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Take the Budget Challenge! How would you spend $100 of general purpose tax revenue in the City of Elk Grove? At the end please click next to submit your response. You do not need to register to participate though you are welcome to if you’d like your response to be visible to others who participate.

Thank you for participating!

When we have finished reviewing all feedback, an outcome will be posted on this page.

Finance Director, Brad Koehn | email:

Shay Narayan, Budget Manager | email:

Kristyn Laurence, Public Affairs Manager | email:

Steve Ly, Mayor | email:

Darren Suen, Vice Mayor | email:

Stephanie Nguyen, Councilmember District 4 | email:

Steve Detrick, Councilmember, District 3 | email:

Pat Hume, Councilmember, District 2 | email: