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An In n Out Burger at the old Elephant Bar site is a horrible idea. I drive this route every day, and the traffic coming at the intersection of Hamilton and Almarida, so close to the always-crowded 17 interchange is heavy. This is an intersection that already causes confusion between Home Depot and Kohl's (despite the new brightly lit sign -- thank you, City of Campbell!) Anyone familiar with In N Out Traffic can only imagine the nightmare this will cause at all hours of the day and night. Locating this business at the old Elephant Bar will make it impossible to get "in n out" of our neighborhood. We don't need another hamburger joint -- please find another family-friendly tenant for this corner! In&Out is a very popular business with a very lengthy drive-through line of vehicles and a large number of cars parked. Please monitor the location by the airport at busy times. This location in Campbell is small and at a busy corner, and will be swamped by this business, spilling over on to the streets and causing the already busy traffic to be a nightmare. Just say no. The whole area surrounding Hamilton Ave. & Almarida is already a traffic nightmare. Between people getting on and off Hwy 17, people trying to get to Frys, Home Depot, Staples, Kohls, BB&B, and Panera, or people just trying to get home to the apartment complex, it's total chaos. I can't even fathom what putting an In-N-Out drive-thru would do. As much as I would like to have an In-n-out closer to home, I have to agree with the traffic concern. If the rear parking could somehow be converted into a smarter queue for drive through that can take at least 20 cars, it might be ok. Keep in mind that an In-n-out building won't have as large a footprint as the elephant bar does. The way the drive through queue spills into the parking lot by the airport is totally dumb. If they can innovate and come up with a smarter layout for the drive through, I would patronize this location. While I personally like the In-N-Out Burger chain, I think the proposed location would be a traffic nightmare. The exit from 17 South to Hamilton Ave is already a frustrating traffic setting. Many drivers do not realize that there is a full usable lane they can enter to turn right onto Hamilton Ave, and so they back up the exit by waiting for an "opening" in the middle lane's traffic. With a destination fast-food location, many people unfamiliar with the area will make the same mistake, creating major backups at the exit. We already have a McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box and Dairy Queen just a few blocks away on Hamilton Ave and Winchester Blvd. We don't need another fast food chain nearby, especially in an already congested area. I think it will draw a lot of non-residents to come just for In-N-Out, then head back onto Highway 17 immediately after. I don't think they'll be sticking around to shop at other Campbell locations or have a significant impact on drawing customers to nearby Campbell stores. The only good would come from their yummy food, but I really don't think it would be worth the cost in Campbell residents' quality of life that would be diminished by the increased traffic congestion at that intersection. Thank you for considering my comments. This area intersection is as close to "fail" as any intersection in Campbell right now. In 'n Out serves hundreds of cars per day. This is not the right place for a high volume drive through as well as a sit-down restaurant. And what will it say about Campbell? Welcome to the fast food and traffic capital of the west valley. This is a perfect location for a popular food chain. The area is already zoned as a commercial area and traffic won't be significantly impacted from one more store. Yes, the lines waiting for in-n-out can be very long, but they are encapsulated inside their parking lot. Part of the planning process should be to allow for an ample size parking lot for the lines of cars, and only allow entry/exit from Almarida Drive. The property is very large and should be able to handle the drive-thru line, if built properly. Traffic in this small area is already horrific. I cannot imagine how much worse it will be with this popular food chain backing up traffic. It will cause more of a backup to highway 17 and all of the surrounding streets. This area cannot support such a busy drive thru restaurant - I think that is the key take away here - A BUSY DRIVE THRU = LOTS OF CARS - The traffic will be horrendous. Please do not approve. (I am a Campbell resident although this states otherwise. Assume that is based on zip code alone. There are a few of us with an SJ zip code who actually reside in Campbell on S. Clover and Monica lane, etc.) As much as I love In-N-Out, the proposed location is not a good one. The restaurant would be right next to a freeway off ramp. My concern is how traffic exiting the freeway would be affected. In-N-Out restaurants often have drive-thru lines that carry over onto public roads. No one wants to exit the freeway and immediately be stuck in a drive-thru line for In-N-Out. This is not the right location for the proposed restaurant. Agree with the residents who say I love In-N-Out but this location is already crazy.. I get off this exit everyday from work.. The last thing we need there is a high volume drive through.. This is not going to help with the congestion that we already have on Hamilton Avenue. A family-friendly sit down restaurant would be much preferable. A successful resaurant is looking to replace a failed one, great! Yes, I am familar with the problems of locating an In-N-Out in too small a location, look at the location in Mountain View on El Camino. Proposed site is much larger than even the Airport location. I am not an expert on traffic flow, I have confidence in the people that are, City's Planning Department who will conduct a thorough review of the proposed restaurant, including analyzing potential traffic, parking, circulation, public safety, noise, lighting, odor, and air quality impacts. Let us wait for the study to be completed before rejecting it out of traffic fears. In-N-Out pays their workers above minimum wage, and should be a welcome edition to Campbell. I think In-and-Out would be a great addition to Campbell however there needs to be a good traffic plan and this area has significant backups and the additional traffic could be a problem. Entry and exit to the property must be designed properly. This is a great thing, there are not many of these, so anytime they add one closer, it makes it a much easier decision to visit. I have to echo the recurring sentiment that the traffic at this point on Hamilton is already more congested than preferred and looking at the proposed plan for the In-N-Out there doesn't seem to be much being done to mitigate the new impact, much less lessen the current problems. The plan as shared raises the following concerns: - main point of entry is designated as Hamilton Ave. The drive through is designed to handle 20 cars before flow would need to start backing up towards the road entry. This doesn't show the impact of cars waiting to get into and out of the area for parking to eat in the restaurant. - restaurant building is designed to be much closer to the corner, which aesthetically is quite different then the current commercial buildings. The Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Depot are fairly offset from the street which provides a sense of openness even though already a highly congested area. - impact on Almarida, this street is already frequently used as a pass-through for people wanting to get to Hamilton while avoiding traffic on Winchester or Hamilton. This would increase the amount of traffic coming through the somewhat blind roundabout and cars already ignoring posted traffic signs and speed limits near a park and residential area. The traffic impact analysis should be sure to consider more than just the Hamilton/Almarida intersection. - Litter/waste. As was mentioned earlier, there are already multiple fast food establishments and convenience stores nearby and the litter and refuse currently already spills into the neighboring areas. Any impact study hopefully will provide sufficient analysis of the increased litter from an establishment that is primarily focused on serving food to be consumed in vehicle. - proposed design aesthetics, the proposed design shows that the drive through waiting line will be adjacent to Hamilton. As mentioned in other statements, this area already gets highly congested. The fact that there will now be an additional line of cars seems to just increase the visual impact of traffic overload / congestion. The proposed design does not seem to take aesthetics as part of its deliverables. While adding popular chains and destinations is appealing, the location does not seem appropriate for the proposed business. The high likelihood of increased traffic congestion, increased waste/litter, and impact on aesthetics in an area that already deals with these challenges makes it seem that this corner location is not well-suited for the proposed use. I'm very much in favor of this. It's no secret that In-N-Out will bring a solid amount of tax dollars to a community due to it's popularity. The area's already zoned for commercial, and it makes a lot of sense to let that location bring revenue back in to the community, rather than sitting vacant and unused. NO! Horrible location for a drive thru, can't believe they actually applied. They pulled out of a Walnut Creek proposal due to neighborhood outcry, and that location made far more sense than this one. Let's hope they do the right thing so the city can find a better tenant for that property. As long as they hold the lease to that location (which they do as of February) no one else can apply. They need to do the right thing and move on. There are pros and cons to this proposal, but I see a few major show-stoppers that have to be considered. 1) frequent lane closure during peak hours, and 2) no authorized parking areas for their overflow. (And we could also discuss the influx of crime happening at these places, they have a high rate of car break ins. They know it, the cities who have them know it, Mt View is a hot bed for car break in, and Campbell will soon know it if this gets approved.) That site is not large enough for their looooooong drive through lines, and as a result I fully expect it will overflow onto Hamilton Ave blocking a lane during peak hours. What can the city do then? Will we cone off a section of Hamilton just for their drive through overflow? (Coning off extra space is the common option many cities do). Or will police hangout there and tell people to find parking? That won't work if their lot is full. And with only 64 available spaces for both employees AND patrons, which is far less than many of their other locations (and many hard to get in and out of due to the drive through lane blocking them), that is not a lot. Which leads to the other big problem.... no free commercial zoned parking in the area. No garage parking. Nada. The surrounding neighborhood is NOT prepared or capable of supporting their parking overflow. The nearby big box stores surrounding them have private parking lots, there is very little public parking, and what street parking is available is used for residential parking at the Franciscan apartments. (The black fencing around Kohls and BBB was put there to keep the Elephant Bar overflow out and the jaywalkers crossing 4 lanes to a minimum.) If (or when) the big box stores put up a "No In-N-Out parking allowed" sign, people will spill out to the streets obliterating the needed residential parking. Keep in mind that street parking makes up a huge amount of the parking needed at the Franciscan. I am sure this will lead them to apply for residential parking permits. And if they get it approved, what then? Where will the In-N-Out overflow parking go then? Hamilton Exit is the MAIN entry point into most of Campbell. It is how we tell visitors to get to our revitalized downtown. To our festivals. To our many businesses on Winchester. To West Gate Mall. It will be a crucial exit when Santana West is built up as the Stevens Creek exit is far too inadequate for the increase in traffic there. (And the proposed new 280 off ramp dropping off onto Tisch Road hasn't even been approved). The Hamilton exit cannot flow if it regularly has a lane blocking traffic flow while other people circle the area to find authorized parking. I would LOVE to have an In-N-Out in Campbell, JUST NOT THERE. Bottom line, unless In-N-Out can be fully self sustainable on that property with virtually no overflow, they WILL create gridlock on Hamilton, displace residents at the Franciscan, create tension with the big box stores, and upset travelers trying to get to the many other Campbell businesses. I agree with all those here concerned about area traffic--and ambiance. There's an empty Baja Fresh right on Bascom across from Pruneyard that would be a much better logistical fit. My vote will always be that Campbell not succumb to a 'strip-mall mentality', sponsoring yet another 'food joint', or for that matter backing burgeoning, multi-story housing/office projects in inappropriate areas that destroy views and invite noise pollution. We aren't just any city: We have a lovely 'village' environment that really does possess a community feel. An expedient profit choice could create traffic and culture problems for a city that has worked so hard to build and maintain a communal, 'visit us' feel, while being pretty successful at communicating an upscale/inviting environment. It's a balance worth preserving. Traffic at this corner, including the backup on to 17, is horrible. It can be impossible to change lanes. An In-N-Out Burger is a horrible mistake, especially with the long lines of cars in the take out lanes that I see at places like the Coleman, San Jose location of this burger chain. The proposal should be given a fair review. Nothing motivates people like anger and oppression to something... Most people will state that In N Out will significantly increase traffic but my guess is that the affect will be insignificant. If people would realize that they get a dedicated lane coming off of HWY 17 towards the proposed In N Out then the current backup would be significantly reduced right now. This has the potential to be a "win-win". Regarding the permit for Inn and Out Burger to take over the old Elephant Bar site my response is a resounding "NO!" There has been a quality restaurant on that site since I moved into this area back in 1973. With the addition of Home Depot, Staples, Frys and now the Kohl's/Pannera/Bed, Bath, etc complex the traffic in the Hamilton Ave. area has increased tremendously - we don't need or want a fast food business here that will attract a higher volume of traffic. Inn & Out is not the kind of establishment that will enhance the area or the image of our town. Hopefully this time the Mayor and Council will listen. I LOVE this idea:grinning:!!! I travel way tooo far to get my In "n" out burger and I always wondered why there wasn't one in this area, so yes please build it and I will come often. My name is Mary Byler and i live on Ginger Lane and I totally oppose this proposal. That intersection is already a nightmare with Frys, Kohls, Panera and the highway 17 traffic. Where will the drive thru line be? Out in the street traffic?There is no room to park period. I will not go anywhere near this area not frequent the shops as I do weekly today. Very bad idea. No no no This is a terrible idea. Traffic is already a nightmare at the Hamilton/ Almarida intersection and getting off the freeway there is always a bottleneck. Having a fast food restaurant at that corner would add a plethora of problems including more cars than we can handle, garbage, loitering to name a few. I love our neighborhood and would like to keep it safe, clean and I would like to be able to get home without fighting a giant drive through line. No thanks, we already have enough traffic at this intersection. Sorry In n out, campbell is not for you at the moment. The new parking lot and drive thru look tight. People who haven't should look at the plans and think about it. It is just a bad location. The off ramp to Hamilton is a mess already. Everyone coming from the east on Hamilton has to merge into the lane of drivers getting off 17 who are also heading west on Hamilton. I can see it now, packed with beach traffic to and from Santa Cruz in the summer. Coleman is a perfect example location. Milpitas, Fremont, Union City, they are all in huge shopping centers, where they belong. This is coming from a fan of In-n-Out and someone who has nothing invested in Campbell. I am a renter. I would love to have an In N Out in Campbell. It's a perfect spot with a large lot that can fit lots of parking and a drive-thru line Would love having one close by, and it's sad that this site has been poorly used for so long. Campbell deserved an INO! I couldn't be more in favor of this. In-N-Out is a California institution and the southwest South Bay is sorely lacking in an In-N-Out location. While not a Campbell resident, I live off of Bascom near Hamilton, about 1.5 miles from the location. I do agree with some other comments that talk about the potential traffic impact, seeing as that area is already prone to issues. But from my observations, the traffic is only really bad around peak commute times, which don't actually match up with peak times for In-N-Out. I think this would be a fantastic use of the location and I'm already looking forward to it. Another burger drive-thru/ fast-food (several J.-in-the-Box; Dairy Queen; Carl's Jr.; Wendy's; A.&W.; Kirk's; as well as Red Robin, Five Guys'; (& the fact that burgers are sold at almost every dine-in restaurant) are located on Hamilton, Campbell, Bascom, Winchester Avenue...So another fast-food burger place is unnecessary competition to long-established places. The MOST serious issue, though, is the fact that the block on Hamilton Avenue has huge traffic jams already. Ask C.P. D. what they think about the backed-up traffic here. How many driveways already enter/ exit on both sides of the freeway? In & Out needs to find someplace on Winchester or Bascom, but our City needs to say " no" to the former Elephant Bar site. A business with fewer vehicles constantly lining up & perhaps even backing up into needed. Traffic is going to get heavier. City needs to look at years of congestion in that area & not make it worse for residents. A stand alone site without ways for overflow cars can go except on the street is tough. We all know that the drive thru works on paper but in the real world there are more cars than are planned for. This should be located in a larger center where the overflow cars can be absorbed. No traffic is a mess there at that intersection and if you visit other in & outs, the drive thru line wraps around and blocks the flow of traffic between their lots and others i.e. Coleman Location. With this location it would block traffic in and out of the facility. A restaurant other than fast food would be more acceptable. Hi, Yes, the traffic in that area is TERRIBLE as is. However, In n Out is really good and will not only bring a lot of jobs here but will also bring a lot of money to the city. We have important things around the city that we need money to fix. Extra traffic vs having more funds to get things done...I welcome In n Out with open arms. I like In N Out and don’t have anything against the chain or fast food, I eat there from time to time. The issue here is one of public safety and nuisance issues. This intersection is a major traffic nightmare and not just for Hamilton Ave., but for Hwy 17. Imagine if this exit had to back up more? There isn’t any type of ‘planning’ you can do to fix that and here’s why: the area in general is getting more and more congested which means more bad drivers, unpredictable pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, etc., and you can’t plan for unpredictable humans. There is one right turn lane off of Hwy 17. Even if you created two, it would impact the other directions of traffic, and then you would see people cutting across lanes to try to jump to the driveway, causing accidents and possibly worse. Consider how drastically the foot traffic would increase. This would impact an entire neighborhood community who lives down that street. They’re already impacted with all the traffic, this is asking too much of them. Bringing this drive-through chain to this corner would cause damage and injury in addition to the traffic nightmares. Putting it right off an already busy, congested, and confusing intersection will really cause more trouble than it’s worth. Please don’t do it – this is clearly inefficient. Why can't they find a better spot for In N Out? I am very against this plan. An In-N-Out Burger will only increase traffic on the Hamilton exit and is taking away space that could be used for a new, local restaurant. Campbell already has plenty of fast-food burger joints (Habit, Steak n Shake, Burger King, etc.), and the city does not need more. The Coleman In-N-Out is also close enough if one wants In-N-Out in particular. This is absolutely the wrong place for an In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out Burger is known for its