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Charter Review Feedback Survey - Vietnamese

Đóng góp ý kiến về Hiến Chương Quận King.

Charter Review Feedback Survey - Ukrainian

Поділіться із нами своїми відгуками щодо Статуту округу Кінг

Charter Review Feedback Survey - Somali

Soo sheeg ra’yicelinta aad ka qabto Xeer qoraalka King County.

Charter Review Feedback Survey - Russian

Поделитесь своими отзывами о хартии округа Кинг.

Charter Review Feedback Survey - Arabic

(King) شاركوا بتعقيباتكم حول ميثاق مقاطعة كينغ

Charter Review Feedback Survey - Amharic

በክንግ ካውንቲ ቻርቴር አስተያየትዎን ያካፍሉ

Charter Review Feedback Survey - Korean

킹 카운티 헌장에 대한 피드백을 제공해 주십시오.

Charter Review Feedback Survey - Traditional Chinese


Charter Review Feedback Survey - Spanish

Comparta sus comentarios sobre el Fuero de King County.

Shoreline Master Program

Please provide your feedback on the Shoreline Master Program.

North Eastside Mobility Project -- Review transit options and comment

Welcome to the North Eastside Mobility Project. Please review the project options and tell us what you think about options to change transit service.

Español - North Eastside Mobility Project

Bienvenido al Proyecto de movilidad para la zona norte del Eastside. Gracias por visitar la jornada de puertas abiertas en línea. Lo invitamos a aprender sobre opciones, oportunidades y soluciones intermedias, y a darnos su opinión

擬對Eastside北部公車服務進行重大調整, Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Woodinville, Redmond

調查:對於Eastside北部社區 - Metro Transit擬議的Bothell、Kenmore、Kirkland、Redmond和Woodinville調整。您對調整和擴大公車服務的選項有何看法?請在11月13日前參加調查。

Charter Review Feedback Survey

Share your feedback on the King County Charter.

Eastside Rail Corridor Online Open house

We want your comments on conceptual trail designs for the Eastside Rail Corridor – Wilburton Segment.

FY 2019-2020 Budget Survey

Please rank the following areas that you would like to see the Council prioritize in the 2019-2020 King County Budget.

¿La Ruta 105, puede estaciones de autobuses cerca de Renton ser quitado?

¿Es aceptable cambiar la ruta 105? - ¡Dé su opinión!

Renton Bus Rider Survey– changes proposed to route 105

Route 105 Riders, please tell us what you think.

The Road Map to Zero Youth Detention Staff Survey

Please provide your feedback.

El Camino Hacia Zero Detención de Jovenes

¡King County necesita tu voz!