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Open Town Hall

We want your feedback on Green to Cedar Rivers Trail options!

Thank you for participating!

Thank you for your participation! The information you provided was reviewed by King County Parks and a summary can be found here under "North Segment". Overall, responses pointed to more support for Option 2 (combined) over Option 1 (separated). Reasons cited included more soft surface area, serving wider range of users, safety (in particular, when passing or transferring from one surface to another), and ability to have a consistent trail footprint throughout more of the corridor.

The results of this survey, together with input gathered at the in-person meetings, informed King County's selection of the preferred design option. King County Parks is moving forward with designing a modified version of the combined trail, which will feature the regional trail standard of a 12-foot-wide paved path, and will also have a 5-foot-wide soft surface trails on one side and a 2-foot-wide soft surface shoulder on the other. We estimate that this configuration can be maintained through approximately 70% of the north segment trail corridor.

In addition to meeting King County Parks' goals of increasing trail access for all ages and abilities, improving safety for all trail visitors, and accommodating future growth, this design also allows Parks to maximize trail access points, improve safety in tunnels with lighting, and minimize the removal of existing trees.

What's Next?

King County Parks will complete design and permitting in 2018, with construction anticipated to begin in fall of 2018. For updates and to stay involved, sign up for the G2C Trail project newsletter at