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We are seeking public comment for items on the Planning Commission September 15, 2021 Meeting Agenda.

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Do you have any comments regarding ZA-001918-2021?

Craig Lamb inside Town Limits
September 13, 2021, 8:14 AM
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    Craig Lamb
  • Do you have any comments regarding ZA-001918-2021?
    Dear Hilton Head Island Planning Commission Members: My name is Craig Lamb. My wife and I own 9 Mossy Oaks Lane in Cross Winds. We live within 350 feet of proposed project ZA-001918-2021 and are writing to urge the Planning Commission to not approve this request. Zoning provides landowners with a set of expectations when they purchase property regarding the approved uses and future development of neighboring properties. These expectations not only provide a framework for building community and resolving disputes, but provide real estate purchasers confidence that their investment will be protected from unanticipated and incompatible changes to those expectations. Based on the confidence provided by a well-constructed and enforced zoning ordinance, we (and our neighbors) invested in property with the knowledge of the scope of allowable development of the adjacent tracts. This proposed development is a radical departure from those expectations. It would be the site of 150% of the density of housing units and would increase by over 50% the height of structures allowed on the site. These changes have a detrimental effect on our experience as landowners and are in stark contrast to the zoning of neighboring properties we discovered when researching our purchase. While I understand that there are provisions for rezoning of properties, I contend that these are generally reserved for minor adjustments to accommodate reasonable development. This proposal (if allowed to proceed) would fail to allow the town's Zoning Ordinance to protect the existing neighbors from unreasonable and incompatible use. The proposed development is inconsistent with the single-family residence character of the abutting neighborhoods and should be denied based on the factors I have outlined above. We urge the Planning Commission to vote "no" on project ZA-001918-2021 to reinforce the values set forth in the Hilton Head Island Land Management Ordinance and to continue to protect the expectations of landowners regarding future development of neighborhoods.
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