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Name not shown ½ to 1 mile September 17, 2022, 12:12 AM

I live within 1 mile. Most of those saying the area needs these developments don't seem to understand that the complex is planned as rental townhomes and the developer is not planning to sell to individuals. So any hope of being owner occupied is a dream. Unless the developer plans to move in.

I am not opposed to the land being developed but there is very little open land left in Provo and Orem and the river is a resource that definitely needs to be considered as well as the added traffic that will need to access either University Ave or 800 n in Orem. Both roads are extremely busy and controlled by UDOT.

I would agree with any changes that minimize traffic and preserve open space and a clean river.

Celeste Kennard within ¼ mile August 25, 2022, 7:35 PM

Joaquin has a great forward looking plan with areas slated for increased density. This zone change does not fit the plan and will interfere with the other goals of the plan like historic preservation, organized development the follows a long range plan. The plan is well designed so that that city services, roads, trees, parks, parking and other infrastructure are not overburdened because of shortsightedness. Plus things like schools, libraries and community gardens are hurt because of sudden population shifts away from the area causing blight and more strain on things like police and fire persons.

Nicholas Backus more than 2 miles July 15, 2022, 7:26 PM

Idk, kind of a shame to be putting light industrial so close to the lake and river. This proposed building doesn't look too bad for being light industrial zone, but still.

Nicholas Backus more than 2 miles July 15, 2022, 6:24 PM

I support this zone change. We need more housing, especially denser multi family housing. This would be an excellent location for that.

Although this does make me want to point out that the final plans really would need to take the river into account. There is so much hard scape In this development, is there is enough open space for it to absorb into the ground? It looks like a lot will run off into the river. Plus the space next to the river looks like grass? Which would get treated by fertilizers and herbicides. The paved area will contain tire and oil residue from cars. The river and riparian area need to be protected. But overall I support the rezoning and the project..

Name not shown inside City Boundary July 11, 2022, 5:51 AM

The council is looking to update the code allowing people to have auxiliary apartments or renting out part of their homes. Before you do, please take a drive down South Nevada Ave. on a Saturday. There are homes on the 1800/1900 block of South Nevada that do just that. Per the code inspectors they are within their rights because they are all related or less than three non-related. (Which is not true they change renters about ever 6 months) One of the garages is boarded up to make more room for more space. (That removes a parking space) On the weekends and most nights every parking space near the homes are taken up and driveways of the neighboring homes are block making it unsafe to pull out. Please take a ride along South Neveda Ave on a Saturday when they are all home and see what a mess it makes and how unsafe it is to allow that many adults with cars at one home. I know some of the council members do not understand what an impact allowing 10 or 15 adults to live in one house makes on an area, so come look! Don't waste time on codes that can or will not be enforced.

Name not shown 1 to 2 miles June 21, 2022, 11:09 PM

The argument that these will be bought up by investors ignores that single family homes are also highly susceptible to this as well, especially in the current market, so if anything this means the city needs to consider the types of regulation on how homes are purchased, and less a matter of blocking housing from being built when it’s needed. As Provo is rapidly running out of room to grow outwards, incorporating space conscious housing is a must, and I support this.

Name not shown inside Lakewood June 15, 2022, 2:08 PM

potentially dangerous trees, on private property that have had large branches that have fallen almost striking somebody and an additional huge branch in danger of falling on a house which could be fatal to the homeowner the neighbor whose property the trees are on has refused to do anything about the Danger which is visible. what can be done before somebody gets hurt or killed with major property damage it terrifies us every time the wind blows and lately, we have had a lot of wind we don't even have any trees on our property the tree is split that is most likely where it will break and that huge branch would fall on our house please we need help getting that threat removed

Kim McIntire within ¼ mile June 13, 2022, 8:31 PM

I believe rezoning the 316 E 200 North property will be one more shock to the heart of the Provo Joaquin neighborhood. I attended the presentation by the owner of the property in question. I ask the city council to allow consistency in its urban planning and stay with the Joaquin Neighborhood plan and denying this rezoning. As I drive around south Provo, I see hundreds of apartment units in various stages of construction. More are on the way. Many more. In the thirty-three years I have lived in my home a block away from the proposed zone change, I have seen a couple of new apartment complexes appear where homes were previously. Each time, a part of the family neighborhood dies and the area starts to look like architecturally diverse but generic Orem. It is true that everyone needs housing, but it is not true that it must be a high density complex in the middle of Joaquin, where an already planned and agreed upon mix of homes and apartments keep this city neighborhood’s heart healthy. Higher density has contributed and will contribute to increased traffic security risks where there are children. The high density has proven to attract more crime as well. Neither of those are part of the Joaquin Neighborhood plan.

At the recent meeting, it was predicted by the developer that although we neighborhood residents may object to transforming the neighborhood into high density, we should know that this is going to happen soon enough and we will be powerless to stop it. I hope this view isn’t shared by the city council. I hope they look at the consistency of various neighborhoods in Provo and continue to support the integrity of all of them, including Joaquin. I support more housing in Provo, but I believe it is better to support new high density in places where it is already planned and zoned for. I believe building a single story building with four apartments to replace the ones that are on that site would continue the integrity of the neighborhood and the healthy city-approved plan of this neighborhood. Let’s not bleed the heart of Provo to death by high density. Let’s not support the requested zone change from residential conservation to high-density in the Joaquin neighborhood.

Jackson Dille ¼ to ½ mile June 5, 2022, 1:40 PM

One of the things I value most about living in the Joaquin Neighborhood is the architectural diversity and history of the neighborhood. However, the structures on this property simply do not pose significant architectural and historic contributions to the neighborhood. We should not allow the general need for preservation in the area to become a blanket excuse to stop responsible developments that we are in desperate need of.

BYU is increasing enrollment and this area is in desperate need of more housing. A 3-story development with underground parking and an intriguing architectural design is exactly the way the city should be accommodating for growth in this area.
Growth is inevitable, and we do a disservice to the principle of historic preservation when we use it as a blanket excuse to enforce status- quo-ism. There are many historic and unique houses in the area that need preserving, but this is simply not one of them. Development proposals as good as this one are opportunities that the city would be irresponsible to pass up on.
I do hope the final design includes more trees.

Jared Curtis inside City Boundary June 5, 2022, 6:57 AM

It's hard to trust any of you except for the mayor and Hoban because of how easily you were manipulated into mandating masks. Weak leadership.