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Share your input on Downtown Midland's 2021 Pedestrian Plazas

Thank you for participating!

Overview of Results

This topic was open from September 29, 2021 to October 19, 2021. It received 582 responses, which equates to 29.1 hours of public comment (approximately 3 minutes per response).

A summary of question responses, when applicable, is provided below. A full report of all responses can be found either by clicking the "Feedback" tab or by downloading the PDF report here. (Please note: This is a large file and may take some time to load.)

Key findings:

  • 93% of respondents visited the Pedestrian Plazas in 2021, while 57% utilized the Refreshment Area for to-go beverages
  • Of the 7% (41 people) who did not, 28 respondents did not do so because they were concerned about finding parking, while 24 were concerned about business access due to the closed street (this question allowed for multiple answer selections from an individial respondent)
  • The 5 - 8 pm timeframe from Monday through Saturday was the most popular time for respondents to visit Downtown Midland, as 73% said they visited on a weekday (Monday - Friday) from 5-8 pm and 63% said they visited on a Saturday at this time (this question allowed for multiple answer selections from an individual respondent)
  • Reasons for visiting Downtown Midland were almost evently spread across respondents, but "Visited a restaurant for a meal" (86%) and "Met up with friends and family" (63%) were most popular responses.
  • Most respondents parked 2 blocks or closer to their destination in Downtown Midland during the Main Street closure, with 60% of respondents rating parking availability downtown as "Pretty good" or "Great". Of those requiring accessible parking spaces, 31% rated availability as "Pretty good" or "Great" (44% of respondents did not require accessible parking)
  • 69% of respondents said the Pedestrian Plazas encouraged them to visit Downtown Midland more than previous years, while another 57% said the Refreshment Area encouraged increased visits to Downtown.
  • Half of respondents indicated that the Pedestrian Plazas (55%) and Refreshment Area (50%) encouraged them to spend more money in Downtown Midland than previous years.
  • 76% of respondents want to see The Commons Refreshment Area return in 2022

Next Steps

The results of this survey will be used to determine the future of both The Commons Pedestrian Plazas and The Commons Refreshment Area and, if brought back in future years, to improve the experience for all whom visit them. Survey results were presented to the Downtown Development Authority Board at its November 10, 2021 meeting. You can watch this presentation and discussion via the video below, beginning at the 8:00 mark. Results will also be presented to City Council at an upcoming meeting. Please check back to this page for those updates!

DDA Board Meeting - November 10, 2021