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What do you think of this long-range trails plan for the mountains adjacent to the City of Provo?

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Please share your feedback on the Cascade Foothills Area. In your feedback, please be specific about the exact location to which you are referring, and be constructive by offering alternative proposals where you disagree with the plan.


Please share your feedback on the Provo Mountains area. In your feedback, please be specific about the exact location to which you are referring, and be constructive by offering alternative proposals where you disagree with the plan.

Name not shown inside Rock Canyon
February 28, 2021, 11:40 PM
  • Please share your feedback on the Cascade Foothills Area. In your feedback, please be specific about the exact location to which you are referring, and be constructive by offering alternative proposals where you disagree with the plan.

    BST and access north from Rock Canyon and from East Lawn is sorely needed.
    Make sure trails allowing bikes are actually designed for biking - with switchbacks which are rideable.

  • Please share your feedback on the Provo Mountains area. In your feedback, please be specific about the exact location to which you are referring, and be constructive by offering alternative proposals where you disagree with the plan.

    Mouth of Slate Canyon should be high priority for all uses.

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Cascade Foothills (Name TBD)

Area between Hwy 189 in Provo Canyon and Buffalo Peak, along Squaw Peak Road


  • Smith Ditch : crossing of BST & Squaw Peak Road (Provo City): Improve to paved parking area, 10-20 vehicles

  • Archery : BST/Archery Road crossing (USFS): New trailhead, 5-10 vehicles

  • SPORA : lower Squaw Peak Road (Provo City): Improve, 50 vehicles, including trailers, keep open in Winter. Restrooms?

  • Orem Overlook (USFS): improve existing parking area into major trailhead, more spaces, restrooms

  • Pole Canyon , “National Guard Camp” (USFS): Improve, 30 vehicles, including trailers

  • Little Rock Canyon , end of Imperial Way (Provo City): Keep roadside parking only, build signage and trail access

  • Buffalo Peak , Squaw Peak Road at pass (USFS): New, 5-10 vehicles

  • Indian Road , Eastlawn Cemetery , Bridal Veil Park (Provo City): keep as-is. Bridal Veil needs restrooms.


Bonneville Shoreline Trail (2219)
existing trail between Bridal Veil and Eagle Ridge Ranch

  • Open to all users
  • Widen and flatten northeast end (below the switchback) to accommodate higher multi-user traffic, especially north of the junction with Aqueduct Trail.
  • Designate the existing loop trail that bypasses the switchback. Should this be MTB-only or the primary BST?

Bridesmaid Falls Trail (USFS)

  • Designate as-is
  • Double-track from BST to lower viewpoint: open to all users
  • Single-track up to western falls and upper viewpoint: hiking only
  • Could construct a new short trail from the lower viewpoint to the lower eastern falls, but it is not perennial
  • Faint trail to the hidden upper eastern falls is sketchy at best and improving it would not be easy--leave it hidden?
  • Is there an earlier name already in use?

Aqueduct Trail (USFS, Springdell, Provo)

  • Designate as-is for all users; especially valuable for Winter users
  • At east end, where it begins to descend to Hwy 189, cut new trail and improve double-track under powerline to connect to Bonneville Shoreline.
  • Secure permission from Springdell HOA for official public access.

Springdell Trail (Springdell, USFS)
Double track between Aqueduct and BST

  • Designate as-is for all users
  • Secure permission from Springdell HOA for official public access.

Jungle Love (USFS, Provo)

  • Rename: this term is offensive.
  • Designate as-is for MTB DH only
  • Remove paintball park, build an official one elsewhere
    • Or make this one official, and cut Jungle Love over to Archery Road higher?

Pole Canyon Bike Park (Provo)
Between Squaw Peak Road and Jungle Love, both sides of Archery Road

  • Build new beginner loops from SPORA trailhead
  • Build MTB DH only trails coming down from Luna’s and Pole Canyon

BST Access (Provo, USFS)
Between SPORA parking area and BST

  • Widen and reroute to make accessible to all users
  • Rename: Ghost Creek?

Luna’s (Provo, USFS)

  • Designate MTB downhill only
  • Reroute lower end (near BST) to a single sustainable route

King Whoops (USFS)

  • Designate MTB downhill only
  • Needs heavy redesign and reconstruction
  • New name?

Lacey’s/Erindell/Ellendell/Little Rock Canyon (USFS)

  • Designate a single primary spine trail from BST to Little Rock Canyon Overlook as MTB Uphill primary (hiking, running, slow MTB downhill allowed); include BST Access as same designation
  • Some simplification of loops to make an efficient climbing route
  • Build connector spur from Orem Overlook parking
  • Reroute some trenched sections in upper end
  • New single name: Erindell? Ghost Creek?

Lacey’s Loops (USFS)
The loopy part, including more level sections of Luna’s

  • Designate as open to MTB, running
  • Possibly clockwise-only?

Pole Canyon Runs (USFS)

  • Build 2-3 MTB downhill only trails, with a variety of skill levels and flow types, possibly incorporating portions of current lower half of Pole Canyon trail
  • Build a MTB uphill trail
  • Build fence or other safety separation from Hope Campground
  • Occasional connections between DH trails and to UH trail for routing flexibility

Pole Canyon (USFS)
Upper section between Hope Campground and Little Rock Canyon Overlook

  • Designate as-is for hiking only
  • Primarily intended for campground guests
  • Reroute lower end away from campsites to restroom area

Cascade Ramparts (USFS)

  • Build new trail for hiking, running, horse
  • Find sustainable route with good views (up and down) and even grade
  • Continue as an all-user trail on existing double-track from Pole Canyon Trailhead up into the Meadow

Indian Road (Provo, USFS)
Provo section is already official

  • Designate USFS portion as-is, open to all users
  • Designate existing double-track spur to viewpoint for all users (Provo City)
  • Designate road switchback as the primary route once access is secured from private landowners (Provo City)
  • Designate current switchback section as hiking-only?

Lookout Point (Provo, USFS)

  • Designate for all users
  • Reroute west end to more sustainable slope
  • Rename? What do local landowners call it? Is this part of Cactus Hill?

Bonneville Shoreline (Provo, USFS)
Existing segment from Eastlawn Cemetery up to Eagle Ridge Ranch

  • Open to all users, but minimize MTB DH and horses.

Cactus Hill (USFS)

  • Designate for all users (except horses?)
  • Reroute around a couple rock drop sections?

Squaw Peak? (USFS)
Not the one to the summit of Squaw Peak, but the switchbacks from Eagle Ridge Ranch
up to Squaw Peak Road

  • Designate for hike, run, horse (possible MTB uphill only)
  • Reroute upper end (unsustainable slope, trenched)
  • Remove multiple alternative trails
  • Rename: does the spring or the hollow have a traditional name? Sherwood Spring? East Lawn Hollow? Eagle Ridge? (if the stables sponsors it)

Ridgeline (USFS)
It is not commonly known by this or any other name

  • Designate a single trail from (and including?) Cactus Hill past the Orem Overlook parking, Little Rock Canyon Overlook, and Buffalo Peak Trail to Squaw Peak Overlook
  • No mountain bikes on middle section south of Orem Overlook
    • Maybe use parallel trail north of Orem Overlook for MTB DH with loop connector over to Erindell?
  • How do we make horses and MTB compatible at lower end and Little Rock Canyon area?
  • Consider rerouting steep parts above Orem Overlook

Squaw Peak DH (USFS)

  • Designate as MTB DH only
    • Possibly re-designate as hike only when Pole Canyon trails are built
  • Reroute several portions to improve grade and trenching
  • Needs new name! ???

Little Rock-Pole Connector (USFS)

  • Build new trail connecting Pole Canyon Trailhead to Little Rock Canyon Overlook for all users
  • Name?

The Gravel Pit (USFS)

  • Can this be turned into some kind of recreation area? Primitive Camping? Paintball? Shooting? Archery?

The Meadow (USFS)
The large meadow between the Squaw Peak Road and Buffalo Peak

  • Designate “Jay Santos Legal Cannabis Field Trail” for all users (perhaps not MTB DH) with new name: Buffalo Meadow Trail?
  • Perhaps parallel separate hike/horse/run and MTB trails
  • Ban motorized use? Remove doubletracks

Buffalo Peak (USFS)

  • Designate as-is; between road and Ridgeline for all users, above Ridgeline Trail to peak hiking only
  • Upper section is steep and rocky; minor maintenance to be more sustainable, but leave it bike-unfriendly

Rock Canyon Second Left Fork (USFS)

  • Above SP Road, designate as-is for hike/horse/run only
  • Below SP Road, build new trail for hike/horse/run only
  • Can this be made compatible between horses and MTB?

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (USFS, Provo)
Segment between Eagle Ridge Ranch and Little Rock Canyon

  • Build new trail open to all users, using existing social trails when feasible
  • Can be built entirely on Forest Service land, but better route dips into adjacent undevelopable private property: try to secure access (or donation?)
  • Reroute access to Imperial Drive to stay on Provo City property

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Provo, Utah County)
Segment between Rock Canyon and Little Rock Canyon

  • Negotiate permanent access routes through private property

Little Rock Canyon (USFS)

  • Designate as hiking-only primitive trail (similar to some mountain summit trails, with rock scrambles)?

Little Rock Bench (USFS)

  • Designate for all users
  • North of Little Rock Canyon it is in fairly good shape as-is, South of Little Rock Canyon is very faint and needs improvement
  • Try to negotiate a public access easement or even trailhead at Aspen Ridge Ln, where the social trail currently starts

Little Rock Peak (USFS)

  • Designate as-is for hiking only
  • Needs some minor improvement

Squaw Peak Road (Provo, USFS)

  • Rename when Squaw Peak mountain is renamed. Provo Peak Road?
  • Widen to add bike lane for uphill road bikes
  • Extend pavement to Pole Canyon Trailhead
  • Extend gravel to Provo Peak/Slide Canyon Trailhead

map of proposed action for Cascade Foothills area

map of allowed uses in Cascade Foothills area

As you review these proposals and consider your feedback, we ask that you bear in mind some of the constraints on what we are able to do:

  • Landowner Rights . We must respect the rights of land owners to control the development and accessibility on their land. The Forest Service can only officially designate trails on land it owns. Provo City also owns a significant amount of land in the study area on which it has ultimate control. However, there is also a large amount of private property in this area, and trails can only be built here with the official permission of the owners.
  • Implementation Costs . Building and maintaining trails requires a significant investment. While construction grants are sometimes available, neither the city nor the Forest Service is likely to gain increased ongoing funding to construct and maintain dozens of miles of new trail, so implementing this plan will require a commitment from the public to assist through donations and volunteer service.
  • Sustainability . The desire to build more trails must balanced with the needs to protect the scenic value of this landscape, preserve wildlife habitat, and protect against erosion.
  • Accessibility . Although motor vehicles were banned in this area many years ago (except for the Squaw Peak Road), there are still several user communities who need to be satisfied, including hiking, horseback riding, trail running, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing, and even handicapped access. The trail network should satisfy the needs and desires of all of these types of users. This does not mean that every trail must be open to every user, just that the trail system as a whole has plenty for everyone.

Check out our guidelines for civility
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