long drive-thru lines that often back up onto the street, and this area can not support that nor the additional traffic that an In-N-Out Burger would draw. This area is already highly congested with traffic backing up onto the 17 South exit as well as the right turn onto Almarida and on Hamilton itself. The Almarida-Hamilton intersection is also confusing for people--many people overlook the do-not-go-straight sign. More people traveling to this area will not help the situation. This In-N-Out Burger would simply be a nightmare for all the Campbell residents that must pass this intersection everyday to get to work, buy groceries, and take care of other day-to-day activities. This corner has always been notorious for traffic. Even before Kohl's, Bed Bath and Beyond and others were built in place of the Furniture Store there prior (Brueners?) it was congested. The off ramp and right turn lane from Highway 17 South and those wanting to access Almarida Drive leads to a lot of conflict as it is a short merging distance. Too many want to exit that lane (from the freeway and too many want to enter that lane to get onto Almarida. Perhaps the channelized right turn lane should be removed so that those turning right off of the freeway come under control of the traffic signal at the end of the off ramp there. And years back, when Elephant Bar was new, that place generated a sizeable amount of traffic too with their lot at capacity at times. Granted In N Out is not the same operation as Elephant Bar was (going from full service restaurant to quick service fast food is indeed a drastic change) and it has the drive thru dilemma with the issue of car stacking capacity within the lane. However, I don't see it generating much of a difference in traffic to the site than Elephant Bar did during it's prime at dinner times in terms of cars utilizing either Hamilton or Almarida to access Elephant Bar's parking lots. Maybe the drive thru lane can be reconfigured in some manner to provide additional stacking capacity within the site or the direction changed to keep overflow cars from spilling onto Hamilton Avenue. I'm extremely excited by the possibility of bringing In N Out to Campbell. I've lived in the area for nearly my entire life and feel that In N Out would be a welcome addition. The proposed location is consistent with the types of locations In N Outs are generally located. I generally find myself driving the extra distance to go to the location near San Jose airport and this additional location would help to reduce my (and those in this area's) driving, reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and traffic. Although I love In and Out, my response is NO! That intersection is already a traffic nightmare. I shop at Kohls, Bed, Bath and Beyond and frequent Panera and it alreacy takes a while to get into the parking lot going either direction. With 2 lanes going to Hwy 17, the traffic is always slow and backed up. It would discourage residents from shopping during peek hours. There is already too much activity going on at that intersection and this would cause more back up. Thank you for listening. Can we have some more healthy options? There's already a Burger King, Jack-in-the-box, McDonalds, and Habit burger within walking distance of this location, and I'm deliberately ignoring the options downtown. I love In-N-Out burger far more than those other fast-food hamburgers but, I think, those other options are enough. Can we get a restaurant with some more healthy options? The traffic will be worse at this intersection if the In and Out plans to have a drive thru window. Where would that traffic sit as they wait in line? It's already busy at this area w/the 880 ramps. I am NOT in favor of this. I would anticipate traffic will be even more snarled at dinner time hours/commuter peak time at this stretch of Hamilton Ave with this type of eatery. The proposed site for In-n-out burger in campbell is a poor choice. With all the traffic trying to merge on/off the highways, plus the home depot, Frys, BBB/Kohls stores, congestion is already at maximum capacity. It is already hard to drive down Hamilton from Bascom because the car wash has people blocking the first lane. It would then again be blocked from people trying to exit the highway because of the lines at a fast food place. Unless the city plans to expand the roads within a couple of months this will be a nightmare for the citizens of Campbell. Not to mention who needs more junk food? - Campbell is better than that. That is our typical path into our neighborhood. That area of Hamilton is already a mess traffic wise. Having a nice sit down restaurant is not a problem. But a drive through fast food place at that location is going to be a mess. Even though an in n out would be nice, the location is not a good one I already hate this area for the traffic on and off of the highway also it is right in front of a residential neighborhood which a lot of people will oppose. Every time I go home I actually like to avoid this area because of how bad the traffic is. A traditional sit down restaurant would be a better choice for this location instead of having cars coming and going messing up traffic. I don't live in Campbell but I drive to/through this area a lot. I also am not anti In-n-Out however this would be a terrible area to put one. it's already dangerous when coming off of 17 and trying to make a right onto Hamilton Ave. and get over left while the people coming from Bascom Ave. are trying to merge right, but adding the massive amounts of traffic to/from an In-n-Out would make this horrific. Also what do Kohls, Bed, Bath & Beyond and the other businesses there think of this? I do shop at these stores quite often however if In-n-Out and and it's traffic were there, I would hesitate to shop there much anymore. I would probably drive a little further or shop online to avoid the traffic issues. Utter disappointment!! Still bummed Elephant Bar left. Why not bring something new to the area?? We do not need another fast food joint. A nice steak or seafood, or international cuisine. In-N-Out?! You want a burger...get one across the street at the Home Depot diner. I'm not opposed to In-N-Out Burger coming to Campbell, but I am opposed to them operating in this location. The Hamilton exit off of Highway-17 is the gateway to our city. The increased. traffic count caused by In-N-Out and the poor ingress and egress to the site (located too close to the Hwy 17-off ramp) is sure to cause traffic jams. It will make the Hamilton thoroughfare difficult to navigate and cause back ups on the freeway exit. In looking at the plans, it looks like with approximately 30 cars entering the drive thru, cars will back-up into Hamilton or if cars are backing out of spaces 57 thru 64, traffic will be waiting on Hamilton to turn in. This is congestion an already overwhelmed road way cannot handle. While this location might be a good choice for In-N-out burger, it's a poor choice for the resident and business of Campbell. The traffic issues caused by In-N-Out will aggravate residents and create a hassle that will deter people from shopping and patronizing our other Campbell businesses. * please note: most of the supportive comments come from people outside of the city boundary . -Brian Horton 38-year resident For the love of God, no more crappy fast food places in Campbell! Can something healthy come to Campbell? A salad place, perhaps? Or a really nice upscale restaurant? Want a burger? There are several places that have opened in Campbell in the past 5 years for a burger. Aside from that, the traffic is horrible at that location and adding a restaurant with a drive thru there would be poor planning and would create safety issues on the road. No! No! No! I love In-N-Out and would like one closer to home, but that is a HORRIBLE location for it. The traffic on Hamilton is extremely backed up during commute hours and a drive-thru would make it even worse. Please consider another type of restaurant that would not impact traffic so severely. Something healthy like a Veggie Grill or salad bar would be great! I love In & Out Burgers. I eat at several of their restaurants on a regular basis, and would love to have one of their restaurants in our fair city. It's annoying to have to drive over to the airport for a good burger! However, I have serious doubts for the elephant bar property based on the small size of the property. The In & Out at McCarthy Ranch has roughly 76 parking spaces, and many times during the lunch hour there are several cars queued up on McCarthy Blvd . just to get into the lot, and then we have had to park at adjoining businesses such as the hotel so we can go in the restaurant. The In & Out on Newhall Dr. has 96 parking spaces, it gets very crowded, and we usually park by Lowes instead of waiting in line for a parking spot. The In & Out in Sunnyvale on El Camino is even more problematic, as they have 86 parking spaces, parking as always fills up quickly, and there are no close business to park at. You have to park by the Dollar store and walk across Remington to get to the restaurant. In conclusion, absolutely yes to our own In & Out Burger in Campbell, but the suggested property is too small and that corner is too congested already to have a line of cars waiting to park at the restaurant. I support the Inn N Out proprosel. It provides jobs to young people that often are unable to find summer work or part time jobs. Inn N Out is a wonderful business that always succeeds and will bring further prosperity to the area. I see most In-N-Out locations appearing to be "In-and-In-and-In-and-In-and-In-and-finally-Out", both drive-thru and inside. Current traffic alone makes this NOT a location for one of these in my opinion. I see I'm listed as "outside City Boundary"; I guess San Jose folks don't have to shop in Campbell... Traffic is already a major issue for that area. Currently, the congestion from the Highway 17 South off-ramp traffic combining with cars on Hamilton merging over into the right lane of Hamilton to turn onto Almarida is very bad. Add to that the holiday shopping gridlock from Fry's, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kohl's that occurs from the day after Thanksgiving until New Years and we have a massive problem on the surface streets and Highway 17. Adding a fast food restaurant at that site will make this worse; letting them have a drive through lane makes it intolerable. This is not a NIMBY complaint. The tangible impact on the residents in the neighborhood is unacceptable. This is a Campbell issue that also impacts those of us who live in the San Jose part of Hamann Park. Please do not allow this to go forward. As a Campbell resident who lives behind that location I believe this is a terrible place for a drive-thru. Not only is the traffic too much on Hamilton and the interchange, but my family has experienced many times drivers leaving the lot across from the Elephant Bar seemingly oblivious to traffic as they turn left onto Almarida - as if they don't think anyone could be driving away from Hamilton. I shudder to imagine the impact of more bad drivers in that area I support In-N-Outs proposal. I think it would be great to have an In-N-Out this close. As someone who lives directly behind the former Elephant Bar property, I'm incredibly worried about an In-N-Out going in at that location. Even though Elephant Bar was open late and sometime got a crowd of late night revelers, the fact that the back of the building was empty and quiet made a nice buffer for the apartment buildings on the other side. Judging by how small the location is, I'm sure the parking and drive-through traffic would come directly up against the fence to the apartment building property and any hope for a quiet buffer between the business and the adjacent residences would be a distant memory. I'm really concerned about the noise and traffic that a high-volume drive-through business would bring to this quiet corner. Furthermore, as it has been stated many times already in this forum, that location is far too small for an In-N-Out. Go to any location in the area and you'll see a much larger location that is still choked with traffic. This just seems like a horrible location for an In-N-Out. Sadly, if In-N-Out moves in here, my family will probably move. I don't believe we need another hamburger place in Campbell, especially on that sight. The traffic on that corner is already heavily impacted. It would be nice to have a restaurant that has a nice variety on their menu. Suggestions would be AppleBee's, Bennigan's, Ruby Tuesday or a Jason's deli they have sandwiches, soups a salad bar & they also, cater to gluten free customers. The In and Out on Capitol and Tully generates a significant number of police responses during the weekend...specifically during late night hours. DUIs, DUI accidents, gang fights, sideshows, etc. are a common occurrence. Inviting this behavior near residential Campbell neighborhoods is a horrible idea. The traffic in the Hamilton/880 interchange is already unbearable. Now you are planning to add a fast food chain that REGULARLY has drive through traffic backed up in to the street? There is a reason why most of these restaurants are in huge shopping centers and not small commercial use lots in front of residential neighborhoods. Traffic at these places can be so bad - in Los Angeles for example - waiting in a drive thru line at an In and Out is considered a rite of passage. Also, why does it have to be a low-brow, fast food restaurant? Aren't there ANY other alternatives for that spot? This is a terrible idea for the Citizens of Campbell. Love In and Out. Great idea. In-N-Out is a terrific company with great food, and I would welcome the Company to Campbell, but the proposed location is not a good fit for Campbell. This quasi intersection is too impacted to take on a popular drive through business. The drivers exiting Home Depot are often unsure of how to navigate the intersection. The freeway only right turn lane adjacent to Fry's is ignored. East bound Hamilton has lots of lane renegotiation as drivers approach the Highway 17. The West bound exit from Highway 17 on to Hamilton is a short merge with drivers wanting to turn right on to Almarida Drive, especially at 5:00 pm. Impatient drivers entering and exiting the restaurant will make risky decisions and further compromise safety. Please suggest another location in Campbell for In-N-Out. I think putting an In & Out where the Elephant Bar use to be is a bad idea! I like In & Out but that is the wrong place to put it at. That exit is already insane for us, the traffic would be 10 times worse with a drive thru burger joint right at that exit. I really hope they think twice about this Although I like the idea of an In & Out in Campbell, this location is a terrible idea. Traffic is already backed up and at a standstill twice a day, and it's frequently crowded at this intersection during non-peak hours. A drive thru restaurant is the last thing we need here. I would like to see a restaurant more in keeping with the spirit of Campbell. We have so many unique places to eat, shop, socialize and a fast food place is not going foster any of this things. It will add a lot of traffic. Very few if any of the fast food patrons will stick around to enjoy our great little town. I don't see where the city or its residents will have any great benefit from this establishment. I would like to see a sit down restaurant that offers some unique menu items that currently are not available in Campbell such as a Vietnamese, French or American style restaurant. In-N-Out as a restaurant would be a welcome addition to Campbell, but not at that location. That intersection is already a terrifically busy intersection and the addition of In-N-Out will only make things worse. In-N-Out always has long cueing lines before food pick-up, so if plans go forwards there has to be adequate planning for long cueing lines. The City Council cannot be allowed to approve a plan that negatively impacts residents or customers of existing businesses. Thank you for trying to find something for this location. However, please find a different restaurant, we really, really need variety in Campbell. We have way too many Hamburger and Pizza places (no more please). I'd love to see a really good Chinese Restaurant (like The Mandarin Gourmet in Cupertino), Sushi, Indian, Pho, Filipino, Tapas, Seafood, a Salad Bar place or really anything healthy, but no more hamburger, pizza or fast food places. There has to be other options. Also, not to mention the traffic that a fast food restaurant brings in, which others have already noted. I Vote NO on In and Out Burger! Reason #1 This intersection is a nightmare on a good day!! It has been drastically over developed already..Elephant Bar is closed and the intersection is still gridlock everyday! Reason # 2 Campbell is popular because it is unique..We do not need 1 more Corporate food chain. Lastly..we do not need more Minimum Wage jobs created...we need a unique establishment that reflects the culture amd diversity of our unique community. A very high end establishment that will draw a business crowd that will pay its employees a Silicon Valley Living wage. IN & Out Burger should stay out! As a young Campbell resident and a former city employee :), I would love to have an In-N-Out Burger in Campbell! In-N-Out is a universally beloved place to get food and currently the closest one is next to Avaya Stadium, too far to go on a regular basis. I think I speak for many when I say that the prospect of having an In-N-Out close by excites me. An In-and-Out Burger will cause even more traffic congestion than there already is especially with a drive through window. I have witnessed major traffic jams at other facilities where cars form long waiting lines and the employees actually walk up to cars to take orders to keep customers happy. It is already a mess when attempting to pull onto Almirada Dr. from Bed Bath and Beyond, Paneras, etc. when we are only allowed to make a left hand turn. It is common knowledge that often people attempt to run the light at Hamilton and Almirada but end up blocking the intersection. PLEASE BLOCK THE PERMIT FOR IN & OUT BURGERS. One of the downsides of moving to Campbell from farther north was no longer having an In-N-Out Burger nearby. I'm a big fan of their food and an admirer of their business ethics. Having a location right here in town would be wonderful! As a Campbell resident, I believe that an In-N-Out burger would be a great asset to the community! People (especially young adults) are going to continue to go to In-N-Out no matter what, so we might as well have a location that brings jobs and revenue to Campbell. Please no more chain fast food. I don't want Campbell to become another one of those cities. We have plenty of burgers places already. How about something healthy that we don't have? I love in and out burger but that spot on Hamilton is not appropriate for such a car-intensive business. The traffic in that area is already maxed out much of the day. I cannot imagine what it will be like if the burger place goes in. I vote no! I don't believe there is a need for an In & Out Burger. We already have many restaurants in downtown Campbell, The Pruneyard & Santana Row as well as numerous fast food restaurants on Hamilton & Winchester. In addition, we do not need more traffic on Hamilton Ave. It's bad enough the 17/880 Hamilton Exit is quite dangerous when the traffic builds up. I vote "NO" to In & Out, for those reasons. G. Oliver, Hamman Park Neighborhood resident I believe that it would be a huge mistake to let In-N-Out Burger operate at the Hamilton and Almarida location. Traffic is already impacted at that intersection. It is so close to the highway 17 entrances and exits. At times it takes too long to navigate the intersection with all of the traffic congestion. I can't imagine this intersection with the addition of a high volume, popular fast food restaurant like In-N-Out. Elephant Bar was a restaurant, but had much less turn over in customers per hour than what In-N-Out Burger will service. In-N-Out will have many multiples more of customers per hour. Better would be placement in the middle of a block on Winchester where the roads could absorb and handle the traffic. What I fear is that the city will make this decision on tax revenue. If this gets approved, the huge problems will exist for the life of the lease / permit / company life span. I believe In-N-Out Burger is a great business and I would love to have one in Campbell. I believe the proposed location would be a disaster. In-N-Out Burger is a terrible choice for the Elephant Bar location. It is a very busy intersection already with terrible traffic back-up at peak times currently. The traffic backup at the Hwy 17 off ramp already is bad, but if you add In-N-Out to that corner, the additional traffic will be horrible and a safety hazard! In addition, with City of San Jose intending to add thousands of additional housing units on to the Winchester corridor the traffic will be unbearable. In-N-Out is a high volume, popular drive thru restaurant which is going to attract lots of traffic. They are known for their long line of cars waiting to order and an always overflowing parking lot. This location does not have enough space to accommodate those wishing to park their cars and definitely no place for those waiting in the extremely long drive thru lines. Also, the additional traffic will be spilling out onto the already congested adjacent streets. We do not need a high volume drive thru restaurant at this site. The drive thru component encourages too much traffic. Please give some thought to the adverse traffic and safety this type of business brings and its affect on the neighborhood and the traffic on Hwy 17 and Hamilton Avenue. During holidays the back up is ridiculously long and I think it is a danger as you don't expect to come to a complete stop a mile before the exit. Please deny their application at this location. In-N-Out is a wonderful restaurant and I would love to see them at another location that will not impact traffic so drastically. While In n Out is a great business and serves up a pretty reasonably priced burger, the proposed location is already impacted with poor traffic management that cannot handle the traffic that already travels to and or through the area. Seriously, if you start at Leigh Avenue and Hamilton Avenue and head West on Hamilton, it will take you 20 minutes to go the ~2.5 miles it is to the other side of Campbell on Hamilton Avenue. Starting at that intersection on the Easternmost point of Campbell, there are traffic lights at Leigh, April/Greylands, Bascom, Creekside, Salmar/CA17, Almarida/Home Depot, Central, Winchester, Eden, Llewelyn, San Tomas, Darryl, Marathon, and Phoenix. 13 traffic lights in about 2.5 miles with EXISTING traffic! It is one thing to create traffic calming mechanisms to keep people from blowing through the city too fast, but it is an entirely different nightmare for the residents who are just trying to get across, or out of Campbell to go elsewhere. There are only 3 ways to get through the Highway 17 freeway from one side of town to the other, Hamilton Ave, Campbell Ave, and Camden/San Tomas. It is easier and less hassle for Campbell residents to drive AWAY from Campbell businesses to spend their money in San Jose, Los Gatos, and Saratoga, than it is to have to deal with the traffic that is on the 3 through streets in Campbell. For Campbell residents on the Northeast corner of the city, these are all congested and frustrating thoroughfares to travel on already. Adding more transient vehicles to our streets that empty out onto Hamilton Avenue/Salmar/17 Intersection puts a further burden and stress on Campbell residents. Having a restaurant there is fine, the Elephant Bar did not have a turnover like In n Out will, cars parked at Elephant Bar and stayed for an hour or more, not 20 minutes or more like they will at In N Out. Elephant Bar also did not have a drive through which will add more pollutants to the air as cars idle at the drive through. This does not add to the quality of life for residents of our city. In addition, we really don't need another burger place in our city, we have plenty to choose from, from cheap to gourmet, we have a pretty good selection already. Please no In N Out in Campbell! Thank you! Nothing against In-N-Out as a franchise, but it will attract even more traffic to a corridor that is already much too crowded with traffic. As others have said, a sit down and stay restaurant, like the former Elephant Bar, creates far less traffic than a drive thru. This corridor already has Home Depot, Fry's, Panera, Bed-Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, etc. Its a mess. I live a few blocks away and avoid this corridor whenever I can. No, no, no to a drive thru restaurant on this property. Please, please, please, I BEG you not to create yet more snarled traffic than there already is at this intersection. When I moved here 30 yrs go, there was no Fry's, Home Depot, Kohl's, BB&B, just an elementary school and Breuners. Traffic was bearable. Now from Central/Hamilton to Bascom may take me 10 min . . . Absurd. Park in E Bar parking lot at rush hour and just watch. What about a sit down eatery? Anything but "fast" food. Thank you for your consideration. Peyton Schuler I live on Harrison Ave. between Hamilton and downtown. This area already has a lot of traffic. I have serious concerns about the traffic and environmental impact to this area. I want strong businesses and revenue for our City but these two areas need expert opinion and study. I see lots of feedback requesting a healthier sit down restaurant as opposed to a super busy fast food chain that will most certainly worsen traffic in an already congested area. Could we invite restaurants such as Urban Plates, True Foods, or Sweet Tomatoes or even Islands or a Bahama Breeze to consider taking this spot? I live in San Jose 1 block from the Campbell border, within walking distance of this location. There is too much traffic on this part of the street already, and adding an in-n-out would worsen it substantially. More importantly, we do not need another fast food chain in this part of town. We already have McDonalds, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, KFC, Wendys, Burger King, and El Pollo Loco, amongst others, within a 1 mile radius. I often have to drive miles away just to find a decent meal. What we need are restaurants with healthy and affordable food that are owned and operated by local people who actually reside in and care about our community. Please don't contribute to our neighborhood feeling even more soul-less and boring by adding another chain. We already have too many. Please give us something that we actually NEED, that will make our community better. An in and out ... in Campbell? I like in and out... so close to home? ... cool! Where? The old Elephant Bar location? Oh.... not good... Currently that location has too much traffic already On and off ramp to 17 / 880 and also to 280 Going south on Almarida (passing the site on your right) turning left to get on to the freeway is already crowded only to hit another light just before the on ramps... very frustrating most of the time. With Kohls and bed bath beyond there and Home Depot and frys across the street it's a very busy (SETS OF) intersections. Currently I believe it's too dangerous to walk or roll ( I'm in a wheelchair) to the light rail. Today! A drive through (especially an in and out) at that location just would not work traffic wise. Grid lock will happen people leaving Home Depot, Kohls, Frys, Bed Bath and Beyond on foot or in a car/truck will cause the current flow to stop. Look at any In and Out drive through line... it's long... and people are stupid and just stop in the street and block traffic just to get in. This will make a commute just to get onto the freeways and to go downtown... I love in and out... just not there's a horrible idea. I would like an In & Out in that location. It is a healthier, affordable fast food alternative. No alcohol sold, which reduces possible unpleasant behavior. Company has a good reputation. I live near the Pruneyard and work off Hamilton near San Tomas Expressway. This drive should take no more than 10-15 minutes. There are times when it takes closer to 30 minutes due to the current congestion on Hamilton. A drive through will make the congestion worse. As the location is so close to the 17 on ramps, this already problematic intersection will only become more backed up. Campbell continues to put stress on a small and inadequate infrastructure with all of the high-density housing projects. Having a drive through at this intersection is a bad idea. Please consider a sit down restaurant with healthier food options and no drive through! I have lived in the neighborhood directly behind the Al Morida & Hamilton in the Maryjane Hamman neighborhood for 14 years. The inner section is busy and congested on a normal day. Adding In & Out will shut down our access in as well as out of our neighborhood. The location of Elephant Bar is better utilized for a family restaurant not a fast food restaurant with a drive through. I personally have seen many In & Out locations that the drive through line is wrapped around the parking lot and into streets blocking traffic. During Christmas with the Elephant Bar traffic intensified. Other things to be discussed with this location being considered for a Fast Food business with a drive through is the impact on the off/on ramps for highway 17. Parking. Garbage. More homeless and begging. If there is a community vote mine would be "No". Exiting Home Depot turning left onto Hamilton w/b at Almarida is the scariest left turn I know of in the valley. The city planners need to physically go out to Home Depot today and make this left turn onto Hamilton several times to see how scary the out-going traffic from Almarida is coming head-on towards you as you make this left turn. I am not a Campbell resident so I won't comment on the pros/cons of an In-N-Out. However I do live close enough that I frequently shop at Home Depot and/or other stores in this immediate area of Campbell, thus I see what works or does not work well for traffic flow. Adding more traffic flowing from Almarida to Hamilton e/b is just going to make this poor configuration worse. Potential Solution: Make the Home Depot exit two lanes, one for right turns, one for left turns, using the exiting entrance lane area for the new left, and building a new entrance lane adjacent, along with moving the crosswalk a few feet further west. This would move the left turn traffic far enough left to avoid the feeling you are going to hit the oncoming traffic head-on. And Light Sequencing should be a snap to do without impacting the Hamilton flow. NO for IN and OUT !! Should be a family type restaurant. Would be great to have another Mexican restaurant, as there aren't very many in that area. Also, will make traffic much worse with a fast food. I'm not against In-N-Out, but that location is terrible. Traffic is already bad enough there between 4 and 7pm and the overlap of rush hour and dinner time would cause that whole area to be gridlocked. Lines at In-N-Out can snake out into the street quite easily and quite often. Please look how traffic was impacted at other recent In-N-Out location openings. Hamilton Avenue has become one of, if not the, most congested road in Campbell. Adding a drive-thru, fast-food restaurant on Hamilton, right off of the Highway 17 exit will add even more traffic to an already busy, overcrowded intersection/road. In addition, I do not believe adding another burger restaurant in Campbell is what's best for the city. In the past year, both the Habit and soon-to-be Steak'n'Shake have opened their doors giving Campbell residents plenty of places to get a burger. These two new places add to several other restaurants a person can go to get a burger, including Rockbottom Brewery, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Campbell Brewing Co., Burger King, The Garret, etc. This is a great idea. Elephant Bar failed because no one went there, and a similar type of restaurant would have similar results (people probably just didn't want to deal with the traffic). In-n-out will not have problems getting customers regardless of location. I live on Hamilton north of this location and I can't see an In-n-out making the congestion significantly worse than it already is (i.e. SUPER bad), so why not. The city could help things by making the lights at Almardia, Central, and HW 17 work together more effectively. I know that type of thing is costly, but it would make a huge difference. I live down the street from there in downtown Campbell, this is not a good idea. All my thoughts have already been said here. It sounds like a good idea to those who don't live that close to the area, but those living nearby would suffer ! A family restaurant is a better idea. Someone said a Mexican restaurant should be there, I can agree to that! This is perfect!! The abandon restaurant building is destroying the look of the area. An In an Out shop will fit beautifully to that part of Hamilton str. I live in the Hamann Park neighborhood, the neighborhood most impacted by this proposal. Putting an In N' Out at this location is a very bad idea for a number of reasons: First, and most important, this intersection does not even function well as it is currently. I drive through here 2-4 times per day. From 17 North, once turning left on Hamilton, it is very difficult to get all the way over to the right lane to turn right on Almarida. Meanwhile, the majority of cars who have exited off 880 South are trying to get all the way over to the left. It makes for chaos, lots of backed up cars, and annoyed motorists and honking to go along with it. At other times I am on Almarida turning left onto Hamilton, and inevitably there is always someone coming out of Home Depot who drives straight across Hamilton, not seeing the sign that you can't go straight. 2) Trash. My sister lives over a mile from In N Out and finds burger wrappers and drink cups in her yard weekly. 3) Why would Campbell want to bring in yet ANOTHER burger joint? Let's get some diversity. Not to mention, promoting a plethora of burger places isn't environmentally friendly. The production, processing and distribution of meat requires huge outlays of pesticides, fertilizer, fuel, feed and water while releasing greenhouse gases, manure and a range of toxic chemicals into our air and water. In the Evision Campbell Plan, it states that its goals and values are to promote sustainability, wellness, and health, including access to local, healthy foods and balancing consumption in harmony with the environment. By choosing In N Out, this directly goes against your Envision Plan. Thank you for your time, Melinda Hecht Every "In-N-Out" that I have visited has long lines snaked through their property, often overflowing onto nearby streets. I travel past the Elephant Bar property twice a day, seven days a week. I drive past Classic Car Wash on the way, which often causes dangerous traffic backups onto Hamilton Avenue, even though the carwash provides three lines to wait in. The intersection with Hamilton and 880, near the currently vacant Elephant Bar, is always busy. It is not unusual for cars traveling west on Hamilton to quickly change lanes to their right when they discover the "fast" lane at Salmar is a left turn only lane. Many times it is difficult to weave through the traffic exiting southbound 880 onto Hamilton, to turn right onto Almarida towards Kohl's or Bed Bath & Beyond. I envision a nightmarish traffic situation if an "In-N-Out" opens at Hamilton & Almarida as proposed. Personally, I am already burgered-out with far too many hamburger joints in the area. Would much prefer a Mexican or a Fresh Choice sit-down type of restaurant. The constant heavy traffic into and out of a typical In-N--Out Burger at the proposed location will only worsen the already often-congested urban corridor along Hamilton between Winchester and Bascom, particularly with vehicles trying to merge into westbound Hamilton coming off southbound 17 right where the proposed location is. It's a bad idea from traffic and safety standpoint. Apart from the traffic problems at an already overcrowded junction, what about adding some diversity to dining in Campbell. the Bay Area has a rich demograhic yet Campbell seems to becoming home to the burger and pizza joint. Aside from setting a poor example for healthy dining what about encouraging some alternatives, Indian,Chinese, Greek, Peruvian, Thai??? I know taxes are important but are we just becoming a slave to the fast food chains? The corner where the Elephant Bar currently sits is 315 feet (according to Google Maps) from the exit ramp of Highway 17 as it turns onto westbound Hamilton Avenue. Anyone who drives this area realizes that vehicles exiting from Hwy17 have the right-of-way (save from pedestrians) as they have the dedicated turn lane. All vehicles that exit Hwy 17 from that lane must stop and cross two lanes of traffic to get to the Home Depot entrance. This causes traffic back ups on Hwy 17 especially during the evening commute. With an In-N-Out Burger located at the Elephant Bar site, this Hwy 17 exiting traffic will get worse throughout the day. Now mix in the traffic on westbound Hamilton Avenue which wishes to turn right to get to Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, or I-N-O Burger within those 315 feet trying to cross lanes of traffic that is exiting Hwy 17. This will now backup traffic on wb Hamilton towards Bascom Avenue, not to mention those drivers who will drive in the left lane to get ahead and then stop in traffic to merge to the right and will eventually block the two intersections wb Hamilton west of Hwy 17. (Campbell PD has enough of this in the morning traffic with eastbound Hamilton traffic attempting to force way into the freeway on-ramp traffic). This traffic back up will cause further backups on Hwy 17 which will be blocked in the intersection of the freeway off-ramp and Salmar Avenue crossing Hamilton. Additionally, there will be traffic coming from the west driving eastbound Hamilton which will make U-turns in front of the proposed site. Those vehicles will be backed up and will eventually be blocking the #1 lane of eastbound Hamilton from the light at Almirda back past the Jewelry Store as well as Rotten Robbie at Central Avenue. Anyone who knows Campbell traffic on Hamilton Avenue during the Holiday Season knows that eastbound traffic during the evening commute will back up all the way to and beyond San Tomas Expressway. Adding this I-N-O Burger to this site will make this area even worse. Of course, people who will be sick of this traffic will now come in from the residential street areas north of the site specifically David, Central, Almarida, Pamlar Harrison, and Monica. There are already efforts to reduce and slow down traffic on these avenues, but the traffic on Hamilton will cause a good percentage of traffic to take the back way causing backups on Almarida which will now cause cars in the parking lot of Kohls to back up and make the drivers frustrated and turn illegally into the residential areas to get away from the traffic. This does not even address the new housing that is being built on Railroad and Campbell Avenue. The most direct direction for these new housing areas will be northbound Salmar Avenue past Home Depot and Fry's Electronics...backing up traffic on Salmar then turning westbound onto Hamilton where they will need to cross lanes of traffic including the dedicated Hwy 17 exit lane and have to make the same 315 foot turn into I-N-O Burger. Now, if anyone has seen any of the lines at the other I-N-O Burger stores on Blossom Hill, Coleman, or in Sunnyvale, they all have backups within the parking lots of the shopping centers they are located (save Sunnyvale which is a street corner lot with little space and traffic backs up onto El Camino Real. The lot in question on Hamilton Avenue is small and will result in traffic backups on Hamilton Avenue, Almarida, Salmar and Highway 17. Hamilton Avenue is an emergency route for Campbell and San Jose PD, the CHP, fire and paramedics. Sad to say, this location is not well suited for a business like I-N-O Burger due to the current and future traffic in this area. An In-N-Out Burger will be a nice addition to Campbell, but not at this location. Campbell City Planners have already made traffic at this location horrible with the combinations of a Home Depot, Fry's Electronics, and a Kohl's all too close to freeway access. I would prefer that the City negotiate with the owners of Hamilton Plaza about tearing down the emptied Office Max store and creating more parking at this location, and putting the In-N-Out Burger in the parking lot of Hamilton Plaza. This makes far more sense. Regards, I think this is a great idea. Elephant Bar didn't do well for many reasons and the vacant lot hasn't been a big draw for any other restaurant so why not add an In-N-Out. Lots of people are mentioning there are other burger joints in Campbell but they neglect the fact that these establishments are not drive through and many are more of a sit down style restaurant. In-N-Out offers something those don't. The other main argument people are making is how at every In-N-Out the drive through line snaked through the parking lots or onto the streets. This location has a fantastic proposal of 60 parking spots and a drive through that can handle 22 cars without taking any parking lot or street space. I would encourage people to view the full plans to see the structure is getting smaller, they are planting more trees and landscape, and they are keeping the entrance to the drive through only accessible from Hamilton to try and help reduce the impact on the neighborhood. It seems like this will be a great growth and revenue opportunity for the city. Plus, if the city wants the congestion at this intersection to change significantly they should complete a study so the lights are timed better, allowing for better traffic flow. Until that happens it doesn't matter what restaurant/retail shop goes in, the traffic isn't going to improve. Traffic in the the South Bay is getting worse because more houses are going up. Sorry but In-N-Out isn't going to impact it that significantly. Approve it! This would be a great addition to Campbell. The traffic issues will adjust after couple of weeks after opening. Bad idea, traffic is bad enough. What with traffic coming in from northbound 17 and making their way to the intersection of Hamilton and Almarida, southbound 17 traffic making the right with many cars trying to get out of the right lane along with other cars making the left turn from Salmar onto Hamilton and trying to turn onto Almarida, there's already enough gridlock to make me avoid that intersection in favor of Camden to the South or Winchester from 280 on the North as it is. Putting an In-N-Out burger WITH an drive thru would make the situation intolerable. I live on Winchester near Payne and use Payne to get to Almarida so I can hit Hamilton near 17. Putting an In-N-Out there would make this route impassible. I vote no on this project. Thank you for considering my opinion. Great to see that Campbell was selected as the next location for in-n-out burger. Great for jobs and revenue. Great location near easy access roads. No. A thousand times no. The back up lines for drive through cannot be accommodated by this site. My shopping patterns have already changed because of the congestion and traffic flow at that intersection (I won't shop at any business there) and I cannot imagine why you would want to make it any harder for residents. There are other locations, this is not a viable one. Yes! Bring the "Burger Triangle" to Campbell! I like In-n-Out Burgers. But, I can't think of a worse place to put one. That intersection is one of the most impacted for car traffic in all of Campbell. There's already significant shuffling of lanes from people exiting the 17, and from people stuggling to get into the Residential area and Kohl's/Bed Bath & Beyond shopping area. From the other direction, the left turn into this area would make all of the trip up from Winchester to the 17 worse than it already is. Surely there's a better location than this. What about the old Mr. Chau's location off Bascom? This intersection and the surrounding intersections are already operating at a very low level of service, so adding an In-N-Out into the mix will not help the situation. Not only will it generate hundreds of additional vehicular trips per day, but anyone who's ever driven by an In-N-Out knows that the traffic waiting for the drive through frequently backs up onto City streets. Not only would this impact City streets, but it could also increase the daily backup onto State Route 17 SB which can be incredibly dangerous. Furthermore, Campbell has recently added two new burger joints, The Habit and Steak'n Shake, to its more than abundant supply of burger restaurants (Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Outback, Kirk's Steakburgers, The Garret, Burger King, Mo's, Willard Hicks, Grill 'Em, Foster's Freeze, Jack in the Box, Rock Bottom, Coach's, Hooters, and Katie Blooms all come to mind). Do we really need a 17th burger place? Or would it be better for our community to consider some diversity and encourage a different restaurant to take over the space? It simply doesn't seem to be in the best interests of the community to add to the surplus of cookie cutter burger establishments when we could really benefit from something different that would add value and character to our City. Considering this highly congested area, a sit down restaurant with no drive through that offers something unique besides burgers would be a better choice. I do not believe the proposed IN-N-Out Burger location at 499 E Hamilton Avenue in Campbell is a good idea. It will only add to the serious traffic congestion problem on the Hamilton Avenue corridor between Winchester and Bascom Avenues particularly at the Almarida, North Central Avenue, Salmar and Highway 17 intersections. And, it will add to the transient surface traffic through local neighborhoods, most specifically on Almarida, Harrison, and North Central Avenues, Monica Lane, and Payne Avenue – a large number of vehicle drivers using these streets are doing so to avoid the already serious congestion on Hamilton Avenue and Winchester Boulevard. Please find a more suitable location for In-N-Out. I'm against putting an In-N-Out at this location. There's too much traffic at the congested intersection of Hamilton and Almarida, and on the freeway exit (backs up regularly, and this addition would make it worse). For those of us who live in the neighborhood immediately behind the proposed site, it would mean a daily struggle to get to the freeway entrance/exit. Additionally the neighborhood behind the proposed location (Almarida/Central Ave) could become a "shortcut" for those who are coming from the Winchester/Payne areas. An increase in traffic in the neighborhood would not be welcome. On weekends especially, there are many people walking, children playing -- and increased traffic would negatively impact the quality of our neighborhood life. No, Campbell needs healthier options and the impact on traffic would be horrible, it would make the hamilton exit off 17 so much worse than it already is. Whatever goes there should be a restaurant that can use the existing building and there should not be a drive through in that location, it will impact traffic way too much, its already bad dont allow it to get worse! I think many cities would have stopped this nonsense before they even applied, as nearly everyone leaving comments knows that area and understands the negative impact it will have on that location and our city. You don't need a traffic study, especially when you have overwhelming proof from everyone who lives and shops in campbell saying it's bad. Why is this even being considered? What do you guys plan to do this city? It must not be too important if you think making the main entry point into our town a completely unbearable snarled mess is a good idea. Surly this town can find them another location. Yes please! There isn't an In N' Out near Campbell, and this would only add to the food selection here. I am a resident of the Hamann Park neighborhood (the area behind the proposed In n Out) and we think this is a great idea. Of course, another sit-down restaurant and bar would be ideal, but In N Out is a great brand with a proven track record. As for the traffic impact, I'm failing to understand the concern my fellow neighbors have expressed. I drive that intersection every day, at various times throughout the day. I always make a right on to Almarida from Hamilton and the only problem I ever see is from the exiting 17 traffic who have their own lane. From the plans it seems like In n Out has accounted for their historically long lines by moving the entrance down Hamilton a ways and utilizing the space for parking and the drive-thru. While the Hamilton/17 intersection is busy I don't believe it to be an inherently bad intersection and I don't anticipate the addition of that one restaurant to impact the area that much more. As residents of Hamann Park we approve! I vote for a hard NO on an having an in and out. I know this area very well and live just outside Campbell. We cannot safely handle anymore traffic volume in this spot. Please pick another location! I do enjoy In and Out Burger but this area of Campbell is the most congested area we have. There are many more places in and near Campbell that an In and Out Burger would have more easier access. Let's not add more traffic to an intersection that is already choked now. Thank you Why do we allow drive thru venues? They just increase noise and pollution, not to mention traffic. The traffic at this intersection is already horrible, there must be a better place for an In n' Out Burger. My first choice would be to have another sit-down restaurant. However, this is a great location for an In-N-Out Burger. It's on the correct side of the freeway. While it may create some additional traffic, it's a great location for those exiting the freeway during commute hours in the evening. It has little impact on the line of cars getting on the freeway in either direction. Having an office across the street, In-N-Out Burger would give people in our complex another option for food during the lunch hour. I am opposed to In-N-Out Burger for numerous reasons, including that it is another burger place that we don't need. However, it is my impression that the city cannot reject a restaurant simply for its food menu. If it can, I strongly urge them to consider it. We don't need another burger place, no matter how many people think that this one is the best. We have three similar burger places opening or having opened in the past year within the same general area of Campbell. Habit Burger at Campbell/Bascom, Steak and Shake at east edge of downtown (about to open), and another to be coming to Pruneyard (Burger Lounge?). Add all the other fast food burger places we have within a small radius (Burger King, Jack-in-the-Box, Kirk's and Dairy Queen, plus the upscale burger places like Mo's, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, and on and on; and we have a plethora of burger places. Do we really need more? Especially, national chain fast food places? However, if the council can only evaluate based on traffic, noise, pollution, parking, etc. than it needs to be rejected also. Although it is hard to tell from the plans, it looks like there is an entrance for the drive-in from Hamilton on west end of property. This is the far right lane of Hamilton that is barely more than a block from the Hwy 17 South exit. I see problems with this during certain times of day. Also, what about people trying to do a U-turn at Almarida, coming from west on Hamilton? Additionally, this property is immediately adjacent to residential area behind it. Almarida is a main entrance to that neighborhood and it looks like there may be exit/entrance from Almarida. If there is, this is troublesome for the neighborhood. If there isn't, then the one Hamilton entrance is even more a problem. One more thing, although there is surrounding commercial areas along Hamilton with the Kohl's/BBB, Home Depot and Fry's facilities, this location is not typical of where In-N-Out Burger places their stores, at least in the South Bay. If you look at their Coleman Avenue, Santa Teresa, Mercado Center, Capitol Expwy, El Camino Real locations, they are all within a large commercial shopping complex with the access not directly from the main thoroughfare. In other words, you need to drive into the shopping complex parking lot first to get to the location, including the drive-in. And these locations are not immediately adjacent to residential areas. This makes total sense, eliminating any traffic problems associated with the nearby thoroughfare and problems with nearby neighborhoods. This is not the case at the Hamilton location, and is totally out of line with their other locations in the South Bay. I would hope that the city does their due diligence and an honest appraisal of the traffic, congestion, and most importantly, the effect on future quality of life in the area for residents living nearby, and those who travel through. Another above average burger place, and the revenue that comes with it, isn't worth it. A better choice will come along. I'm against a fast food restaurant that serves a SAD diet (Standard American Diet). We don't need anymore restaurants serving unhealthy food. There is already enough of those in the area: KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, The Habit, the new Steak & Shake place going in. We need healthy food. I would like to see a restaurant like Veggie Grill, or Cafe Gratitude or something along those lines. In-n-out Burger is a quality, well run chain. I currently have to drive to Sunnyvale or San Jose to visit one of their stores. The proposed site does have a traffic problem, but one fast food restaurant is not going to cause gridlock. I would very much like ro see this project approved. Robert Johnson Warwick Dr., Campbell Whether In-and-Out is liked (or not), another burger place (or not), etc. IS NOT the question the City should really be concerned about since they are a legally operated business like any others that may apply. Assuming the City will receive revenue from any legally operated business, the only real question needing review is simply, "Does an In-and-Out Franchise located at the former Elephant Bar location create any adverse situations for the City of Campbell or its current residents?" Given that issue and as a resident of the Hamman Park neighborhood I must point out the following: 1) The Almarida/Hamilton intersection is located just 100 yards or so from a major freeway exit to westbound Hamilton traffic. 2) Westbound Hamilton traffic is currently impeded by traffic exiting the freeway attempting to cross three lanes of traffic to enter the turning lane into Home Depot at time backing up traffic onto the freeway. 3) Eastbound Hamilton traffic is often backed up by traffic attempting to enter traffic lanes designated freeway entrances to north and southbound highway 880/17. In addition it is impeded by traffic from Staples, the Shell station and Frys. 4) Currently, all exiting traffic from Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Panerras and the remaining smaller retailers is funneled into 3 short turning lanes on Southbound Almarida. Although controlled by signal, Southbound Almarida is often impeded by cross traffic on East and West bound Hamilton traffic that can not clear from the traffic signals controlling freeway exiting/entrance traffic. 5) Locating ANY business at the Elephant Bar site that generates high traffic count, such as one with a drive thru window, would add to existing traffic congestion problems experienced by current neighborhood residents and others using Hamilton and immediate traffic arteries. The compounded traffic count would be especially prevelent during noontime, evening commutes and most all day long on weekends if the consider business or one like it is approved. With current traffic counts concentrated at or adjacent to the intersection in question, the City might find itself negligent if they played a part in allowing unsafe conditions to be created by concentrating additional traffic without completion of consecutive major roadway improvements. Therefore, I'd like the city to deny this application. This is a horrible location for a high traffic fast food restaurant. Have you ever seen the line to the other In N Out locations? Their lines are always long! The lot is not THAT big...where will all of the cars waiting in line go? What will this do to the already congested intersection? As someone who lives directly behind this location, I am opposed to having In N Out move here! Love the food, but bad location!!! We do not need another burger place or anymore traffic congestion than is already at this intersection. Please consider something else! As a longtime Campbell resident, I live right off of Hamilton avenue--about .5 miles from that intersection. Hamilton traffic in general has gotten significantly worse over the years. That particular stretch is already a nightmare (especially if you want to get to the freeway on-ramps, or if you are trying to get any business in the Kohls shopping center). While I very much love In n Out, and would be happy to see it come to Campbell--I am very much AGAINST that particular location. The amount of activity it will generate (both inside and Drive through business) will make that area unbearable -- and I would guess it would also impact the other surrounding businesses. I do not take providing feedback like this lightly--I believe strongly in businesses and growth--but having lived in this area for a long time, I know the problems a very busy In-n-Out may cause, and do not think those consequences are worth allowing use of that location at this time. Thank you. What a great fit for our community a clean family place to eat alcohol free zone. A place to take your family or meet up with friends that won't break the bank. Looking forward to this addition and will support them. I live in the neighborhood on the other side of 17 off of Borello Dr. We are often trapped and unable to get out onto Bascom due to the gridlock the car wash creates. And when the metering lights are on in the morning on 17, Hamilton is at a standstill. Please do not put an In and Out on that corner. The impact to even our neighborhood will be horrendous. This is a terrible idea. This intersection is already awful and we don't need extra traffic here or more fast food. I live in this area and it will devalue our homes and will make more people speed down Almarida running stop signs to get a burger. We have enough extra traffic cutting through or neighborhoods. Please find a different idea for this location. As a resident of the apartment complex directly behind the proposed location, and as someone who has to navigate the Hamilton intersection/overpass at least twice a day from both directions (commuting to work), I strongly urge the City to DENY In N Out's attempt to operate a business in this location. Here are the reasons why: 1) As mentioned by many others on this forum, the traffic and congestion as it exists today around Hamilton, Almarida and the 880/17 South off-ramp is hectic and dangerous. Home Depot customers coming from 17 South have to frantically navigate across three lanes to make the turn into their parking lot. Drivers heading on Hamilton westbound for Kohl's and Bed Bath and Beyond shopping have to virtually merge into the 17 off-ramp to get to their destination. To top it off, drivers leaving 17 South often forget that they have their own lane once they reach Hamilton, and make a sudden stop, creating a dangerous scenario for those behind them coming off of the freeway. 2) Let's compare this site with the two closest In N Out Burger locations: - Santa Teresa Blvd off of Highway 85: Not as close to the freeway as the proposed location. Not directly behind a neighborhood. Placed at a commercial complex with a vast amount of parking spaces and other stores. Both streets adjacent to it have multiple lanes in each direction. Lots of room for the infamous In N Out Burger drive-thru line. - Coleman Ave near SJC: Not as close to the freeway as the proposed location. Also located in a large commercial zone with much more parking availability than the proposed location. There are no residential areas close by. Tons of room for the drive-thru line. As you can see, those two existing locations do not present a net-negative effect on their surrounding communities, or traffic patterns. The stark differences between the Hamilton location and those two should be enough to push back against this proposal. 