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Open Town Hall

Take the Budget Challenge! How would you spend $100 of general purpose tax revenue in the City of Elk Grove? At the end please click next to submit your response. You do not need to register to participate though you are welcome to if you’d like your response to be visible to others who participate.

Average allocations over 36 users

$100 Click for details

In priority order (highest first)


Neighborhood/Community Policing


Crime Prevention


Traffic Enforcement


Base Job Creation (industrial/manufacturing, high tech employment and professional/office)


High quality dining, retail and entertainment options


Road maintenance


Traffic Congestion Relief (including intelligent transportation system enhancements, improvements to existing roadways and construction of strategic new or expanded roadways to relieve congestion on existing roads)


Commuter transit service (bringing residents to Sacramento primarily at peak employment hours)


Local Service (moving residents within the City to desired destinations)

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