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Emily Hales inside Joaquin June 1, 2020, 7:06 PM

Given the recent attention being given to racism and prejudice in policing, I'm realizing how many questions I have about the Provo Police Department. My primary question is, has the Provo Police Department or the Provo City Council done anything to specifically combat biased policing? I have many more specific questions around policy, how policy gets set, and how policy gets implemented. Where can I go or who can I talk to to get those questions answered?

Justin McMurdie inside Franklin June 1, 2020, 5:55 PM

Does the Provo city police force require officers to participate in implicit bias and de-escalation trainings?

How often are the trainings being completed by officers?

Justin McMurdie inside Franklin June 1, 2020, 5:53 PM

Does the Provo city Police force wear body cams to ensure that citizens are protected from potential abuses and our officers are protected from false charges?

Name not shown outside Provo Neighborhoods May 17, 2020, 11:50 PM

I support the text amendment that Christensen Oil is seeking. They have been a fixture in the Provo community for years. Anyone that has honestly sought the truth on this issue, and has gone to the source, would quickly understand how hard Todd Christensen works to make his business and neighborhood a better place. Mr. Christensen has been a philanthropist for good in the community and our family and many others have been the recipient of his kindness and generosity. The true information is replete with evidence of Christensen Oil continuing to conform and make changes that will only better serve their community and business.

Name not shown inside Grandview South May 17, 2020, 10:57 PM

Christensen Oil Company has been operating safely and effectively in Provo longer than most of its residents have been alive. They are a solid Provo Business and we would like them to continue to operate and move forward with their business. Please allow them to continue their business improvements and expansion.

Name not shown inside Grandview South May 17, 2020, 10:37 PM

Christensen Oil is a staple company in our city and state economy. It has been operating for many years as a community supporter under the highest safety standards. They need this expansion to continue to provide the kind of product their loyal customers have always been able to expect, the highest quality and service. Change and expansion is necessary to meet the demands of an evolving market. When these neighbors who choose to fight this company bought their homes it was long after the company had already been established in their neighborhood . There has never been a threat to their safety as Christensen Oil would absolutely ensure they were operating with exactness and concern always first for the safety of their employees, neighbors, and then their business. It's ridiculous, considering this company's reputation, their historical actions, their community support, their loyal customers, and their economical impact for anyone to suggest anything otherwise. They wouldn't be moving forward in this expansion if it weren't to continue to do so. They need new tanks for new gas that wasn't available just five years ago, They need to continue to provide jobs and infuse our local and state economy now more than we've needed ever before! Don't fight a company/neighbor created, established, and needed among us beyond monetary value, because of the values it was established on and exists upon today: hard work, adaptability, growth, generosity, integrity!

Kent Jorgensen inside Grandview North May 17, 2020, 10:35 PM

This is an established business that has been there longer than the people complaining. He has been a reponsible citizen ans business owner and his rights are not being respected

Name not shown inside Grandview North May 17, 2020, 4:45 PM

Christensen oil company has been an important part of Provo for many years, they Supply to so many local business, schools and Hospitals. “Divorcing” Christensen oil would be a mistake with devastating consequences. This is a reputable business, one that we are lucky to have in Provo. They provide jobs for many people as well as tax revenue for our city. We need more companies like Christensen oil who are honest, safe, and according to the fire marshal not had one fire code violation in 20 years. It would be a shame to not support the text amendment because of a few loud voices in the community.

Name not shown inside North Timpview May 17, 2020, 1:14 PM

Are there any other comments you would like to share with the Provo City Council?
It seems the city is creating a huge class action lawsuit against itself. While I'm all for protecting the hillsides not only for ecological reasons, but also for sound financial reasons. (avoiding long runs of pipes and streets to service only a very few taxpayers whose property taxes will not cover the long term costs of pipes and streets only they will use) In my opinion, there are far too many properties involved in this that are surrounded by existing neighborhoods. I don't see what we're protecting when vacant land is surrounded on all sides by development. Keep the development from marching up the hill in currently undisturbed areas? I'm good with that as far as landowners who purchased this land specifically to develop are compensated appropriately. TDR's (transfer of development rights) are an excellent tool for accomplishing this. Property surrounded by development? They should be allowed to develop based on the current codes in place. Like no development on 30%+ hillsides. For example, all the land that connects to streets along Timpview drive, canyon road. I'm hearing rumors that some wealthy Provo residents who own large properties in the foothills that could be subdivided in the future are not included in the ordinance. If this is true, this doesn't bode well for this city council representing all the residents. I've also heard that a neighborhood chair was dismissed because he was speaking to his neighborhood about this ordinance that effects his neighborhood. Again if this is true, I am very disappointed in this city council. They seem determined to ram through things without proper public input. It appears the speed with which this is happening, without even notifying the effected land owners in the beginning, is illegal and won't help their cause on this on any other thing they try to pass. They're creating resistance they won't like for future legislation. Lastly, anyone who already lives in the foothills who support this ordinance especially those on the ridgelines, who have incredible views and abut property designated for protection are terrible hypocrites and should be ashamed of themselves.

Michelle Campbell inside Maeser May 16, 2020, 11:53 AM

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be heard. I am in support of the text amendment to make Christensen Oil a conforming use within the M1 Zone. I have been a longtime employee of Crest Distributing and Christensen Oil Co. I absolutely love working for and with everyone here. They are like family to me. I know Todd Christensen to be a person of the upmost integrity in everything he says and does. I know he would not knowingly put himself or others in danger. He has a son that works in the office with us and grandsons that clean trucks across the street in our shop. There are other employee’s that have been here for 20+ years that their adult children are now working here also. It is a fabulous place to work.
I want the neighbors to know that Todd Christensen cares. All of us at Christensen Oil Co. care. We want to be and feel that we have been and want to continue to be great neighbors.
Please adopt the text amendment so Christensen Oil can continue to grow as a viable and profitable business. I and my fellow employees would appreciate to continue to provide a livelihood for our families.