3) There is a very populated residential zone directly behind this location. It is already bad enough for those who have to cut through Almarida to get to their homes. In N Out would exacerbate this problem by many orders of magnitude. Where will the inevitable drive thru line go? The lot itself is much smaller than any other In N Out burger I've been to. Even the McDonalds on Winchester isn't as close to housing as this proposed location. Will anyone who lives right next to In N Out be able to open their windows without smelling fryers or burgers? Please, for the safety and sanity of the Campbell community, do NOT let this go forward. I am personally a fan of In N Out and enjoy their food, but cannot in any good conscience support something that would be ultimately deleterious to an already dangerous and chaotic intersection. Elephant Bar itself was barely tolerable... this is a bad idea. My concern would be the impact on traffic flow in that intersection. It is already heavily impacted in peak hours and the addition of a popular drive through may make it difficult to get off the freeway exit and into the existing retail stores. I believe adding an In-n-Out restaurant is a FABULOUS idea. Think of the revenue the city will generate from such a successful and popular business! Not to mention their product is not only all-American but quite tasty as well. While I understand that traffic may be a concern, any business that can afford to demolish the current building (a must) and create a new site must have to have the resources to do so and will probably create similar traffic patterns. Personally, I will be thrilled not to spend the extra time and gas to drive to Coleman Avenue to get my fix. I could actually walk to this one! Love it--love it--love it! On the other hand, I may end up eating more frequently there...hmmmmm... Nope. Still love the idea. Seriously, In-n-Out can support our community in so many ways. We would be fools to decline this opportunity that such a great company is offering us. Another great reason to "shop" in Campbell! The proposed location for In-N-Out is less than ideal. This area already has a decent amount of traffic from those exiting the highway and the retail stores (Bed bath and Beyond, Kohl's, Home Depot, Fry's, Staples to name the main ones)currently in this area. During most hours of the day it can be near impossible for one to change lanes to get to ones destination - regardless of it being a retail store, highway or even ones own home (such as the apartments directly behind the former Elephant Bar/across from Kohl's). While I understand the city's desire to put in place a business that will be stable and remain in a location for an extended period of time to generate revenue for the city, the current proposed location is not the appropriate place for In-N-Out due to the high amount of traffic this business generates been the walk in patrons and the drive-thru. Please do not approve this business for the current proposed location. Thank you. Our family loves to eat at In n Out, and we support the new location at Hamilton and Almarida. After reviewing the plans, it looks like they've done a thorough job of keeping traffic from backing up onto Hamilton. That area already is congested, so potentially more traffic wouldn't make much difference. It would be nice to have a family-friendly, affordable option nearby that also provides a safe place for teens, sports-teams, and families to congregate. I 100% support the restaurant and location. In n out has managed to magically plan all their sites very well. If the line gets too long, consumers will move on. I am not concerned that traffic will have a significant negative impact. The late night eating option after drinking downtown is a bonus. The tax revenue will help support costs to improve lane markings and new timing of the stoplights. it will also be a close and safe place to work for many Local kids looking for work at a very well run business. Please consider Approving this project. Thank you! I live in the apts directly behind elephant bar. I would love to have in and out burger. The traffic is bad anyway so at least we have good burgers to eat. Yes to in and out burger. Jan P. Many people have already commented on how awful traffic in that intersection is and how Campbell already has numerous burger places, many of them new. This is just another resident who agrees with that. I dislike Campbell sacrificing its "small town in a big city" character and all the work it has put into downtown and the Pruneyard by bringing in a cheap chain. What makes downtown and the Pruneyard great is how both places support small business, high quality food, and provide a place for citizens to spend a good amount of time outside enjoying the day. In N Out, especially when in such a congested area, totally goes against what I think of when I think of Campbell and what business models the city should support. I am in favor of allowing In-Out Burger to occupy the former Elephant Bar sight.. Traffic will increase but I feel Hamilton Ave can absorb it.. The Burger chain will be a good addition to Campbell business. There will be a location close to where I live. As a resident of Campbell (Fewtrell & Midway) it is disappointing to see that our City leaders may seriously be considering adding In & Out where the old Elephant Bar used to be. This is disappointing for the future and image of our city and concerning for the potential (more likely probable) impact it will have on traffic. One of the great things about Campbell, particularly in and around the downtown corridor, is its quaintness and uniqueness. This, and its proximity to the greater bay area, have made Campbell a very desirable place to live and is one of the main reasons I believe it to be a thriving city. Lately, this character is slowing being chipped away with the influx of “chain/box” restaurants. i.e. The Habit and the yet to open Steak & Shake. Do we really need to add a 3rd fast food burger restaurant in In & Out? Does our city really need three burger joints within a square mile of each other? Further, one would think Campbell would want to promote and support small business. Are small business not at the heart of what jumped started the downtown scene since 2001? Just look at the success of Orchard City Kitchen. In my opinion, these are the types of business and opportunities the City should be supporting. Allowing a national fast food chain to open shop, in an already burger saturated area, seems like a missed opportunity for something better. I would think with Campbell’s current reputation we could hold out for what is best (not just financially) rather than settling. Aside from my beliefs on how Campbell should be growing and developing its long terms plans/views for the city, the location proposed (Hamilton & Almarida) seems to be a logistical and traffic nightmare. Try driving down Hamilton (particularly towards the Highway 17 onramp), at rush hour times, and the traffic is already horrendous. Add an In & Out and it might as well be a parking lot. We have all seen the lengthy lines that form at In & Out drive troughs (cars snaking through parking lots on onto streets), to the point where In & Out has attendants walking the line and taking orders to try and speed up service. Further, Almarida is essentially a one way street (only major intersection is Hamilton) unless we want patrons of In & Out cutting through our neighborhoods. Lastly, can we really have a true traffic impact report without knowing how the planned re-development at the Pruneyard along with the increased residences on Railway & Kennedy will impact the area? This all seems like a recipe for disaster. In closing, Campbell should strive for better and decline to have In & Out in our City (at least at its proposed location). Too much traffic congestion already in the area. Do not allow In-N-Out to set up shop on the old Elephant Bar lot. Find them a more appropriate location. I am against the proposed In-N-Out Burger at this location. Traffic would be a total nightmare! That intersection is already very congested. This development would turn it into a parking lot. I enjoy the burgers but oppose the In-N-Out location as it will: 1. add significant traffic (and likely accidents) to an already burdened and complicated intersection 2. increase late night / early morning traffic/pedestrians through 1am; current businesses in area are open no later than 10pm (same as Elephant Bar) 3. increase traffic through residential neighborhood directly behind the business accessed by Almarida and N Central Ave; this is already an issue with cars zooming through to bypass Hamilton I'd like the city to keep Campbell family-friendly and be more selective about the types of businesses it brings in. A business similar to Elephant Bar (a restaurant open until 10pm) makes sense but opening a fast food location open until late night greatly cheapens the city's image and impacts those who live here. Fast food businesses should be limited to the Winchester corridor which is a major thoroughfare which can handle such businesses. The traffic is already terrible in this location! Campbell has recently added Steak&Shake, The Habit, etc. Does Campbell REALLY NEED another fast food place?!??? I think it's a great idea. All the InNOut burger places I've been to manage the traffic well so that the lines stay within the parking lots. Good to generate taxes from a business than leave it empty. Yes - I want this in my city of Campbell! It will bring needed tax revenue and people from nearby cities which also helps create $$ for Campbell. The money can be used to improve the roads and infrastructure. Bringing more businesses to Campbell also helps with Jobs. It's a win in my book. YES I WANT THIS. I don't see any downsides. I love burgers - especially In n Out burgers. Campbell will be a much more pleasant place, with the smell of burgers and fries in the air. I think it would be a big mistake to allow the construction of an In-N-Out Burger on the old Elephant Bar site. I live just outside of the Campbell city limits but near this proposed location and drive by this intersection on a daily basis, if not multiple times during the day. The traffic in this area is already over-congested and waiting at lights in and around this intersection already takes way too long. Adding an In-N-Out, which typically have very long drive through lines will greatly magnify the problem changing an already congested area into a traffic nightmare. Just one example. Traffic typically backs up on southbound 17 at the Hamilton Ave exit during certain times of the day as drivers attempt to enter the Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohl's shopping center. Adding a long drive through line at an In-N-Out at the same intersection will cause much larger backups on southbound 17, making an already bad situation much worse. Please do not move forward with this proposed plan! This is going to be catastrophic for the homes on Almarida, Harrison, Central, Monica, David and Payne. The speeding, stop sign running, and cut-through drivers are already immeasurably up due to the shopping center. Kids don't play outside anymore. Speed bumps will be needed on all these streets, devaluing our homes. There should be ZERO in or out access from Almarida and Almarida should end with a cut-de-sac. We already cannot turn on Almarida because of Bed Bath and Beyond and Panera traffic-we are forced to turn on Central to get to our home on Almarida. In-And-Out serves up a yummy burger, but please not at this location! Moving In N Out off the Hamilton / HWY 17 Intersection as well as off a residential street (Almarida) is a better option for quality of life. I am in favor of this development. In-N-Out has a good reputation for how it treats its employees. That, and the quality of its products, will be a positive addition to Campbell. I disagree with the prospect of opening an In-N-Out at this location. The city of Campbell already has numerous fast food burger joints including a burger king 0.5 miles from the proposed spot, a soon to open steak and shake 0.9 miles from this location, and a Jack in the Box 1.0 miles away. There are also already 10+ places in downtown Campbell to order a burger. We should be considering healthier and more diverse options for our community. Yet another cheap burger joint isn't going to "drive more commerce" to the area as I've seen some other responses claim. At best it will offer a salty fattening snack for people who already had errands in the area. At worse it will increase congestion at the 17/Hamilton interchange while people pull off the freeway for a quick cheap meal. I have a similar opinion as many others. I live in the area behind the Elephant Bar location. I get off the freeway right there every day after work, and that lane is always a problem. Between the people getting off the freeway, a crosswalk, people trying to merge to go to Kohls, BBB, and Panera... it is a mess already. Not to mention the fact that people leaving the Kohls/BBB/Panera lot seem to think they have the right-of-way and pull out in front of people on Almarida all the time. I can't see how putting something as popular as an In-n-Out in that location could do anything except make an already bad traffic area worse. That said, I love In-n-Out and would love one closer. This would definitely require some traffic redirection to not be a mess, though. I don't think people are arguing the merits of In-n-Out and whether it is liked or not--I think that has been determined. I think that people are arguing the hardship that having one at that location would create, as well as the appropriateness of another fast food, burger joint in a location that was once a family-centric business. Traffic: The intersection is already VERY congested. I know that with some construction, this could probably be alleviated, but it will be quite a long project that would create hardship on residents and additional back up on Hamilton. Appropriateness: We don't need another fast food, burger joint in that area (Burger King, Jack in the Box, Habit, not to mention the five places to get a burger in downtown). A restaurant like Elephant Bar (or WAY before, Casa Maria) in that location is what that area handles well--people who go and park their cars for a long time, not creating a constant flow of traffic. It also serves a need that seems to be dwindling in our fair town--a family friendly restaurant, of reasonable price. I do not support having a fast food restaurant, like In-n-Out, in that location. I disagree to have in-n-out burger at Elephant bar location. First, we already have enough fast food joints in that 1 to 2 miles radius. I like in-n-out burger but it doesn't have to be right in front of my house. Second, have you seen any in-n-out burger with only 10 parking spaces? The traffic congestion is easily predictable in this matter. Not to mention with only BBB and Kohl's, have already jamed up the right lane during the traffic time. Imagine the city major hwy exit takes longer time to get off, compared to others, just a matter of time, ppl will go other cities to get what they need. In-n-out burger may bring more revenue from other city folks (not within Campbell) but the cost of traffic deadlocks, more police patrols may not justify the best interests for Campbell residents. The proposed project simply won't and can't work out at this location. It is already close to grid lock at that intersection with Home Depot, Kohl's, Beds Baths and Beyond plus the smaller retails all feeding on to Hamilton Ave., very close to the Freeway exits and entrances along with Fry's and the short block signal at Salmar. The surrounding neighborhoods on Harrison, Central, etc. to the south and the N. Central, Almarida Ave. to the north would be caught in a traffic nightmare that would extend all the way to Winchester during commute and school start and stop times. I do not see how the In & Out can make the traffic work for this location. Traffic exiting South 17 onto west Hamilton is terrible now! Many people who want to go to Home Depot clog up the exit waiting to go across three lanes of traffic. A simple sign telling motorist's to go straight and enter Home Depot from Salmar would help clear this up. Drive thru traffic will only make this worse by significantly backing up traffic onto 17. This is a terrible location if for only this reason alone. How is the City going to deal with the thousands of extra cars exiting the freeway stacking up to go one block to In & Out Please do NOT allow an In and Out Burger on Hamilton. The traffic is already bad on Hamilton and a large fast food place will lower the property values in the homes around it. I think it would great for the city of Campbell! It's in a perfect location, right off the freeway exit, in a part of town that could use a proven successful business. I'm sure Campbell would love having a restaurant that doesn't shut down every 2 years, and that takes care of their employees. I understand the traffic gripe. Nobody likes traffic. These days, there is no getting around it in the bay area, especially during rush hour. I live two blocks from this intersection. The only traffic here is during rush hour. Look at all of the other In N Out locations.. All in high traffic areas. It works. People will find an excuse to complain about anything, especially if it has to deal with crowds. Again, it's the bay, get over it. You could put a taco truck there, and people will still be up in arms blaming it on traffic. It's not like they want to put a Costco or Wal-Mart there. It's a delicious fast food joint. If you can't be patient for those extra 30 cars at any given moment, because you are impatient and selfish, then I suggest you never eat there once it's built! Something is going to be built there. Why not have it something that's a guaranteed success. Please No! In and out causes horrific traffic at every drive through they own. Hamilton and 17 exit is already a problem, imagine how much worse it would become all because people need their hamburgers with spread. There is an In and Out a few more exits up on Coleman,.go there if you truly must divulge in your animal style cravings. I do not want to see The Elephant Bar restaurant demolished. I think it is one of the best looking building in the City. I wish it could be left alone and turned into another restaurant Although I really like In-N-Out, and I'd love to have one nearby, traffic at this location is already out of control, and a drive-through joint would only make it worse. Traffic already backs up onto 17, and the site is too small to allow for adequate parking plus the drive-thru lane. I realize In-N-Out generally locates at freeway exits, but why don't they look elsewhere in Campbell, like maybe the giant lot at Winchester & Payne (the old Safeway lot)? I'm glad that In n Out is trying to get more customers by expanding further into the South Bay and closer to the Santa Cruz Mountains, but I'm just concerned about the traffic this may cause. So my question is How is the city gonna handle any potential traffic issues in that area since 17 is so close to that particular location along with those who are going to other places like the shopping center at the other corner of the intersection of Hamilton and Almarida, and the Home Depot hardware store. Please vote NO to In-N-Out Burger. Much as I enjoy their tasty burgers, building a restaurant with a drive-thru at that location - right off the southbound offramp - will only make a bad traffic situation WORSE. I loved Elephant Bar, and would prefer a nice sit down restaurant like BJs or something instead of In-N-Out, but I want to comment on the traffic concerns. As a resident of Monica Ln located in the neighborhood behind this corner, I was a vocal opponent of the Kohl's/Bed Bath and Beyond/Panera development at the City Council meeting when it was being considered to replace Breuners. I was concerned about increased traffic. Turned out my concerns were unfounded, and in the ultimate irony, we became regular customers of these new businesses and love the convenience. Figures, right? Based on the Kohl's experience, and some unscientific vehicle counts, I'm thinking In-N-Out would have the same nominal impact. My family enjoys In-N-Out, and so I've counted cars in recent visits to both the Mountain View and Coleman Ave locations. My visits are during the evening dinner hour, not lunch. At it's worst, the Coleman Ave location typically has between 15 and 20 cars waiting in the drive thru line. In Mountain View, the line spills on to the street after about 15 cars, and I haven't personally seen it get that far in my visits there. Based on the Campbell plan, it can accommodate 22 cars in the drive thru line before it even spills into the parking area, after which it appears 3 more cars could fit before spilling on to Hamilton Ave. Given the surrounding In-N-Out locations, I can't imagine the Campbell location exceeding the number of vehicles of these other locations, since those had people like me having to drive to their location. So while I'd prefer a different restaurant choice, I don't know that the reason to say "no" to In-N-Out is worsening traffic. My concern is that in-general, Campbell does not require adequate landscaping. If this is built, I would encourage the City to maximize landscaping -- even though there will be pressure to maximize asphalt, parking and through areas for cars. In addition, traffic is the major other concern. Like others I was initially concerned about traffic, however, in thinking about all the other In-n-Out locations I've been to, the planning for the drive thru line has been well thought out and dealt with, as I assume Campbell and In-n-Out will do in this instance as well. The block of land is quite large and will allow ample room for cars to wrap around and queue as well as for parking. I think the initial response to anything new is usually "No! It will cause problems" when in reality, it rarely turns out to be the case. I would welcome In-n-Out to our community! We are residents of Campbell, and we oppose allowing In & Out at the proposed site. Opening the restaurant will negatively impact the already congested intersections in the immediate areas. Also, early and late opening times are a huge concern to neighbors who live near the restaurant. I do not see any value of adding a fast food restaurant, especially with drive through in Campbell. I want In N Out in Campbell more than any other restaurant chain I can imagine and am sending double double my prayers. Not only do I love the taste, the food is very fresh and healthier than the other fast food options. I find myself eating fast food more often than not with my constricted time, and I would love nothing more than to be able to get a protein style burger on my way home. I do not care about the slight increase in traffic, the Bay Area is already extremely crowded. Not to mention how miserable the freeways become during peak traffic hours. A minuscule wait of 10 minutes for food is absolutely nothing compared to my commute home. I do not support an in/out burger at the old elephant bar site. Too much traffic already exists in the area and it's difficult to maneuver in the area already. There are better uses for the site. I do support a restaurant destination business, not a drive through fast food restaurant. I think an In-N-Out Burger place would be great to have in Campbell. However, I think the location would really suck. That intersection already is lousy, and you guys seem to think that putting up arrows and signs that basically say "don't turn this way," or "you can only turn like this" is horrible. You guys seem to think arrows solve traffic problems. This intersection, though, right at the highway on and off ramps, is often a hot mess. Why not put In-N-Out somewhere on Camden? However, I'm guessing that that would be too many hamburger places in the same general area: Steaks and Shakes, The Habit, Kirks Steakburgers, and I saw that a burger place is going into the Pruneyard. In-N-Out usually seems to be in a large shopping complex. Too bad there isn't space available. The Elephant Bar site seems too small. Please...please - find another site for In-N'-Out! This set of intersections and freeway on/off ramps is so overloaded with traffic from early morning until past midnight on a consistent basis! Commuter traffic, trades workers going to Home Depot and customers for Fry's and Kohl's fill the roads relentlessly and the offramp from Highway 17 to Hamilton already backs up onto the freeway on a M-F daily basis. Now imagine adding everyone who decides In-'N-Out sounds like a great quick stop! We can do better than this. Campbell was honored last year as one the the best small cities in the country...let's reflect that by coming up with a better, more workable site and plan for this very popular restaurant. Please DO NOT allow the another burger place in Campbell. We already have a plethora of these types of restaurants, some of which are still under construction. This proposed site for In n Out is wholly unsuited for such an operation. The way the plans are currently drawn would allow for traffic to overflow onto Hamilton Ave, one of the busiest streets in all of Campbell. This would seriously impact traffic that is already skyrocketing and at concerning levels. Please think of Campbell, it's residents, it's families, it's business's before you vote. Because if you think of the people of Campbell, you cannot vote yes on this proposal. I am a "YES" vote for In-N-Out in Campbell. I do not think there is any validity to the great "In-N-Out panic of 2017". Understanding the Hamann Park area as well as I do, having grown up on Almarida Dr. (1014), I can appreciate the worries about traffic in reference to the proposed In-N-Out, as it will have an impact as the road layout currently exists. SUGGESTION? One very practical solution would be to make this simple change in traffic flow by ending Almarida Northbound from Hamilton at the circular at David Ave. No through road, no negative traffic impact to the Hamann Park neighborhood and considerably less safety issues. This intersection (Hamilton/Almarida) was very dangerous growing up as it had no signal light. As such, most everyone went out Central Ave. to Hamilton, or out Payne Ave. to Winchester. Doing this would essentially turn that southern most part of Almarida Dr. (the part that runs from Hamilton to David Ave.) into a commercial through way for the businesses and the southeast side of the Franciscan apartments. Overall, a very logical solution holding enhanced safety features that could likely improve property values at the southeast end of the Hamann Park neighborhood. Having the knowledge of the old Mercury News paper routes throughout Hamann Park as a kid, I can assure you there are no shortage of alternative ingress/egress solutions for the neighborhood with ~16 alternative routes. Additionally, as a 50 year resident of Campbell, and currently semi-retired, I drive through the area intersections many, many times a week at various hours so I am very familiar with the traffic flow. Will there be an impact? 