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Open Town Hall

Calling all islanders! Please tell us what you think about the Vashon Town land use and affordable housing recommendations for the 20-year community plan.

Thank you for participating!

King County appreciates those who provided the four responses submitted on the topic of zoning and affordable housing in Vashon Rural Town. These comments were looked at in combination with other written feedback that King County received via e-mail and during community meetings. As a result of this combined feedback, several modifications were made to the proposed Affordable Housing Special District Overlay in the April 17 draft plan, including a requirement that at least half of affordable units be made available to those who earn 60% of Area Median Income or less. The revised draft also requires a community/neighborhood meeting be held to inform the public about any future affordable housing projects that use the incentive. This topic and public sentiment regarding marijuana retailing in the Community Business zone continue to be closely analyzed and monitored by King County staff.