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Where should new COGO bike stations go in Upper Arlington?

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Put a bike station at Tremont Center instead of Northam Park. Northam Park is congested with current library parking lot, Tremont school parking lot, the building of new pool, ongoing school construction. Also a bike station at Tremont Center would help promote business at Tremont Center. The bike station at Tremont Center would be similar to bike station at Kingsdale and along the Mallway. Lane Road Library Fancyburg Park Kroger on Henderson Commercial area on 33/Fishinger (by Daily Growler or other side by the Post Office) The Fancyburg and Thompson Park areas are a must. Would be nice to get the residents north of Fishinger and south of McCoy as well. Tremont Center Kingsdale Mallway Kroger/starbucks on Henderson Bikes are a nuisance and programs like GoGo should not be adopted. I agree that adding options to parks north of Fishinger is a good idea. It would be great to get them in Kenny Center or at the Starbucks on Henderson, but those places are a long way from Fancybug, and Henderson is such a barrier to biking that they may not be feasible at this time. Mallway Tremont Thompson Fancyburg Sunny Kingsdale Tremont Center Suggestions with respect to bike sharing include: 1. Most population dense areas 2. Public spaces or just outside public spaces to increase accessibility 3. W/i miles of the bike paths that connect to downtown public spaces like Scioto greenway, Nationwide arena, etc. While it's great to explore ways to increase access to bikes as an alternative mode of transportation, our current system for use of these bikes is lacking. Cyclists without bike lanes share roads with drivers less prepared with respect to spacing. They often do so at their own peril - against traffic and without helmets. Additionally, cyclists on sidewalks (which are not currently wide enough to adequately share space) increase unsafe conditions for both the biker and walker/runner. While I'm incredibly excited about this initiative, it seems short-sighted to not simultaneously explore how residents will use these bikes in a way that is safe to them and drivers, pedestrians, etc. Please note all the locations on the map. I picked Mallway on Arlington, Shops at Lane, Tremont Library, Kingsdale, Fire Station 72, Lane Rd Library. I feel all those places are good, central locations that would make it easy to ride around Upper Arlington from north to south. North Star & Northwest Blvd intersection Shops at Lane Avenue Tremont Center Kingsdale Center Main Library Tremont Center Please don't forget the residents who live north of Fishinger! Bike racks at Thompson Park and Sunny 95 Park as well as the shopping Center at Henderson should be considered. Perhaps consider Miller Park--on the Tremont/Arlington bike lane, and a location easily accessible to the Lower Scioto Greenway (and Grandview/Downtown CoGo locations). Kingsdale Shopping Center Lane Avenue-- Whole Foods area Northam Park Thompson Park Tremont Center

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