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Open Town Hall

Help shape the future of Mission Valley by sharing your thoughts about what's important in our community.

Thank you for participating!

A total of 316 participants participated in the first online activity, which focused on prioritizing policy ideas identified in the Issues and Options Report and laying the foundation for the creation of land use alternatives in Mission Valley. This activity has closed and the results have been tallied. The results can be found under the Feedback Tab with the exception of the "Map It" exercise, which is discussed here.

The "Map It" exercise asked the community to place up to 30 pins on Mission Valley recommending where commercial, office, and residential growth should be located. The raw results of the "Map It" exercise is a clutter of individual points that can be hard to interpret, so we have created two maps (below) to help visualize the raw data:

This first map (see map below) shows the concentration of points by type (commercial, residential, and office) per individual property in Mission Valley. The larger the dot, the greater the number of points for that use were placed on a property. As can be observed, participant recommendations for future commercial uses were heavily concentrated on the Mission Valley Mall and Qualcomm stadium properties, while residential was recommended on the Riverwalk, Civita, and Qualcomm stadium properties. Office was recommended mostly on sites in the north-central part of the community as well as on the Qualcomm stadium site. 

This second map shows the concentration of points by type (commercial, residential, and office) per Development Intensity District. The current Mission Valley Community Plan separates the planning area into 13 districts for the purpose of balancing future development with the capacity of the roadway system. The results of this map shows participants recommended more concentration of residential within the Civita development and Riverwalk site, commercial more concentrated within the district that includes Fenton Marketplace and Qualcomm stadium, and office more concentrated in the district south of Interstate 8 stretching from the center of Mission Valley to the eastern edge.