'Yes', absolutely. Will it be a continual 'Burger Apocalypse 24/7 gridlock traffic jam'? NO. Based on the information I have read which was available here on the city website, it appears to me that the proposed occupant has a good plan for customer flow. This is clearly not their first rodeo, nor their first attempt at placing a restaurant near a busy intersection. Though In-N-Out overall seems to be highly desired from the people I have discussed this with, apparently, at least here in Campbell, there is a lot of opposition (NIMBY...) in general to these types of restaurants lately. First it was "The Habit Burger" in my current neighborhood of Pruneyard/Dry Creek. It was said at the time that it was proposed, that "The Habit Burger" restaurant would ruin the Campbell Ave./Bascom Ave. traffic flow and cause untold distress to the surrounding neighborhoods (didn't happen folks...). It was insinuated at the time that the City of Campbell wasn't doing their job on researching the potential problems with traffic, etc. Well, apparently the City of Campbell planning Dept. did do their due diligence and the result is another dining option not previously available with few, if any repercussions. Then, it was (and still is) the lobby to stop 'Steak N Shake' going in on Campbell Ave. Now it is In-N-Out. Enough already. Admittedly, humans don't 'do' change well, and that is a scientific fact. But really, citizens that dwell near major thoroughfares need to accept that Campbell is changing. Traffic overall is increasing. The demographic is evolving due to the demands of this area such that everyone here feels they have less time. Naturally the tastes and desires of the majority of Campbell and SW SJ working residents are skewing toward the desire for an enhanced variety of the 'quicker food service' establishments such as In-N-Out, The Habit Burger and Steak N Shake. I will also share that I was born in LA and have watched the measured, planned, build-out of this exemplary run "Family Owned" business called In-N-Out as it slowly expanded northward. Very seldom do you find one even a 1/4 mile off a major interchange. This fact is driven by a purpose - being located right at the intersection of the highway has proven to be the best possible place to service their customers for all concerned. A lot of Campbell citizens want an In-N-Out here. In-N-Out wants to come to Campbell. Knowing "someone, somewhere" will be impacted by an In-N-Out located in Campbell, no matter where it goes, the question is this: Where else is there an available location, Inside a 1/4 of a mile of the only "major interchange" in Campbell, which is centrally convenient, that is able to service the maximum number of citizens in Campbell and southwestern SJ like this one? I.E., a location that jointly meets the needs of the greater community overall and also meets the business location guidelines and customer service goals of this very popular, fairly healthy (all things 'fast-food' concerned...) enterprise? I am a Campbell resident and I live close to the intersection where the new In-N-Out Burger is proposed to be. I am against this as the intersection is already congested, with many cars crossing Hwy 17 and exiting Hwy 17 right there. Driving east on Hamilton and trying to turn right on Almarida, as I do to get home, is tricky and sometimes dangerous as it is and this would make it much worse. Please don't approve this restaurant. The section of Hamilton between Bascom and Winchester is already impacted by traffic. I feel that the proposed In and Out Burger with their drive through will be a disaster. Growing up in SO. CA, and at the original in n out, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE, them coming to Campbell. My view, yes. NO. Not there. It is way too close to the freeway, plus two intersections so close together and the confusing no crossing allowed rule from Home Depot into Kohls, it's crazy enough there. Unless this company comes with a major revamp of the road system at that location, which is doubtful, it's not a good idea. Please do not approve. I visit your downtown a few times a year, I like to bring out of town guests there, so please do not make it difficult for other locals to visit your great down town. First of all, I think it's a beautiful building for a restaurant. I would like to see another good restaurant operate there. There aren't too many restaurants around that have their own parking lot and a bar and an open kitchen and a patio and a beautiful open, spacious dining room. Patrons seemed to like it. After all, It was always crowded in the restaurant even though the company did not do well. Secondly, have you seen the drive through lines for "In and Out?" I don't know where the cars are going to go in that busy area! I like In and Out burger it would be nice if one was a little closer to where I live (Los Gatos/Campbell border). However I strongly oppose the location. I have lived in the area since I was 3Yrs old and know a lot about the area. This intersection is one that can be very busy and sometimes it takes a lot more time to get through the intersection/s with the existing establishments. I have seen long lines at In and Out and believe that only adding one at the former elephant bar location is going to be a nightmare!! I do agree for another In and Out close by but maybe in a different less crowded area. Plus we already have multiple burger places in close proximity. I enjoy In N Out as much as the next person, but this location would create a traffic nightmare. I believe this would be a great addition to the neighborhood and fully support it. This would cause a bigger nightmare for anyone exiting 17 south to Hamilton and those cats trying to merge to make the right towards bed bath and beyond and kohl. South 17 cars always think they have the right of way and just flow into that lane. No one can merge. Bad location. I am in support of In and Out going in at the old Elephant Bar location. I am in the real estate business and transacting on several QSRs each year you get use to seeing great, good and poor locations. This fits in the great category. Not only is the property located near the freeway and in a retail corridor the parcel, if designed correctly will allow a very smooth traffic flow. The parcel (which is over sized for typical IAO locations) will allow stack up and ingress/egress on site vs. on the street. Even if there is an issue during the soft and hard opening any problems won't last. Let's not forget this is where we as local citizens want traffic. Dead on a heavily traffic retail corridor near good access to other faster surface roads such as HWY 17 and Bascom Ave. Which will keep the cars off of the local residential streets. Everyone I talk to in my business support the location and agree the location makes total sense. It will also help our schools and local tax revenues. The over growth in Campbell and the excess traffic issues are shameful. The city council planning and commissions are acting wreckless and irresponsible. Impact studies... what a joke. Just try and drive any where at 7:30-9:30 or anytime after 3pm... Winchester Blvd a crawl at certain times of the day. Terrible. That 6 story...ugly monstracity behind Campbell near 17, what a horrible eyesore. We mow all have that ugly vista...instead of a beautiful blue sky.. idiots. The area at Almarida/Hamilton is a source of congestion and heavy traffic currently, with 880 entrances and exits, Home Depot, and the Kohls Shopping Center. Many times I have sat thru several red lights in gridlock here. Adding an In & Out (with its usual long lines of cars) would only make matters much worse. However, there is a long strip of abandoned buildings on Bascom north of Parkmoor. This area desperately needs renovation, why not consider building there? The traffic in this location is already horrendous. Why would this city want to create a traffic nightmare by adding in-n-out burger? Campbell does not need another fast-food restaurant. It will only cheapen the city. The city of Campbell is unique. Lets keep it that way and plan and develop something that fits in with the city's character. I have no problem with bringing an In and Out Burger to the City of Campbell, but that intersection is the absolutely wrong location for such a business. Many restaurants have come and gone at that location but they were sit down, stand alone restaurants. In and Out is obviously a drive thru, and that means a whole different traffic pattern. That intersection is too busy for such an establishment, with Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's and the Home Depot across the street. People already block the intersection constantly trying to beat the light and get on Hwy 17. I personally have seen more than one accident at that location. You'd have to have Campbell PD down there constantly for all the problems this would cause. This is a bad idea! I'm really hoping we get this upscale In-n-Out! It's one place my family can eat because they have good, fresh beef and protein style works for all my gluten intolerant children. We have to drive far to get to one now. Also, It would be a boon to the local businesses, too. In n Out is a welcome addition to Campbell but not at this particular spot. The exit off H17 already causes problems for people trying to turn into Kohl's lot. I have to use that turn every day so I'm speaking from experience. Extra drive thu traffic at this intersection would b a receipt for disaster. Rember, Home Depot traffic is also exiting at that same junction. A restaurant at that site would b great but not a drive thru. In-N-Out will be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood, and I look forward to visiting when it opens. Surrounding businesses will benefit from finally having a successful and desirable destination in this spot. Being adjacent to the freeway will reduce the impact of traffic on residential neighborhoods, and make management of traffic easier with less adjustments and improvements. This business and this location couldn't be a better fit, and will undoubtedly be a benefit to Campbell as a whole. Thank you for your time! I am for having Inn & Out at the Elephant Bar location.......It is convenient place and it is a good quality fast food chain We don't need another "fast-foid" restaurant in the area. Would like to see a restaurant that has a better quality. Something like a Lazy Dog, ruby Tuesday, or even Red Robin would still be better. As much as I'd love to see an In n Out Burger come to Campbell, I feel that property would be better served as an Olive Garden or similar restaurant. That corner is already congested enough and I have seen the Hamilton Ave off ramp back up as far back as 280 as it is. I only see that getting worse with a drive thru themed restaurant such as this. In general, I support the conversion of the Elephant Bar premises for development and use by In-N-Out. The land was already zoned for and used by a food service business and in that regard, no zoning change is needed or warranted. The only real issue, as I see it, is the potential traffic impact of drive-thru patrons lining up and spilling out onto surrounding streets. I would think that City planners, working with In-N-Out, can come up with adequate traffic mitigation/control measures that will eliminate spillover problems and resulting traffic snarls. Growth is important and extremely necessary for Campbell. Having lived and gone to school in the area, traffic is the least of everyone's concerns. The reason there is "traffic" is because when people exit off the 17 to Hamilton, most if not ALL people do not know that they have their own lane. With or without the In-N-Out, there will be traffic. Until identifying signs or cones are put in place, there will be traffic, In-N-Out or not. I vote to build it, Campbell would benefit GREATLY from it. The last thing we need in Campbell is one more hamburger spot, that will clog our already crowded streets. How many other hamburger locations are within a mile of the proposed site? In downtown Campbell alone there are MO's, Brown Chicke Brown Cow, Habit Burger Grill, and the new place near the railroad tracks that is about to open. Please STOP this nonsense!! I think In N Out would be great at that location as long as the que is contained on site. They managed this at the Coleman location and it works well. Maybe there could be a sign that says no left turn from their parking lot onto Almarida? Come on Campbell we can do better than another unhealthy burger joint. We sure do seem to have plenty of burger and pizza places, do we want to be known as the obesity capital of the South Bay - 'come visit Campbell where another fast food joint is just in waddling distance'. Don't get me wrong I like a burger but what about some diversity? Looks like there will be more than adequate traffic flow for the drive thru on site! I support an In-N-Out in Campbell where Elephant Bar was! Instead of tax dollars going to San Jose (because In-n-Out fans will travel there to get the food), they will stay in Campbell. It will give shoppers across the street a quicker alternative for food, not to mention that travelers on Hwy 17 will welcome a quick off for some In-n-Out!!! I was dismayed when the Elephant Bar went out of business. For years it was a place for birthday, graduation, and other festive family occasions. It filed a niche between fine dining and cheap fast food. It had an elegance about it with its elephant motifs and elaborate ceiling fan mechanism. The bar was a nightly watering hole for colorful locals. I miss it. I was hoping to see another mid-scale restaurant take its place. An InnOut joint with lines of drive- through cars will cheapen that whole area. Please do not approve this plan! In n out is great and I think the revenue would be good for campbell. Great idea. Nothing has survived at this location because it's hosted sit down restaurants. This location is prime for a drive thru - In N Out manages queues well, it's right of the freeway (just like every prime In N Out location), and its location will also help keep any excess traffic contained to within 0.05 miles of the freeway (so minimal impact to the city as a whole). This project will bring revenue to the city, the location was already zoned for a food establishment, it will be beneficial to the stores surrounding the area, and its the tastiest burger in the country in our own back yard. Don't let this project get derailed. An in&out on this sight is not appropriate the name itself says it all,a huge volume of traffic. The traffic exiting hwy 17 onto Hamilton at any time is always backed up and adds to the problems on Almarida for residents. I also envision even more traffic on our inner residential streets as we already have problems with cars cutting across our streets from Moorpark and Winchester. it s a well known short cut Hamilton Ave. Can,t imagine the City of Campbell even considering such idea. It better suites for restaurants like pf changs or california pizza or any dine in place. It may work with in n out burger, however not a drive thru if it has the vehicles entering and leaving on almarida drive. I really dont see it helping the traffic either on hamilton. Also the place has trees which needs to be left alone irrespective of any plans to develop the area. This is a horrible idea. Likely the worst off ramp in the area already, I suspect it will back up to the 280. With cars already stopping on off ramp unsure that they have a protected lane, others trying to skip across 3 lanes to get to Home Depot, and cars diving in to get to Bed Bath & Beyond, it's an absolute nightmare. The City staff should take a ride over to the new San Carlos In and Out during lunch. They have 3 times the space, and still the cars stop in the middle of the street to get in line. I really hope for the sake of drivers safety this isn't approved. As someone who lives in the area (West San Jose), I'm quite concerned about the traffic impact from the proposed In-N-Out restaurant, in particular the drive-through component. I understand this drive-through feature is a key part of their brand, so it's not something they are likely to agree to do without. The traffic at that intersection is already quite congested. And during peak traffic times, the traffic on the side street between the restaurant and Bed Bath & Beyond is dangerous. A few years ago, I was in a minor accident when a driver made a left turn in front of me to get into the Elephant Bar parking lot. My insurance agent said there have been other accidents at that spot. I am concerned about the increase in vehicles not only coming to park and stay for a while, but entering and exiting the drive-through in a short time. And peak afternoon/evening traffic coincides with the peak time when people would use the drive-through, making it even more dangerous. Could anyone really imagine ANOTHER problem at the intersection of Hamilton and Hwy. 17? As if the exit lane off Hwy. 17 to Hamilton isn't an accident waiting to happen every 3 seconds (need I say more?). I propose the off ramp of Hwy. 17 have a stop light installed with HUGE "No Turn on Red" signs. Here are the main reasons: *Traffic coming down Hamilton and turning right on Almarida will be able to avoid merging at the last possible second with rapid flow of traffic exiting off Hwy 17. *Stopping the oncoming traffic traveling down Hamilton and allowing the traffic exiting off Hwy 17 to have the Right of Way will allow this flow of traffic to turn right in Almarida or left into Home Depot without crossing 3 lanes of traffic causing countless delays and pile up accidents. *Pedestrians! They will be able to cross over the Hwy. 17 off ramp without running for dear life. It becomes a blind corner. Exiting traffic looks left for oncoming traffic instead of right for pedestrians while speeding up to exit or slamming on breaks to wait to cross all 3 lanes. This leads up to the In N Out proposal. I live and travel to and from the Castlemont Elementary area to Hwy. 17 everyday using both residential streets and Winchester/Hamilton. By adding this additional traffic barricade, there will be no way around the cluster to get to or from Hwy. 17 on main streets or residential without driving ALL the way up to Camden (adding additional congestion to another congested area) since Campbell Ave. does not have an 880 on/off ramp or out to Stevens Creek (Santana Row and Valley Fair traffic? No Thanks!) since Moorpark only has a 280 on ramp and no 880 on/off ramps... Traveling