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Provo City has received a proposal that would involve building a medical school on a portion of the East Bay Golf Course. What do you think of this proposal?

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The submitted land is a landfill and a health hazard! And if this project was to go through, where would all the tons of trash be stored? And what are the long and short term health hazards? I am all for the building. Any concern for what lies beneath the ground is unfounded because there are other landfills the excess materials can be sent to. The golf course isn't exactly that great anyway, so let's put something that adds jobs, brings students and business to Provo, and contributes to the betterment of our city. I applaud the efforts of East Bay Golf Course/Pro Brett Watson & the Provo Parks & Rec Dept in working with Wasatch Education to find a proposal that won't destroy Provo City's public golf, recreational benefits (for multiple demographics)and environmental green space while allowing for the building of the Noorda Medical School. I still fear the Trojan Horse "right of first refusal" in the proposal but appreciate the statements of "No Intent" of further development on the rezoned newly designed golf course. Still - seems crazy that the city is not getting any cash out of this deal earmarked for the long term support of East Bay GC. That's a missed opportunity. Unanimously supported by the Provo Park and Rec. Citizens Advisory Board. Provo Park and Rec Board Resolution - Golf Course 2017 Concerning the possible sale of land known as the “Northern Wedge” located at East Bay golf course to the Noorda Osteopathic Medical School and Wasatch Education We as the Provo Park and Rec Citizen Advisory Board share and propose the following. We as a board support the building of the proposed Noorda Osteopathic Medical School and acknowledge many potential economic and quality of life benefits that may be associated with it. We understand that RMU and it’s development partners want to build on the NW corner of the existing East Bay Golf course to accomplish their stated goals. Stay in Provo - Where they currently have an established business and reputation. Being located in a prestigious location w/ access to I-15 Having a golf course as a neighbor. Being able to control who builds around them in the future. Assuming that Wasatch Educational and the Noorda Osteopathic Medical School are determined to build on the Nature Sunshine property and Northern wedge. We as a board are concerned and have questions about the following. What if the property is deemed “Unbuildable”? Who then retains ownership and title to the “Northern Wedge”? Who would pay to restore the land to previous usable condition? Is the City of Provo or the Park and Rec dept. potentially liable for any legal costs or capital reimbursements? Where does the garbage that is in the ground go? After reading the Geo-Tech report on the land, it appears that approximately 21 acres x 15 feet deep of existing garbage will need to be removed and replaced w/ appropriate non-toxic and weight bearing material. Where does the debris go? Will there be any blow back from the county or state on this point? No apparent consideration for the economic value of an existing solution over a landfill. “No Golf Course subsidy proposed (for 2018)” The negative revenue trend that has already started to affect the East Bay golf course because of public uncertainties? (Stated $15-20k in under sold renewing memberships compared to last year at this time.) Negative revenue disruption will most certainly happen until such time as the public’s concerns are quelled and regular play resumes. $2.4 million capital investment already invested in the “Replacement holes” located on the Kuhni property? The current zoning on the remaining East Bay golf course land. A subtle “For Sale” sign remains if zoning is not changed. We resolutely propose. Option 1 Wasatch Education and Noorda Osteopathic Medical School trade the use of and eventual ownership of the “Northern Wedge” with the required capital improvements of the “Kuhni” property to replace the loss of 3 existing, functioning and purposeful golf holes. If the ground is deemed “Unbuildable” or the School or business becomes insolvent, the possession of the “Northern Wedge” will return to “Provo City” without reimbursement of capital investment or punitive legal action against the city. - (All risk is on Wasatch Education and Noorda Osteopathic Medical School to determine viability of land to their project.) All efforts will be made by Noorda and Wasatch Education to return the land to its previous usable condition. b. Construction of the Noorda Osteopathic Medical School on the “Northern Wedge” may not commence until completion of the 3 replacement holes. Satisfaction of the Park and Rec staff and it’s trusted consultants must be established. Regular course and tournament play must be re established. c. An “Endowment” to the East Bay golf course of $1.2 million will be paid to address subsidy and revenue disruption that will undoubtedly be felt for 3-5 years. (300k/ year is an established down revenue subsidy request) 4 year average x 300 k = 1.2 ( Could be paid over 4 years and adjusted depending on performance of golf course.) d. Remaining golf course land is rezoned to prevent further sale. Option 2 Wasatch Education and Noorda Osteopathic Medical School purchase the “Northern Wedge” outright. approx. 21 acres at current market value of 300k an acre. 21 x 300k = 6.3 million $ The remaining golf course land will be rezoned to prevent any further sale so as to preserve the golf course and it’s existing “Green Space” and “Quality of Life” benefits to the town and Utah county. (This accomplishes the open question of who the neighbors will be) Absolve Provo City and its departments of all liability and risk from unforeseen capital investment required to deem the land buildable - unless otherwise required by law in the Title chain of ownership. With the proceeds of the 3 hole sale. Provo City and it’s Park and Rec dept. will - At its own expense finish the existing “Kuhni” property into properly functioning golf holes to replace the holes lost in the sale of the “northern wedge”. Use remaining funds to Absorb the approx 2.4 million already invested in the “Kuhni” property. Absorb the costs associated with the negative revenue disruption caused by construction and negative public perceptions. Establish an interest bearing fund to be used for the future capital investment needs of East Bay golf course. Signed, Provo City Parks & Recreation 2017 Board Members Robin Roberts Claralyn Hill Bruce Snow Brent Edgington Lisa Brockbank Natalie Gibbs Bryant Livingston Aubrey Hanks Marc Liebman I’m very excited about the win/win. A medical school in Provo in an area that could use meaningful development. 2 thumbs up!!

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January 7, 2018, 7:31 PM

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January 4, 2018, 8:58 PM

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January 4, 2018, 3:15 PM

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January 4, 2018, 10:32 AM

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January 3, 2018, 9:36 PM

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