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Where would you like to see additional sidewalks and non-motorized improvements made in Upper Arlington?

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I think there should be a sidewalk on the west side of Tremont between 5 points and Kenny as well as on North Start both north and south of Lane Ave along the Ohio State property Would like to see multi-use paths along Lane Road (from Riverside Drive to Thompson Park), along Mountview Road (from Fishinger Road to Zollinger Road) and along North Star Road (from the end of the current path north to Lane Avenue, and then continued eastward toward Fred Beekman Park). There should be more sidewalks and the residents whose home are next to them should NOT bear the total cost!! Also I have seen sidewalks replaced 3 times, in the same place so I feel as if money is really being wasted. Children should be able to walk to school SAFELY on sidewalks the entire way and it is not possible for people living around Wickliffe and Barrington. ALSO, all streets should have CURBS, this should not be a "perk" paid for by the individual residents. Bike riding is an activity that UA and other cities increasingly support in various ways. However, biking is dangerous and very few riders use bikes for transportation - mostly bikers use them just to "go for a ride" and don't seem to care that they cause traffic problems (there seems to be a notion that recreational biking is a morally superior form of exercise). I think adults who ride bikes on public roads for exercise are a nuisance. Governments should pull back on their support of recreational bike riding by not spending so many tax dollars on creating bike paths and bike trails - everyone would be safer, traffic flow would improve, and fewer tax dollars would be spent on a hobby that a large percent of citizens will never use. Sidewalks on Mountview and Kioka between Fishinger and Zollinger One commenter stated that very few people use bicycles for transportation. I use my bicycle for transportation and recreation and would like to be counted. I suspect that there is a way that multiple forms and purposes of transportation can be accommodated without spending vast sums of money or making it difficult to drive a car through the city. I live near Lane Ave & North Star Rd. I often haul 2 cargo bags when I ride to the Shoppes at Lane Ave, Tremont Library, Tremont Shopping Center (don't think there are any bike racks there), Giant Eagle Market District and other Kingsdale shops, Fancyburg Park, the park along the Scioto River, my mother's house, the pool (usually Northam but now Devon Rd), and to access bike trails such as the one leading from North Star Road to Ohio State's West Campus and points beyond. I tried to figure out a safe and reasonable route from my house to Reed Road Water Park (and our orthodontist) and have decided that, for now, a motor vehicle is the only tenable alternative. I choose my car more often than I would like in order to avoid the hazards of bicycle travel in the city. While riding in Upper Arlington, we are never surprised when car drivers hit the gas to avoid stopping at a stop sign and waiting for bikes even when the bikes are on a road with no stop sign and we are forced to emergency stop. At the same time, we are never surprised to see a driver of a car stop half a block back to wait while we are standing off the street next to our bikes putting on helmets. We routinely experience revved engines along Northam Road where the mid-crosswalk pedestrian signs keep cars from passing at will. We are occasionally cut off by cars turning right when we have waited for the traffic light and a driver zips by us when the light turns green and we proceed straight. This evening rude remarks were shouted out a car window at my children and me. I do not desire bike-only routes through the city, but I would like to be able to safely ride my bicycle as I go about my business. I would also like this freedom for others. It would be nice to place a sidewalk between Tremont and Parkway, especially now that Tremont has been improved north of Lane. A lot of traffic here but no where to walk but in people's grass. Fishinger Road with easy/safe access to the river. Mountview Road between Fishinger and Zollinger. Eastcleft between Avalon and Redding. There are many children who walk to and from Wickliffe and have to do so in the street that every parent is using to drop off and pick up. North star needs a sidewalk on the UA side, one that runs the full length A crosswalk from Kent Rd across Northam to the park/school. There are at least 36 school aged kids, 30 of which are 8 and under, who live on the two blocks of Kent Rd and the vast majority walk to school every day. Having a cross walk, ideally slightly raised to also control speed on Northam, is more a safety measure than convenience factor given the number of kids who are and will be crossing Northam Rd multiple times a day for years to come. On Mountview Road Please add sidewalks along Stanford Rd and Tremont Rd from North Star to Bedford. Cars speed down both of these roads and Stanford is particularly narrow. Many young children live along these roads and use them to get to Miller Park, Devon Pool and Barrington Elementary. In addition, sidewalks on North Star from NW Blvd to King would allow pedestrians to access the Kroger as well as the businesses along King and 5th Ave. I think it is obvious from the map