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Should the City Council approve the Berkeley Bicycle Plan 2017, and direct the City Manager to pursue implementation of the Plan as funding and staffing permit?

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Should the City Council approve this agenda item?

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Is there anything you would like the City Council to consider regarding this item?

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May 2, 2017, 10:36 AM
  • Should the City Council approve this agenda item?
    • Yes
  • Is there anything you would like the City Council to consider regarding this item?

    Despite having a strong bicycle community, Berkeley's infrastructure does not sufficiently permit safe and efficient travel by bicycle. Although some infrastructure exists, many places that experience high volume of bicycle traffic are quite unsafe for riders -Milvia near downtown comes to mind.

    Berkeley has the demand to become the nation's leader in bicycle commuting, but the infrastructure needs to catch up. The Bicycle Plan is a meticulously researched guide to adding bike infrastructure where it is most needed, and focuses on the areas of highest concern. Every single proposal within the Plan would directly improve safety and allow more people to feel comfortable on their bikes.

    To approve the Bicycle Plan is to commit to promoting healthy lifestyles and an environmentally friendly city. If the roads are safer to bike on, even more people will take to the streets and commute by bike and by foot, and leave their cars at home. The health, environmental, and economic benefits of bicycle commuting are well documented, and would be immediately visible at each installation.

    Implementing a world-class bicycle infrastructure, as proposed by this Bicycle Plan in its entirety, would yield invaluable benefits to the city and its citizens, and cement Berkeley as a national leader in bicycle commuting.

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