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Bob Miller inside City Boundary August 21, 2019, 7:33 AM

As a resident of the east of Bascom area of Campbell I look forward to more restaurant options in this area. Right now we have this location and the former Hooters both vacant as well as many vacancies in the Whole Foods shopping center. Although there will be more traffic due to In ‘n Out, it is only a small increase over the current amount. I support approval of this request.

Sylvia Longchamps inside City Boundary August 18, 2019, 11:09 AM

Thank you for providing this forum. Please find another location for this business. Given what seems to be a majority not in favor of this location, what’s the next step for concerned citizens of Campbell to take?

Liliana Casillas-Regua outside City Boundary August 18, 2019, 10:19 AM

This will be a horrible place to put an In-N-Out, I do not have anything about the fast food restaurant my concern is all the traffic we will have on that intersection, it's already bad as it is.

Ian Wallace inside City Boundary August 18, 2019, 5:59 AM

Empty buildings become an ever increasing eyesore.
This happens while A FEW of the neighbors oppose any and all development of the property. This loud minority forgets the fact that whatever they live in was opposed by the neighbors that were there before them.
If a development meets the local zoning laws and building codes, let the owner get it done!!
And traffic, come on. It virtually can't any any worse.
PS: Not a big "In and Out" fan. Chik-Fil-A is much better. :-)

Nancy Callahan inside City Boundary August 17, 2019, 3:01 PM

I’ve been a downtown Campbell resident for 22 years and I strongly oppose the In-N-Out Burger @ Hamilton Avenue. The infrastructure of Campbell, with just major streets (Hamilton, Bascom, Campbell and Winchester) cannot withstand the traffic congestion created by an In-N-Out burger. Crime has also risen significantly in Campbell and In-N-Out will attract more homeless and crime. Right across the street from proposed site, there’s a VTA lightrail stop @ Hamilton which will attract more homeless to In-N-Out. This problem currently exists at the Safeway parking lot @ Winchester (across from VTA lightrail stop @ Winchester). I’m now awakened by helicopters flying overhead searching for criminals involved with shootings etc.
Our community has been destroyed by the building of condo’s on Railway Ave forcing the wildlife (coyotes) from the creek and into our downtown. Theses coyotes are killing people’s pets. I’m fed up with the parking at the Pruneyard and the long lines at Trader Joe’s. I really dislike what is happening to our beautiful little town. In my opinion, Campbell is no longer the nice, safe and friendly community it once was.
Campbell’s infrastructure and community cannot bear an In-N-Out Burger. Please vote against it.

Armin Kippes inside City Boundary August 17, 2019, 10:09 AM

I oppose this project.

This project is not appropriate for the location and will result in conditions that will harm the community, such as increased traffic from the many cars that fill the area, more garbage from the people who will use this fast food restaurant, the smell, and the crowds of people who will be there late into the evening. The location borders on a residential neighborhood and is NOT appropriate for this type of business.if yo uh visit other InNOut locati ok ne, you will see the problems and also note that these other location are in strip malls or other business areas adjacent to freeways, that do not abut residential areas. This location is NOT adjacent to the freeway and putting it here will create far more problems that we do not want or need. I oppose this project.

Jackie Wyckoff inside City Boundary August 16, 2019, 5:10 PM

As a Campbell resident that drives through this intersection at least twice a day, I believe the traffic burden created by In N Out would be a complete and utter disaster. Traveling eastbound on Hamilton can already tax the patience of a saint. The far right through lane, which exits at 17 Northbound can back up for several stoplight intervals. Cars will use the second to right lane to jump ahead of traffic and then bully their way into the right lane to make the exit ramp, which causes even more delays for those who are abiding by the traffic rules. In my 23 years of living in Campbell, I have never seen a citation written for this.

