neighborhoods? -The proposal relies on changes to the General Plan’s 200-year Flood restrictions. These days, weather is less predictable and it seems that 200-year events may happen with more frequency. This doesn’t seem like the right time to relax those regulations—especially citywide and especially without a lot more conversation. These are just a few of the unanswered questions. I hope the Council, Commissioners and staff will take the necessary time to address these important concerns.

Thank you,

Aaron Hermann, Father of four and a very concerned citizen of Elk Grove