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Should the City Council adopt a Resolution establishing policies that ensure investments and service contracts are with socially responsible entities?

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Should the Council approve this agenda item?

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Yes 91.5% 43
No 4.3% 2
Other/see comments 4.3% 2

Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this agenda item?

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May 29, 2017, 12:22 AM
  • Should the Council approve this agenda item?
    • Yes
  • Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this agenda item?

    When selecting the next banking partner, I would like to see the city use robust criteria that would eliminate financial institutions that finance extreme fossil fuel extraction, private prisons, military weapon manufacture, the wall between the US and Mexico and that do not treat their employees or the public fairly. I would also like to see the social justice and environmental criteria count for a greater number of points, perhaps at least 20 points, of the total score. It is time to send a message to the large banks of the world that fund destructive projects and don't treat their employees and customers with respect, that their behavior will no longer be tolerated.

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