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Should the City Council adopt a Resolution establishing policies that ensure investments and service contracts are with socially responsible entities?

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Should the Council approve this agenda item?

Response Percent Response Count
Yes 91.5% 43
No 4.3% 2
Other/see comments 4.3% 2

Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this agenda item?

Thomas Lord inside District 2
May 22, 2017, 3:00 PM
  • Should the Council approve this agenda item?
    • No
  • Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this agenda item?

    The council and staff, like all of us, lack the moral credibility and the technocratic skill to define "socially responsible entities" in such a general way. (There is not even any a priori reason to believe that such "socially responsible" investment is a real category.) You have no basis for claims that your investment decisions will improve the general welfare, even if Berkeley's example is emulated. By all means, if you find a better bank to use than Wells Fargo, then propose a move on the basis of why that specific bank is better for Berkeley. Meanwhile, please stop wasting council, staff, and public time on this kind of ill-considered, vicariously embarrassing posturing.

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