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Darcy Glenn inside Liberty Park August 21, 2020, 9:48 AM

I understand the City is considering removing the stop signs at the intersection of Liberty Parkway and Founders Drive/Founders Gate entrance. Those of us who live in the Old Overton Estates area and regularly use Founders Gate consider this to be a serious safety concern. When we exit at Founders Gate and go straight (to the newly developed Bray area) or left (to church or to school), we must cross multiple lanes of traffic, and the only way to do so safely is for oncoming traffic to stop. In addition, traffic on the Parkway has increased dramatically, both in volume and in speed of travel, which, without a stop sign, would prohibit safe access to and from the Founders Gate entrance. I am concerned that those proposing the removal of the stop signs on Liberty Parkway may not have carefully considered the impact of this change to the safety of those of us who use the Founders Gate. I am also concerned about foreseeable accidents that could occur at this intersection should the stop signs be removed. We, as a community, are hoping that by bringing this safety issue to the attention of the City, the City will avoid the problem altogether by keeping the stop signs in place. We strongly recommended that you reconsider the plan to remove the stop signs at the intersection of Liberty Parkway and Founders Drive/Founders Gate: keeping the stop signs is the only way of keeping those of us who use the gate safe.
Respectfully, Darcy Glenn

David Klementz inside Liberty Park August 19, 2020, 2:31 PM

I recently learned of the plans to remove the stop sign at Founders Drive and Liberty Parkway. This is very concerning and our community is vehemently against taking such action. The traffic flow, and speed, has greatly increased since the widening of Liberty Parkway. Removal of the stop signs will make the intersection more dangerous not less dangerous. In addition to the safety concerns, it will impair the ability for those who are exiting the gate to go straight into the new business complex/gas station, turn left to go to church, turn left to go to the athletic fields or turn left to simply take kids to school, which during this time of day, will already have increased traffic from other neighborhoods bringing their kids to Liberty Park schools. Removing stop signs is unsafe for the members of our neighborhood and not reasonable or practical. It will create a situation where families will have to go right, make a U-turn, in a blind spot, at the bottom of the hill to go to church, school or the athletic facilities. Maintaining a safe four way intersection, like other ones on Liberty Parkway, is the safest and best approach for the neighborhood families given the flow and speed of traffic.

Tim Thornton inside Liberty Park August 16, 2020, 8:14 AM

I just learned that the city is planning to remove the stop sign at the intersection of Liberty Parkway and Founders Drive. At a time when so many other things are impacting our community, why removing a stop sign that puts residence safety at risk is even under consideration is unbelievable. This area continues to develop and traffic is increasing. Driver speed on Liberty Parkway is also consistently above the posted limit. Removing the stop sign at that intersection, which is blind for those exiting The Bray as cars come flying over that hill, will surely result in accidents. Not sure who or why someone would even propose this! I am hoping that level heads prevail and this proposal is dropped.

Robert Shaffer, MD inside Liberty Park August 15, 2020, 9:29 AM

Liberty Parkway and Founders Drive.
I have read where there are plans to remove the stop sign at this location-Those of us who live in this community are vehemently against this suggestion. IF this is done there will be no stop in the flow of traffic to allow for safe entry and exit to the gate, and it will impair the ability for those who are exiting the gate to turn left to take the kids to school safely and or to travel across to the business complex across the road. There has been no backup of traffic since the addition of the lights at Publix, and people still speed from the stop sign currently present to the stoplight at publix. Removing this stop sign is unsafe and there is no reasonable reason to do it. We would like to keep our children and families safe, leaving the stop sign does that, removing it may save a traveler on liberty parkway a few seconds, but that is not worth even 1 accident happening because of a reckless decision.