so far out of your way just to get to anywhere near Home, Downtown Campbell, existing businesses is just INSANE! It will only make the City of Campbell suffer. What about Parking? In N Out is well known for the meals they provide and have a very strong demand. The demand alone overflows their parking lots with cars standing in the drive thru blocking open parking spaces in their own lot causing traffic to flow out onto residential streets or Hamilton Ave. The domino effect is overwhelming. They will create a huge back up in both driveways leading to this lot off Almarida and Hamilton, Almarida will be at a stand still with cars coming off of Hamilton to use the alternate driveway and cars will back up onto Hamilton. Customers getting to INO will begin traveling through the side streets to come up Almarida from the other direction using Central Ave to turn into the side driveway only making street wear and tear worse on the roads since they were not designed to handle a heavy flow of traffic and taking away the residential neighborhood feel and calm. Parked cars will begin to take over spaces near Panera Bread and Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohl's as well as the open street parking used as residential parking for the apartment community and homes on Almarida. Noise factor: The 3 surrounding locations in Santa Clara and San Jose open as early as 10:00am and close as late as 1:30am. Late night customers will also flood this area. Residential zones are just too close by to tolerate this noise level from customers, cars and loud music. During the daytime will add the brick wall of traffic getting in and out of the schools in the area with children. A business with such impressive demand would be great for the City of Campbell just not in this location. Thank you for your time, Jina Duncan Just look everywhere where there is an in and out burger and look at the constant traffic look at the litter is this intersection going to be able to stand from exiting 17 North or southbound or even just coming up Hamilton either direction this will cause such a traffic jam will be horrendous for anybody who lives when the 2-mile radius let's think about this people Campbell is a quaint little town and a franchised drive-thru is not what we need Being a 19 year resident of the city of Campbell and living in the downtown area that entire time I've watched the planning department and commission make several very intelligent decisions regarding the growth of our community. Having said that, I am very concerned about the impact that a very high traffic store will have in that location. With the intersection already serving Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's, and Panera it sometimes takes several cycling's of the signals to traverse the intersection. It is my opinion that none of the aforementioned stores generates near the vehicle traffic that an In and Out store will. Granted I have no technical data to back this up; just my own personal experience of using their stores around the bay are. For example, the store on El Camino & Grant in Mountain View and the store near El Camino & in Wolfe in Sunnyvale. Both sit at intersections and on thoroughfares that function more efficiently then the intersection at Hamilton at Almarida and Hamilton at Salmar currently operate. Please also keep in mind at the present time traffic often backs up more than 1/2 mile onto Highway 17 with people trying to exit onto Hamilton to make a right-hand turn. To add a high-volume store to that location, which will draw vehicles off the freeway that would not normally use these intersection, will have a detrimental impact on those of us that use these intersection daily. It might also reduce our property values due to the increased difficulty getting into and out of our neighborhood. In my opinion placing a high-volume store such as In and Out on any of the main arteries into and out of Campbell off of Highway 17 would have a negative impact to that particular neighborhood. Placing the store farther off the freeway such as on Bascom Avenue up towards Stevens Creek or on Winchester in the direction of Stevens Creek would help meter traffic due to the length of time it takes to travel that distance before reaching an entrance onto Highway 17. On another note, please understand that I am not against the store itself. The only two fast food restaurants my wife and I eat at are In & Out and Chipotle. We LOVE In-N-Out Burger, and are excited at the prospect of having one closer than the airport. HOWEVER, the old Elephant Bar location is NOT the place to build it!!! Traffic at the intersection of Hamilton and Almarida is already a horrible mess, particularly during rush hour. This has been a miserable intersection for years, and CANNOT handle more traffic for an In-N-Out Burger. It's ridiculous enough that you can't proceed straight through the intersection from Almarida into the Home Depot parking lot, and vice versa, plus there's the current danger to pedestrians trying to cross with left-turning vehicles coming out of the Home Depot parking lot right into their path. Increased traffic for an In-N-Out Burger would be an additional nightmare, ESPECIALLY if there is a drive-thru! Have you seen the drive-thru lane at the airport location??? There is not nearly enough room for a successful In-N-Out Burger at the Elephant Bar location. I don't understand how you could even take this project at this location into consideration. Now, where you should consider placing an In-N-Out Burger is at Dick's Center at 1350-1400 South Bascom. There's lots of space and lots of parking and lots of lanes for traffic on South Bascom Avenue. It's a direct shot from City College up the street. Make Dick's Center into an International Food Court instead of just languishing, empty buildings. The Intersection is already challenged with too much traffic. In and Out Burger would be a welcomed addition to Campbell. However we already have overflowing number of burger joints within a 2 mile radius of The Elephant Bar site - In and Out Burger yes - but not at that location. 880 Traffic exiting on Hamilton is already dangerous. SAVE LIVES - FIND ANOTHER SITE. I would be happy with an In-n-Out built here if the development somehow would make the BIKE & PEDESTRIAN experience safer and more welcoming. Is such a thing possible? Here's a suggestion: reduce the number of parking stalls, double or triple the size of the outdoor dining patio and have the patio adjacent to or near the public sidewalk. The wall shown between the sidewalk & restaurant seems unfriendly. Its always good to have another food joint in Campbell, but this one right next to an already chaotic traffic area will make things even worse and eventually put public safety in jeopardy. It would be great if the city considers moving this joint to a place where it is less crowded and to a more wider traffic area. On a longer run, this place will eventually be inaccessible for a leisure walk for an otherwise pleasant evergreen Campbell. Please leave Campbell as is, it has a reputation of being beautiful and peaceful at the same time. I am not sure what the concern is about having In N Out at this location but I imagine it is concern about the traffic and pollution impact, especially with a drive-thru. If that is the case, perhaps the council should reach out to Marin County where they allowed an In N Out to be built but without a drive-thru to limit pollution and congestion. Did it work? Are they happy with it? In N Out is light years better than other fast food options and it would be nice to have a healthier burger choice. Personally, I would prefer something like Rubio's - less traffic and even healthier. Too much traffic at hamilton and 17 already. There is no room for street overflow here and it will jam up both intersections there. Also have you ever tried to pull out of Home Depot against the traffic coming down Almarida? Even with the light the Almarida cars think they have right of way over Home Depot and they do NOT. This is the only traffic light I've ever seen with such ambiguity and add In-N-Out will make it much worse. thanks Byran Longmire City of Campbell I live at 601 Almarida Drive in Campbell and I am opposed to the building of an In & Out Burger at the corner of Almarida & Hamilton. I lived in Los Angeles for 9 years and have personally seen and experienced what happens when you build a In & Out Burger on a street and not in a shopping center. The lines are horrifying and the congestion bleeds out into the street causing traffic. They also maintain late hours and are a popular hang out on the weekends for people who just spent the night drinking at local clubs. With bars being close by in downtown Campbell, I can guarantee you many of those patrons will come to In & Out at 12/1 am seeking food to sober up. This is a direct threat to public safety in this neighborhood and I object to it. I have no issues with a sit down restaurant being located here (like the old Elephant Bar) as patrons come and go over hours and not minutes, the traffic is far less of concern with a traditional sit down restaurant. Ive been here since 1958. No one is more upset at whats happened to this valley than me....but for the family starting the petition, why did you buy a home in that particular area? I think you wanted to be close to freeway access/restaurants etc. That is the price you pay. There was even a restaurant there before anyway Driving west on Hamilton Avenue trying to make a right turn on Almarida and merging with cars exiting 17 S. is already very treacherous. The congestion from in and out burger will only make it worse. If people really want an in and out burger, find a different location than there. I live on Harrison Ave. near Payne. I often use the intersection at Hamilton and Almarida to get to my house or to shop at Kohl's, etc. The traffic at Hamilton and Almarida is notoriously bad and confusing, with lanes coming off and onto Hwy. 17, out of Home Depot, Fry's, and other shops. Its often congested and dangerous. I feel that if In N Out builds at that intersection, I will no longer be able to use that intersection to enter or exit my own neighborhood, and it will add to traffic congestion and risk to drivers. I love InNOut Burgers, but I don't think that location will work for those of us who live, work and play in this neighborhood. I support replacing the Elephant Bar with an In-N-Out Burger, as there is no In-N-Out nearby. I would love an in-N-Out in campbell. I think is a fantastic idea. I live in Campbell and I am strongly opposed to having an In N Out location at that location. I enjoy In n Out Burger and have gone to the other locations many times; however, I used to work near the Mountain View location near Rengstorff and 101, and have seen how In N Out can increase local traffic. In N Outs tend to be open very late, and I have seen them serve many people just passing through an area, nearby a highway exit. What this does is add a LOT more traffic to an area, especially at crucial rush hour times (like 5pm-7pm when people want to grab a bite on the way home from work) as people exit the highway, order takeout (even more so with a drive thru), then get back on the highway. This added traffic would significantly impact the traffic and safety in that area. The Hwy 17/Hamilton intersection is already the worst, most difficult, and most dangerous in the area. Adding thousands of cars exiting the highway making U turns, picking up food, then getting back onto the highway, is a bad idea. I worry that an In N Out will cause dangerously long traffic backups -- imagine even more cars trying to merge onto Hwy 17 exit lanes at the last minute, and lines lasting multiple green lines to U Turn on Hamilton. This location would be better served by a sit-down restaurant like Elephant Bar used to be. If it's a location where people come and sit down for a while and eat, that would add much less traffic and be a better fit for this location. In-N-Out at Hamilton and 17 is a very bad idea! The intersection is already a nightmare - let's not make it worse with a fast food restaurant! I live in the Hamann Park neighborhood and I have agreed with most in the neighborhood that the location of the now closed Elephant Bar is not optimal for the traffic an In 'n Out burger would generate but I wasn't passionate about it. That is until yesterday. While heading west on Almarida and in the middle lane to turn left on southbound Hamilton Ave, my light turned green and as I entered the intersection a car ran the red light heading south on Hamilton and hit my car. They then ran the red light at Salmar and headed south on Hwy 17. I have been transformed into a staunch opponent to having an In 'n Out burger at that intersection. Please permit the In and Out at this location. I live in this neighborhood and I am fine with having this business at this location. They hire a large number employees and are an extremely well run business. I live in the Hamann Park neighborhood and work in Campbell, driving past this intersection on my way to work. I absolutely support the In n Out! This will of course increase traffic, but right now the location is vacant and a blight. SOME business is going to be put here, that business will try to serve the public and as many customers as possible, so, traffic is going to increase no matter what. Since traffic will be increasing, we might as well have ready access to tasty and affordable hamburgers, fries, and shakes! I have lived in this neighborhood (Harrison Avenue) for 18 years and always have been open to development but it has just gotten to be too much. The traffic issues are astounding. The In and Out would just simply clog this area even more. I am totally open to a sit-down type restaurant (like Elephant Bar that was there before) because people come, sit and eat and it is more reasonable with traffic. The nature of In and Out is just that "In and Out" and the fast food traffic patterns would simply create a terrible burden to an already ridiculously heavy Hamilton Avenue load but also to the neighbors who already deal with a deluge of traffic. Bring something more reasonable to that site. I am totally open to that. Just not this type of restaurant. It is not a good fit. In my opinion, traffic concerns around proposed In & Out Burger are over- blown. Morning commute would be unaffected due to later opening time. Afternoon and evening traffic concerns could be partly mitigated by working with In & Out to make the location bike/pedestrian friendly (well marked green lanes, plenty of bike parking, etc...). I also support the idea of working with In & Out to make this a "non-drive thru location" like they did in Marin. That would certainly address concerns about the drive-thru lane backing out onto Hamilton Avenue. Certainly there are ways to make this work. Let's find creative solutions to incorporate this successful, well-run family business into our community and take advantage of the jobs and incremental tax revenue it will bring to Campbell (not to mention the tasty Animal Fries)! I am not a Campbell resident, I live just beyond in West San Jose, but I am a frequent user of the Hamilton off-ramp. Ninety percent of the time a driver heading West on Hamilton dangerously cuts me off while trying to get to Kohls or Bed, Bath and Beyond as I am travelling in the right lane. If an In n Out was located on the same street, I believe 1) the traffic exiting from 17 would back up significantly and 2) we would see a significant number of traffic accidents due to drivers dodging into the right lane to access In n Out. Anyone who drives that off-ramp can easily foresee that problem. I am all for In n Out in Campbell or West San Jose...but someplace like Westgate (especially the Walmart side which has less traffic) would be ideal. Plus it would route more business into the area as more people would have easier access to Westgate and El Paseo. Not a great deal for Campbell taxes (I believe both malls are in San Jose) but it would be a much safer option for drivers in the area as well as residents and public safety officers who would be impacted by the increased traffic and accidents. Yes, yes, yes! I would love an In-and-Out in Campbell! Campbell is beginning to make a name for itself with our wonderful downtown area. In-and-Out is a great company. The food is awesome and they pay a great wage to their employees. We could bring large revenues to our amazing city! I would be thrilled to have a local In-and-Out! PLEASE!!! I like In&Out's burgers occasionally, & it would nice to have one close to or in Campbell, however I do NOT think the proposed site is a good one. Any In&Out will generate lots of extra traffic on & off the nearest freeway exits, and throughout the city, since fans will drive distances to get to one, so the location should be considered very carefully. That intersection & that general part of the city is already quite heavily trafficked, and I think having an In&Out there might make the area a real traffic headache. I don't like having parts of the city become areas that I just want to AVOID because they are so full of traffic & its associated unpredictable mishaps and snarls. Among other factors, people headed for an In&Out there and coming off northbound 17 will have to quickly move from the far left lanes into the far right lane in order to access it. This will likely contribute to more accidents. I am a Campbell resident for 2 years now. My wife and I would love to have an In-n-Out Burger restaurant in Campbell. Occasionally, we traveled to other neighbor towns to visit this restaurant, and having one close by would be awesome. The restaurant will definitely be an attraction for many people, both Campbell residents and non-residents. There are many other fast-food restaurants in the areas, some of which are good, some not so good. In-n-Out is known for its better-quality products, that's why it is so popular when comparing it to other fast-food chains. Also, I am sure the new restaurant will will create new jobs for Campbell residents too, which is another great advantage. As for the traffic problems... Cars go in in and out from the "drive through" area slowly. I've never seen a ton of cars entering a drive though of a restaurant, or causing traffic congestion. Cars are slow when going in, or out, especially that they will have to yield to all traffic going on the main road. Finally, there already was a restaurant in the place where In-n-Out restaurant is planning to be built. Did that restaurant cause major traffic issues to the area? No, it didn't. Yes, In-n-Out may get more visitors. Anyway, I don't think it will have such a major impact on traffic, to prohibit the restaurant from being built there. Yes, I am in favor of this proposal and look forward to a clean family-oriented place to eat. This will bring much need jobs for our youth. We have plenty of places that cater to younger crowds that also include serving alcohol but not enough places that you can comfortably bring the whole family. I vote no to an In-N-Out at the old Elephant Bar location on Hamilton. Although I would love an In-N-Out close to me, this proposed location is wrong because of all the extra traffic it would create at an already congested location. Please find another location in Campbell for the In-N-Out. Thank you. I live on Almarida Dr. When Kohl's moved in, we were told that unless you live in the neighborhood turning right was not allowed. That lasted about an hour. Our street is already congested with the other businesses on that property. Adding In-N-Out Burger will become a nightmare. We have traffic coming from hwy. 17, both North and South, Hamilton, Winchester, and Bascom. All are very busy roads. I have had way too many close calls at this intersection. It's bad enough that cars are blocking that intersection because they don't feel the rules apply to them or just don't care. Adding In-N-Out Burger is just bad in general and will change the way traffic flows. Getting into and out of my neighborhood will be drastically impacted. Please, Please do not approve this application. All members of my family are In n Out fans!! Currently we must drive considerable distance - Sunnyvale, Mountain View or South San Jose - money that could be spent in Campbell!! The stats posted regarding drive thru' queue, parking and seating appear quite substantial and appropriately planned for this property. While I understand the concerns regarding traffic, any business going into this location is bound to generate traffic and it seems logical to approve one such as In n Out that will bring substantial tax revenue to Campbell. We have lived in the neighborhood behind the elephant Bar a absolutely without a doubt oppose this location becoming an In and Out The traffic cuts through our streets not to mention the bottleneck at 17 Also having the location open until 1 a.m. is unacceptable. My sister works for a town as treasurer in another state and she told me it doesn’t matter if someone opposes something or not usually it happens anyway , but we still try. Most people in favor of this don’t live close to the location A sit down restaurant is acceptable I am a Campbell resident and would love to see an In and Out burger in Campbell. I usually have to driver to the In and Out on Coleman Avenue close to the airport and I regularly take my kids there so having a location closer to home would be very helpful. I think the proposed space where Elephant bar used to be is a good location and it looks like it would work great for a commercial setting like an In and Out burger. I am in favor of opening an In and Out at this location. In and Out delivers consistently good food at an affordable price and their locations are always busy and a success because they run their business so well. I do not want an In n Out at this particular location. As majority have stated, traffic is horrible for the most part! It’s a gamble trying to merge and turn onto Almarida. And, the on and off ramps have their own problems (which I have witnessed multiple collisions throughout the years. Sadly, I was involved in one). As much as I love In n Out fries, I do not want the additional traffic clogging up Campbell! I am writing to voice my opposition to In 'n' Out's request/proposal to occupy the space at the former Elephant Bar. THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA! The interchange at Hwy. 17 & Hamilton already suffers DAILY from some pretty severe gridlock and dangerous traffic congestion. This site's proximity to that interchange would be DISASTROUS, let alone downright DANGEROUS, by virtue of the clogging up the Southbound 17 off-ramp to Hamilton (just for starters!). The number of people trying to exit, and then snake their way into that right lane would be multiple-accidents-waiting-to-happen, PARTICULARLY with the standard demographic of patrons of In 'n' Out (think inexperienced/impetuous/impatient and "bullet-proof" teen and twenty-something drivers thinking they can pull a fast one). In addition, once people "get used to" how bad trying to make that turn would be, will try to find alternate, circuitous routes that will clog up all the neighborhoods leading to that lot. i/e, going straight across that intersection and then clogging up Home Depot's lot, or going all the way around Salmar to Harrison, or Central to try to avoid the inevitably long line in that right-hand exit lane. And that doesn't even CONSIDER all of the back routes NORTH of Hamilton...Central, Harrison, David, Almarida...the amount of traffic that would increase in these neighborhoods that ALREADY suffer from "cut-through" traffic to (ALREADY) avoid the gridlock near that Hamilton/17 interchange would, AT LEAST double, if not triple, or worse. These are quiet neighborhoods, with families, and pre-schools (lots of young children). And I mentioned the part about the demographic, right? Adding ALL THOSE INEXPERIENCED, younger drivers that are driving too fast...looking at their beloved are you going to feel if you vote this in after the first child's life is taken by some teen trying to snake his way into a "shorter line" by "going the back roads" all while being distracted by their phone (or their invincibility)?? And it won't just end the dead child's life, it will "end" the life of the teen who kills them...