that the entire River Ridge area is missing sidewalks. Streets with heavier vehicle traffic (especially ones those with COTA BUS STOP/ROUTES) should all have sidewalks for everyone to use. It is unsafe for walkers, bikers, and drivers to have to dodge each other and buses. I believe that any road with a double yellow line or a COTA bus route should have a sidewalk. Roads that have a double yellow line (especially Mountview between Fishinger and Zollinger) are used as a thru-way and have denser and faster traffic. As a pedestrian, it is terrifying to have to jump out of the way of oncoming traffic. I have stopped going on walks because I am terrified to push a baby stroller down these streets! The sidewalk needs to be connected from the corner of McCoy Rd. and Greensview Dr. up to where the sidewalk starts back up near Ardwick. This is a school street which should make it priority according to the Safe Routes to School committee. The schools and city are encouraging kids to be healthy and walk/bike to school but we forgot to include Greensview Dr.? We have many new families buying homes along McCoy Rd. that either already have young kids at Greensview Elementary or will attend Greensview Elementary in the very near future. The Greensview School area is growing with new families faster than most of the other elementary schools. The projected number of new students to Greensview in the next decade is one of the highest in the district. The other point I'd like to make is that the Sunny 95 Park and Barn is also located off Greensview Dr. The sidewalks getting connected isn't just about school kids having a safe route to school but it would be useful for the whole community of neighbors walking to the park. It's ridiculous that after all the years of the City of UA trying to renovate itself into being more of a urban/walkable/bikable community that we still ignore this small piece that connects us to so many different activities. We have many Parks and Rec activities at the Barn and the Sunny 95 park like, free summer concerts, Spring Fling in the park, Community Rec Soccer games, safety town, playgrounds, fishing, and practices for many many sports just to name a few. We know that there is a sidewalk fund and plenty of State and/or Federal Grants that the City could tap into to help with cost. Let's finally do this and make it right. Thank you. It would make a lot of sense to connect the sidewalk on Redding to the new roundabout and sidewalk on Tremont Rd. I would also love to see a sidewalk from the corner of Tremont and Northam towards Redding and continue down Canterbury Rd. Many children live in the Canterbury area and can't safely walk to school! I think this would also encourage people to walk to Tremont Center and shop local. If people can't safely walk to their destination and have to get in the car then they are more likely to shop elsewhere. If children are expected to walk to school because it's "close enough" (within 1.2 miles of school) and yet there are not sidewalks between that house and the school then sidewalks should be built IMMEDIATELY. For example, there are children that are supposed to walk to Wickliffe Elementary from Springhill, Riverhill, Cresthill, etc. that are expected to walk along Mountview to get to school. Not only does Mountview not have sidewalks but it DOESN'T EVEN HAVE CURBS! We spend all this money to have bike paths and sidewalks to all the shopping and parks but it's appalling to me that kids aren't bussed to school and yet there are no sidewalks. There needs to be sidewalks on Nottingham. It is not only a Cota Bus route, but also a popular cut through down to 33 and the entrance to the river. Cars speed down the street and we evened emailed the city to ask about speed bumps and we were told it was a noise issue with the speed bumps. Mountview to Fishinger is another area that needs sidewalks due to the kids going to Hastings. I agree with a previous comment, there aren't even curbs on Mountview. There should be sidewalks connecting the stores at Fishinger and Riverside to the surrounding neighborhoods. Sidewalks could increase the amount of costumers going to our local businesses and decrease the traffic in the area if there was a safe way to walk there. The length of Mountview between Wickliffe Rd to Fishinger Rd has steep sides which fill with water after heavy rains. There's no room for pedestrians to walk safely along the side of the street if there's oncoming traffic; you have to step into yards or driveways. A sidewalk would assist those trying to get to Hastings or Wellington on foot or by bike. (Ideally, something should be done about the lousy drainage too.) Mountview connects so many side streets from Zollinger to Fishinger. With the curves at the South end, it can be very dangerous for pedestrians. Additionally, many children use the street to walk to and from school at Wickliffe. Addinf sidewalks would make the entire area more pedestrian friendly. Would like to see room for bikes/pedestrians to Whole Foods parking lot from Beaumont road. More congested now with new development and less room for pedestrian access to shops from Beaumont. Canterbury is a busy street with a good chunk of it within walking distance of numerous city attractions. There is a dead end sidewalk on a portion of the street that is farthest away from anything. To help people get to the pool (when it's done), Northam park, Tremont Elementary School, the library, fourth of July