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San Mateo Public Library 2021-2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey

San Mateo Public Library 2021-2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Building Blocks 22-23

We are conducting this survey to gauge how many programs will be needed by our community in the upcoming 2022-23 school year.

Housing Needs in San Mateo - Housing Element 2023-31

What can we do about the high cost of housing in San Mateo? How can we create more housing that is more affordable and a great place to live?

2021 Summer Camp Survey copy

Were our Summer Camps amazing? Please let us know!

Annual Park & Recreation Survey 2020-2021

What do you think of our City parks and facilities?

Safe Streets San Mateo Survey

How did you interact with our Safe Streets San Mateo and what do you imagine for its future?

2021 Eggstravaganza Photo HOP-portunity

Let us know how you enjoyed the Eggstravaganza Photo HOP-portunity event!

Changing ADU Housing Regulations in San Mateo

The City is in the process of updating its accessory dwelling unit (ADU) ordinance to align with the new state laws and is seeking your input on new rules that will regulate the development of ADUs in San Mateo.

Active StreetLight Conversion Project - Baywood Demonstration Survey

How do you feel about the streetlight options in the Demonstration Zone in the Baywood Neighborhood?

Downtown San Mateo

What do you think about our downtown street closure on B Street? What types of businesses would you like to see more of downtown?

2021 Summer Camp Interest Survey FINAL

Help us shape the 2021 Summer Camp

2020 Halloween CAR-nival Survey!

2020 Halloween CAR-nival Survey!

Disposable Food Service Ware Survey for Food Facilities

What types of disposable food service ware does your food facility use? What do you think of a potential ordinance that regulates disposable food service ware?

SR 82 / SR 92 Interchange Landscape Survey

Which landscaping options would you like to see at the improved SR 82/92 interchange in the City of San Mateo?

Short-Term Rental Regulation Survey

What are some reasonable regulations the City Council should adopt for short-term rentals?

Measure W: Proposed Hotel Tax Increase & Spending Priorities

San Mateo voters will consider increasing the City's hotel transient occupancy tax on the November 2020 ballot. What would you like to see the City address should Measure W be approved?

Outdoor Dining Evaluation Survey

How has outdoor dining impacted your restaurant during COVID?

Summer Camp 2020 Survey

Help us make our Summer Camps better!