If you are traveling westbound on Hamilton and wish to make a right turn at Almarida Drive you have about a 50/50 chance of being either blocked from moving to the far right turn lane or being honked at from cars behind you while waiting for an opportunity to get to the turn lane in those SCANT few feet prior to the corner.

I cannot even imagine how we can add one of the most popular drive-through fast food restaurants on the planet to this mix and expect everything to be fine. I urge the council members to PLEASE vote no on the approval to move forward with construction of this restaurant.

Jennifer Holbrook inside City Boundary August 16, 2019, 3:37 PM

Please do not allow In-N-Out to come to Campbell! Elephant Bar could be another sit down restaurant. The location will be a nightmare for traffic if it becomes any sort of drive through, especially one that often has lines 13 cars long. Campbell is a small town, leave it that way! Keep IN-N-Out ...OUT of Campbell!

Shauna Talamantez inside City Boundary August 16, 2019, 3:02 PM

I feel like in-n-out would be a great addition. I completely understand that it may effect traffic but they would clean up that corner so nicely. The lot is currently a mess with tons of loitering. In-n-out is always clean, quiet, and best of all alcohol free!!!

Marina Lemas inside City Boundary August 16, 2019, 2:05 PM

I like In-N-Out Burger. I welcome In-N-Out Burger to Campbell. NOT at this location.

Some basic research on the customer experience at In-N-Out Burger will show they are well known for their drive-through lines. The proposed queue for cars waiting in line at the drive-through at the Elephant Bar location will not suffice. Cars WILL hang out on the street (just like they have done for years at the Delta Queen car wash just 1/2 mile east on the SAME street) causing traffic jams, and creating an unsafe corridor for bikes and pedestrians, as cars work to drive around each other because of back ups. It is already an unsafe intersection as cars exit Hwy. 17 South onto Hamilton Ave. west in parallel with other westbound traffic on Hamilton Ave. trying to merge right to get to Kohl's and Bed Bath and Beyond. The only In-N-Out Burger locations who don't experience drive-through lines hanging out in the street are those located in large parking lots, like the Gilroy location at the outlet mall or the Palo Alto location off 101 Fwy. at Rengstorff.

Now that the Carrows/Baker's Square (?) location is vacant just 1/2 mile west on Hamilton Ave., could In-N-Out Burger consider that location instead? It would be better for the safety of our Campbell community for In-N-Out Burger to be located a little further away from the freeway exit. This probably goes against their business strategy to be closer to the freeway exit. I'm hoping community safety can be prioritized over corporate real estate strategy.

I am disappointed by the current variables considered by the City of Campbell traffic review. In a previous Town Hall meeting it was explained the City of Campbell traffic assessors see no concern that In-N-Out Burger would increase traffic in Campbell. One of their key variables related to the number of housing developments happening in Campbell, as if only residents of Campbell would be patronizing In-N-Out? Please open the span of your considerations to recognize the patrons of In-N-Out Burger will come from all neighboring cities, not just the City of Campbell. Patrons will absolutely come to visit In-N-Out from Hwy. 17, bringing a steam of cars to that intersection every lunch and dinner period.

Oh, and in case you didn't already know, most of us who live east of Bascom Ave. (east border of Campbell and everyone who lives in Willow Glen) and used to travel Hamilton Ave. to get to our homes, stopped driving Hamilton Ave. 5 years ago for traffic reasons. We choose to use Campbell Ave. instead to get to our homes during work commutes from San Tomas Expressway and on the weekends when we go to Target or the AMC Theaters at Hamilton/Prospect and Saratoga Ave. We avoid Hamilton Ave. at all costs. You should expect if In-N-Out Burger comes to Hamilton Ave., more and more residents will bring congestion to Campbell Ave. and downtown Campbell overall (between Winchester Ave. and Bascom Ave.) as a "pass through corridor" to avoid Hamilton Ave. The impact of In-N-Out Burger at the Elephant Bar location will be much larger than I think the current traffic assessors currently understand. Thank you for your consideration.