Name not shown inside Liberty Park August 14, 2020, 6:00 PM

I have lived in Old Overton Estates for 21 years. I was concerned to hear that the stop signs at the gate of Founders Drive are in discussion to be removed. It is hard enough to exit Founders Drive with the stop signs in place (as so many people on Liberty Parkway do not pay attention). Removing the four way stop intersection will make it even more dangerous and difficult to maneuver. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. - Dorothy C. Mullins (7405 Ashland Lane)

Name not shown inside Liberty Park August 14, 2020, 10:51 AM

It has come to our attention the City is proposing removal of the stop signs on Liberty Parkway at Founders Drive/Founders Gate. My family and our neighbors in Old Overton Estates HIGHLY OBJECT to this proposal as it is a HUGE safety issue for us. The traffic on Liberty Parkway is already deplorable and I feel I risk my life and the lives of my family every time I try to cross this intersection, being in the car or on foot. There are so many disrespectful drivers already who totally speed through this area and I can't imagine not having stop signs at this intersection. Please do not let the City remove our stop signs. R. Richardson, Ashland Lane

Akila Sekar inside Liberty Park August 13, 2020, 10:25 PM

It’s very disturbing to understand that the city is planning to remove the four way stop signs at the Liberty Parkway/Founders Dr intersection. This is the main exit / entrance gate, especially for the Old Overton Estate residents. It will be very unsafe to turn left to enter the gate, and to exit and make left on a very busy four lane parkway, without any stop signs. With the big commercial center The Bray developing just in front of our gate, this is going to be a very busy intersection.
We are all very much against this plan. Hope the city will consider the safety of the Liberty park residents and keep the stop signs.

Balasundaram Chandra-Sekar inside Liberty Park August 13, 2020, 9:31 PM

We came to know City of Vestavia Hills is considering removing the stop sign at the junction of Liberty Parkway and Founders Drive. This will not be good for us. This intersection is becoming quite busy during rush hours. Making left turn will be very risky. I would like to bring the safety issues to your consideration. I request you to keep the stop sign as it is for our safety sake. Thank you,

LAURA JEBELES inside Liberty Park August 13, 2020, 2:15 PM

It is my understanding that the city is considering removing the stop sign at the intersection of of Liberty Parkway and Founders Drive. I am strongly opposed to this removal as I believe it will be an enormous safety issue. Traffic has increased recently on Liberty Parkway and will continue to increase as new businesses open. Without out a stop sign it would be dangerous and virtually impossible to turn left from Liberty Parkway onto Founders Drive. The city recently installed a much needed left turn lane, but without a stop sign, it will be much too dangerous to make a left turn. Additionally, my neighbors and I enjoy supporting OnTap and Publix and look forward to the new businesses. However, if we can no longer go straight from Founders Drive into the new development, it becomes less much less convenient. We enjoy walking from our homes to the new business district, but without a stop sign, it would not be safe. Without a stop sign we would be unable to safely turn left from Founders onto Liberty Parkway forcing us to go to Old Overton Club Drive to exit our neighborhood and turn left toward the schools and athletic fields. This is already an unsafe intersection to make a left turn, there have been multiple accidents at that intersection over the years. Finally, without a stop sign turning right off of Founders Drive onto Liberty Parkway would be a dangerous and harrowing experience. Cars will gather an excessive amount of speed between the roundabout and Founders Drive without a stop sign, it is inevitable that a car will slam into a car that has recently turned right onto Liberty Parkway.
In summary, I implore you to consider the safety of my neighborhood and of all who utilize Liberty Parkway and keep the stop signs in place. Removal of these signs will result in a foreseeable tragedy.

Name not shown inside Liberty Park August 13, 2020, 1:15 PM

I was just made aware that there is a plan in place to remove the stop signs at Liberty Parkway and Founders Dr. The Founders Gate is the access point for me to get to my home. I am a half of mile from the gate. Removing the stop sign will just open up the road way to more speeding, making it very dangerous for us to exit the neighborhood
or to go straight across 4 lanes to the gas station, On Tap or the Publix. We have had to live thru all the construction and now it will be scary to exit our neighborhood and support the local businesses who have moved to our area.