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John Bridgeman inside City Boundary May 14, 2019, 7:56 PM

I know traffic is bad in that area but I think In and Out Burger would be a good addition to Campbell

Addison Jones inside City Boundary April 9, 2019, 6:35 PM

I think the In n Out Burger should be approved because it is a great attraction to have in the community, so many people love this restaurant and no burger place compares. It’s a pain having to go all the way to Newhall or Santa Teresa to get to an In N Out. The only thing that I see some people may think is a con is they’re concerned about it increasing traffic in the area, but realistically there already is some congestion and anything that goes in that location may cause an addition in congestion; that being said I think that it is something that’s worth it and will make a lot of people and residents in the community happy. Also, it could potentially decrease some amounts of congestion on highway 17; as it would mean less people would have to drive a further distance to reach an In n Out Burger. Myself and tons of community members have always said- Campbell would be a much better area if they had an In n Out restaurant! Please please consider the approval for the happiness of us residents, we would love to have something in the area that we truly love and enjoy :) And the taste of their food is definitely worth a tiny bit of congestion if it were to occur!

Barbara Lonsbury inside City Boundary March 6, 2019, 8:23 PM

I am against the building being demolished to construct an In and Out Burger Drive Thru. It is already a very congested corner near the freeway. I live in Campbell and would avoid that area and the stores around it if In and Out were to open there.
In and Out might fit nicely on Camden Ave near Taco Bell and Jack in the Box.

It's a shame that such a beautiful building couldn't be occupied by another restaurant chain. A parking lot, open kitchen, bar and patio are a rare find in restaurants these days and I always thought it was nice that there was one right in Campbell. It added charm.

Joan Steele inside City Boundary March 4, 2019, 3:01 PM

My husband, Dan and I are very much hoping that In and Out will be approved for the Elephant Bar location. We have been Campbell residents since 1981 and homeowners since 1994, so Campbell is near and dear to our hearts. We feel that an In and Out will bring in sales tax revenue to our town and is in a great location near the Pruneyard and other shopping centers.

In and Out just seems like a wholesome, reasonably-priced, well-run franchise that will enhance our town of Campbell. It will be replacing a dilapidated, closed restaurant that is currently creating a lot of blight on that corner. In and Out seems to do a great job with maintaining a clean, friendly, and welcoming environment and will provide a fun place for our community to enjoy delicious, reasonably-priced burgers.

Anyways, we just wanted to say we are really hoping everything works out and the Campbell Planning Department approves this fantastic, yummy restaurant so close to our home!
A huge thank you to everyone who has prioritized funding to research this fantastic idea.

Richard Hawley inside City Boundary February 24, 2019, 10:04 AM

Campbell citizens want to trust our city to make decisions that are good for the general welfare, rather than for isolated commercial interests. So I suggest that we prioritize some of the most common needs of all citizens and RETHINK the burger proposal.

Here is my sense of those needs.
1. Less traffic congestion and risk of accidents
2. Greater exposure to nature; less to asphalt and unnatural structures
3. Relief from pervasive commerce and strategies to get at one’s wallet
4. Healthy food, cooked and served at home
5. A stable climate, like our current one that is slowly disappearing
6. A spirit of equality – we are all equally human
7. Caring for others as we would want to be cared for

I suggest that every one of these fundamental community values argues against the “burger proposal,” and that the Planning Commission should …
1. Proactively generate a list of alternative uses for the property, and
2. Evaluate each against the needs of us all in common.
Perhaps they could best accomplish this by forming a team from the general citizenry.

Alternative uses of the property could include:
1. A city park, not one of children’s artificial playground equipment, but rather of a peaceful, natural setting for adults to relax and meditate while leaving their cars at home
2. A homeless shelter for the homeless that we already have in abundance
3. An alternative food market focusing on real foods that are good for the body and the environment, rather than on manufactured food-substitutes

carol williams outside City Boundary February 14, 2019, 3:03 PM

Please approve In and Out Burger. It is my and many peoples favorite as you can see from the constant attendance by the airport. We need a good burger for a reasonable price closer. It is a great area just off the freeway, close to downtown Campbell but not interfering with the main street of Campbell.

Theresa Reese inside City Boundary February 13, 2019, 12:09 PM

** YES ** In-N-Out should be allowed to open in this location !
I’m shocked this process of possibly blocking a good company from opening is still carrying on ☹️. My family moved from Los Angeles (where you can conveniently dine at In-N-Out), to Campbell (where you have to drive far to dine at one) two years ago. This location would be amazing! I’ve seen many different locations where In-N-Outs reside in LA and when there are more patrons (e.g lunch break) In-N-Out staffs up, sends an employee outside to take orders in person on a tablet, and the drive thru works super efficiently! Design of the drive thru & parking lot is well thought out too!
Don’t kill good businesses.
Do let a stable, community supporting, highly enjoyed business join our great city.
We are lucky they are even willing to put up with so much push back & haven’t taken their business to another city!

Elung Wu outside City Boundary January 1, 2019, 10:30 AM

This location is perfect for a busy restaurant. Where else will we put a popular restaurant? Is there a better location?
The people who are against it- are really against growth and that is bad planning if we don’t change are roads and transportation choices to accommodate growth. Should look at reducing traffic lights and left turns, so making drivers go to next block to make left or U turn. This will allow traffic to flow faster as fewer lights and shorter waiting.

Toni Gregorio-Bunch inside City Boundary November 5, 2018, 6:24 PM

Please vote NO on In-N-Out Burger. Nothing against this particular company, but we have enough fast food, burger joints in Campbell. I am local Campbell residents and I experience everyday the traffic congestion that already clogs this part of Hamilton. A drive through will make the traffic worse! Lets bring in another type of business into the community that isn't going to make traffic worse and will provide a real needed service to our community.

Douglas Loew outside City Boundary September 29, 2018, 7:42 AM

We want In N Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!