fireworks, Huffmans, the Old bag of Nails, and all of the businesses within Tremont Center, it only makes sense to add sidewalks along Canterbury to connect the length of the street. Dear UA residents: We need more sidewalks in UA: Sidewalks were used by the Romans so people didn't compete for roadway with cattle. It's time our city came of age and for sake of all provided sidewalks throughout. The issue is bigger than the individual home-owner so decisions about use of the right-of-way should be made for the benefit of all and should be paid by the entire community. We need a 20-year plan so another century doesn't pass without sidewalks throughout. Start on the streets where pedestrians are most at risk of their lives. McCoy Road is a good candidate for a bike lane or other type of on-street bike facility. The route connects several biking destinations: Griggs Reservoir, Oxford Park, Windermere Elementary, Thompson Park, Lane Road Library, Reed Road Park and Hastings Middle School (via Mountview Rd), St. Andrew School, Sunny95 Park and Greensview Elementary, COTA route on Kenny Road, and to Highland Drive, which provides access to the pedestrian bridge over 315 and the Olentangy Trail. Traffic on McCoy is light enough that it might be a candidate for a road diet, freeing up space for bike lanes, perhaps with some buffer or separation from traffic. It could provide the added benefits of slowing traffic on McCoy closer to the posted speed of 35 mph and make the unsignalized crosswalks safer to use. Tewksbury Rd between Coventry and Northwest Blvd on the North side of the street. Tewksbury is a high traffic through street, used regularly by the Fire Department, parents taking children to Barrington or Jones, and motorists travelling East/West from Northwest Blvd all the way to Oxford Rd. Adding to the high traffic volume, there are a number of families with young children living on these two blocks (~24 between the ages of 2-12), as well as on-street parking allowed in both directions. These two blocks are always congested with pedestrians and vehicles. We need sidewalks for safety on all major streets: North Star Road, Zollinger Road, Fishinger Road are the ones that come most swiftly to mind. These should be a top priority. Encourage walking by making it safer for residents to go beyond their own neighborhoods on foot! The section of Northstar Road between Guilford and Lane Avenue is frequently traveled by bicycles, pedestrians, and runners. There is a path from Guilford Road south on the OSU property, but nothing to the north. Though Northstar is 25 mph, it is a heavily traveled street and often cars travel well over 25 mph. please consider to extend the sidewalk on the waltham road down to malvern rd, there is a number of kids who walk to the schools and currently they use the busy waltham road for 2 blocks. Mountview between Fishinger and Zollinger. It's terrible for walking or biking at any time but it is the worst in the morning when kids are walking and biking to Wickliffe and Hastings. There should be side walk or trail connection on Riverside Dr. The trail ends on 5th and Riverside with current construction adding a trail going EAST. With the addition of the metro park in the Quarry between Dublin and Riverside on trabue there should be a direct bike route or sidewalk connecting the park to the end of the trail on 5th. This would connect UA directly to trails going north into Dublin and south scioto mile. This would be particular attractive to younger home owners such as myself. I'm guessing this would take come cooperation from the property owners on Riverside Dr. I have spoken with a handful of my neighbors and have not found any opposition. This is one of the most concerning things to me about Arlington! River Ridge so desperately need sidewalks, as it has SO many young families with small children and school aged children who need a place to walk/play safely! Mountview Rd in particular needs sidewalks from fishinger to zollinger! The road is heavy with traffic and no where for pedestrians! Please, please consider River Ridge!!!! Sidewalks in the River Ridge are a HUGE need. So many kids in this area, it needs to be a priority! There should be a sidewalk connector to Hastings Middle School on Glenmere Road. Glenmere is a cut through and heavily traveled at peak times of the day, which is when kids are walking to and from Hastings. There is already a sidewalk part way down the street to the west. This would connect the neighborhood to Hastings, Thompson Park via Mountview sidewalk and Reed Road Park. Would really like to see a bike path connecting east-west McCoy Road to the river. Walkways from UA to Griggs reservoir park would be a great addition, making access to the park easier and much safer. Stratford park would be a great location for one. To have so few sidewalks in a small neighborhood full of young families is a loss for students, parents, and the community in terms of physical activity, fostering independence, traffic and convenience, and desirability of area. To also have few sidewalks leading to two nearby parks (Fancyburg and Griggs) makes getting there stressful for parents of young children, particularly as the roads leading to them are heavily trafficked. This short section of Haviland would provide a safe walking path for children to walk to Windermere School from the Mountview/Fenwick Rd Area. It would join already existing sidewalks.

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