(I realize this is dark, but you can't deny it's not really a far-fetched thought process...). PLEASE prove to me that reason can still trump (pardon the expression) money in this decision-making process!... I'd like to see an In-N-Out Burger here in Campbell. I live in San Jose, but I work full time in Campbell. No, we dont need an In-N-Out on that area, traffic is already a mess there, this would just make it worse The Bascom/Hamilton area is full of abandoned buildings and in desperate need of improvements. It seems like the local residents would rather see vacancies or massage parlors rather than growth, because of "traffic". The abandoned Elephant Bar is one of the eye sores that would be greatly improved. The area is larger and less trafficked than the space In-n-Out Occupies on El Camino in Mountain View which does not cause collateral impact. Looking forward to this and all the future business openings. I live in the Downing/Whitethorn neighborhood off of Bascom. I travel down Hamilton frequently to run errands and shop. This intersection is way too congested, in my opinion, to handle the additional traffic congestion that an In and Out would bring. With the current businesses such as Home Depot, Fry's, Kohl's and Panera, the residential traffic on Almarida and the busy exits off of Hiway 17, there is a definite overload and safety issue. I enjoy In and Out food, but this is NOT the place for one. In & Out has an excellent product. But, at the old e-Bar location would only make terrible traffic worse. I am in support of having an In and Out Burger in the location of the old Elephant Bar and Grill. I hope you can start construction as soon as possible as the state of the abandoned building is rapidly declining with graphiti and overgrown weeds and becoming an eyesore for the community! The proposed hours of operation until 1AM M-T and 1:30AM F-S will negatively affect the residential community that is adjacent to the lot under consideration. Other In-N-Out locations that I have visited are in commercial centers. The neighbors to this development will hear voices, loud-music and people loitering in the parking lot. I don't oppose this location if hours of operation are restricted to 10pm, similar to other establishments. For example, 'The Habit Burger Grill' closes at 10pm. This stretch of Hamilton is already an accident waiting to happen. Folks coming off 880/17 are busy jockeying for position to enter Frys or Home Depot, necessitating several stunt-worthy lane changes. Traffic in general is already too congested with only the businesses already there. I'm for NO on allowing this property to be changed to an In-and-Out. Yes, it's great to have a popular business that'll generate revenue for the city. But considering how bad the traffic is already around the area, as a resident in that area, I just can't say yes to the proposal. The area simply isn't designed to handle that much traffic. With the 17 offramp, Fry's, Home Depot, Kohls/BB&B, and the carwash, the intersection just can't handle another business that's guaranteed to generate long lines and tons of noise pretty much all throughout the day and night if they're allowed to operate late (most of them do). So I vote a strong NO on having In-n-Out in Campbell. I am in support of an In-N-Out restaurant coming to Campbell. I have no affiliation with the company, but I am a fan of their food and their company ethics. The in-N-Out company is known as a high quality employer across several states and as one that makes it a point to pay its employees ABOVE minimum wage. It is also a California based company that prides itself on the quality of its suppliers as well as its involvement in the communities that it is a part of. The development of this project at the intersection at Hamilton and Almarida Ave. also provides the City with the opportunity to redesign the traffic flow as well as to upgrade the signal timing equipment via fees charged to the developer for the new construction. With the recent loss of the Steak'n'Shake restaurant in the downtown area, its hard to make the claim that Campbell is becoming over "burger-fied". In fact, the concerns over the drastic increase in traffic and congestion proved to be unfounded. I also say this remembering that the Johnny Rockets diner at the Pruneyard was replaced by a pizza restaurant and there were no protests against it or the other pizza restaurants have been added to Campbell since then. The location on Hamilton for a restaurant of In-N-Out's type is perfect for the kind of traffic flow that the area already experiences. This restaurant chain also has ample experience with designing their locations to maximize customer flow. If anyone can design a location to minimize the traffic impact to the area, its this company. And, with any luck, people coming from Hwy-17 or San Thomas Expressway to visit the In-N-Out will see OTHER Campbell businesses to stop at and spend money. After reviewing the site drawings for the Proposed In-N-Out Burger, I was struck by two things; first that the building will be perpetually surrounded by cars. In order to enter the building, you first have to cross the parking lot, but then cross the drive-through line. The view from Hamilton and Almarida will be of cars lined up around the building. The second issue I noticed with the plans is that the drive-through line ends at 22 cars. I extrapolated the line to 27 cars, and it blocks the sidewalk. At 28 cars, the line blocks the first lane of Hamilton. Any subsequent vehicles attempting to enter and park will be blocking Hamilton. I love In-N-Out, but it’s a drive-through with a restaurant attached, not a restaurant with a drive-through attached. The expectation of this (very popular) type of business will be for the rest of the population to put up with the added traffic and resulting expense that they cause. Allow the business to open. The complaints seem to be around the business’ popularity, which is not a bad thing. That means it will bring jobs and tax revenue. A site that is in use is better than a site sitting vacant. I am not in favor of an In and Out Burger at the old Elephant site. Traffic in that intersection is already a nightmare with Home Depot Kohls Bed Bath and Beyond Frys and 17 880. I already go the back roads to get to those stores and would not ever go to that in and out no matter how much I do enjoy their food. No please. I have no problem with an In n Out opening in Campbell. I do have a problem with one going in the proposed location. As many others have stated, the intersection is horrible with the freeway offramp merging onto Hamilton. There are so many cars changing lanes to turn onto the street with BBB, Kohl's, and the other shops. I'm sure In n Out has plans to maximize their drive thru line on the actual property but, if not, it will spill over in a challenging location. I would rather see a different use for this property. Who doesn’t like In-N-out? I think having this restaurant here in Campbell is a great idea. The closest one I know about is near the airport. I would be happy to have this fast food joint at the proposed location as long as traffic patterns make sense. This is a good thing for Campbell. I’m very much in favor of it. While I love In-and-Out Burger I don't think a drive thru at the location would be good. It would cause a ton of traffic. There is already a lot with Home Depot and Knob’s. Think we already have a dedicate lane that gets backed onto 17 if you add In-and-Out Burger it will be nightmare. If In-and-Out Burger is to go there, it needs to be a sit in restaurant only. Campbell doesn't need a another burger restaurant. Been living here for 30 years now and frequently went to the Elephant Bar when it was at this location. WhenI worked in Milpitas I used to go to the IN-and-Out Burger a lot at lunch time. Always long lines and traffic problems. Coming off of HWY 17 onto Hamilton can be backed up now and with an additional line of cars waiting at In-and Out it will only get more dangerous. We don't need a drive thru, ANY drive thru. I don't know how much it costs the city to have this lot set vacant, but I think we would be better served with a Chilli's or a Black Bear Diner, or some place that does not have a drive thru. Just to echo what so many others have said, I do not support building an In-N-Out with a drive-through at this location. Navigating that area with traffic coming off 17 is already tricky, and I worry that the popularity of In-N-Out will cause spillover into the street. That is my only objection - I would be in favor of this proposal if In-N-Out amended it to remove the drive-through. Although I am not a Campbell resident, I drive past this property daily. There is more than enough traffic for a business to survive but for an In and Out Burger it would be a nightmare for the traffic on that corner. - I trust the city to make sure the traffic issues get mitigated, on In N Out’s dime. - Drive thrus are excellent, efficient inventions, and back East nobody ever lines up in the street. That’s a culture problem, not a drive-thru problem. Is there a no-lining-up-in-the-street ordinance? If so let’s enforce, if not let’s get one! - There’s room in the local food scene for an In N Out. The proliferation of slightly-slower-food burger joints will survive or not depending on the market. Brown Chicken Brown Cow downtown is safe, they’re not competitors. With all that out of the way, my family and I would *love* to have an In N Out this close. Yes please. I love In-n-Out just as much as the next person, however, this is a horrible location for it! The traffic off 17 onto Hamilton between 4-6:30pm is terrible as it is. Our employees use that exit every day, and at times have waited 20+ minutes to exit with the current traffic. Throw an In-n-Out into that, and we are talking about a wait of perhaps double that! That's going into overtime pay for business owners in that area! Not to mention that the drive thru line would most likely spill out to the street making it very difficult for consumers to visit the BBB/Kohls center. I say put El Burro, that was just kicked out of the Pruneyard, here instead!! Like many others I am concerned about the traffic pattern at that location. I've never been very impressed with In-n-Out burgers myself but I know many are impressed. Is there is a way to mitigate traffic problems at this site not paid for by Campbell? That is the determining factor. Perhaps the burger place would like to try a sit down location without a drive thru. Highly unlikely but a preferred choice. I think the Hamilton Ave location is perfectly suitable for In-N-Out. Hamilton Ave is a major throughfare with many businesses. Arguments that somehow traffic is going to be drastically affected have no weight. I have lived in Downtown Campbell for 17 years, and have driven that stretch of Hamilton thousands of times, at all times of the day. Bottom line is that there's a lot of traffic on Hamilton--always has been, always will be. The prior establishment, the Elephant Bar, had a lot of patrons--this had zero impact on the traffic, even during high commute times.The people complaining are the folks who live closest to the proposed site, and are trying to use this flimsy "traffic" gripe to get their way. This "hissy fit" is completely self-serving and really a waste of the City's time. Guaranteed none of these folks were out in force protesting businesses moving into other areas of town. It's selective outrage. My response to them is that if they have a problem with traffic, they should never have moved to where they are. This part of Hamilton Ave. is a "business district"--that's just the way it is. I like In-N-Out--their food is good and I've always had very positive experiences at their establishments. Plus, they don't serve booze (as opposed to Elephant Bar)--I wonder if in their moment of self-righteousness, these "protesters" ever paused to consider the benefit of that. I love In-N-Out Burger and would support one coming to Campbell. However, I do not support its being built on the proposed location. Traffic would be a nightmare. Traffic coming onto Hamilton from 17 is often backed up, particularly during special events and before the winter holidays. However the current proposal of an extremely popular drive-thru restaurant would exacerbate the problem. There are other good locations and the city should work with In-N-Out to identify them. I am against the proposed In-N-Out Burger at this location. Traffic would be a total nightmare! That intersection is already very congested. This development would turn it into a parking lot. I live in Campbell behind mountain mikes pizza been raised in Campbell (1976 on) . There is NO fast food locations in the area of elephant bar ! That's a great spot its by hi 17 on ramp and MANY people go to that home depot ( across the street) at all times . A in-n-out burger will bring many jobs there and much needed good fast food on that route , its hard to believe it has no happened all ready ! There is not anything wrong with competition. I've seen many of these establishments and their drive-thru and public eating area are always busy. This tells me they are selling a good product. Also, I've known many who have worked there saying they work with there school and college schedules. They pay more for what you know how to do in the restaurant, and every one I have gone through the staff is the same friendly and reception is always cordial. They bring a great atmosphere to the area!! I am adamantly opposed to In and Out at the suggested location. We live on first street and it takes forever to get home! Too much traffic already!!! Since I cannot be rude on this forum and mention names,to the person who said if we didn't like the idea, we should not have moved here. Really....what a ricdiculous statement! I think Campbell could use an In-N-Out, especially since Shake & Steak closed. We don't have enough premium (something better than bottom-tier McDonald's and Burger King) fast food restaurants here, and I don't want to pay for an $11 burger at Brown Chicken Brown Cow (...though they're pretty tasty, go check them out!). I think an In N Out in campbell is great for the city and future employees. The company is a class act that cares for their neighborhood and employees. They have strong and reliable reputation of success. The traffic arguement is weak. It's inevitable in the bay area. Without or without In N Out, traffic is only going to get worse. It's selfish to dismiss growth in a popular city like campbell. That's why most of us have moved here. The task of the City is to regulate traffic for the sake of business, not regulate business for the sake of traffic. I support the proposal. The traffic at this intersection, and the previous intersection where highway 880 has both an entrance and an exit, is already so congested that it is a choke point for all traffic in this area. It is a danger to our citizens because emergency vehicles cannot get through during periods when peak In & Out traffic would occur. The Planning Commission has already acknowledged that "this intersection is going to get worse--even with nothing happening." So why add a business with the highest possible volume of traffic (4 cars per minute) to this intersection? I am not opposed to any fast food restaurant going into this space, however a project with much less traffic impact should be considered first. Read comments online, other communities regret approving In & Out because of the severe impact this business causes wherever it locates. How many burger places does Campbell need. There is Brown Chicken Brown Cow, The Habit, Moe's, The Burger Lounge-all close in proximity. I suspect Steak and Shake failed because of a myriad of better choices. The traffic mess having In and Out on Hamilton is not worth another hamburger restaurant. I know I live just outside the city boundary, but I travel through these intersections on a daily basis. This intersection & and the nearby 880 exit/Fry’s & Home Intersection are already graded a D- (I would give it an F based on my daily commute.) according to a study from 2 years ago: We all know the problem has gotten worse sine then. Yes, traffic will continue to increase, but why make it much worse by adding a business that generates 3,000 cars a day! If you really want to understand the problem look online at the traffic problems caused by In- N-Out in other cities. Please vote no on the In-N-Out Burger at this site in Campbell. Traffic is horrible. It is hard enough just to get off the Freeway in this area. Please make sure and visit the in n out burger places by the San Jose airport and on blossom hill. There are so many cars in line it looks like a car show. Use this site for more housing as it’s close to light rail or a nice family restaurant! Thank you This location(old Elephant Bar) is a horrible place to put an In N Out Burger! The lines for this restaurant are incredibly long at every other location! This will create horrible traffic coming off of Hwy 17 and turning right on to Hamilton. The lines to use this exit can often impact 280 even now. Please, please do not put ANY drive-thru at this location!! And, PLEASE DON’T CUT THE TREE DOWN! We want In N Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please vote NO on In-N-Out Burger. Nothing against this particular company, but we have enough fast food, burger joints in Campbell. I am local Campbell residents and I experience everyday the traffic congestion that already clogs this part of Hamilton. A drive through will make the traffic worse! Lets bring in another type of business into the community that isn't going to make traffic worse and will provide a real needed service to our community. This location is perfect for a busy restaurant. Where else will we put a popular restaurant? Is there a better location? The people who are against it- are really against growth and that is bad planning if we don’t change are roads and transportation choices to accommodate growth. Should look at reducing traffic lights and left turns, so making drivers go to next block to make left or U turn. This will allow traffic to flow faster as fewer lights and shorter waiting. ** YES ** In-N-Out should be allowed to open in this location ! I’m shocked this process of possibly blocking a good company from opening is still carrying on ☹️. My family moved from Los Angeles (where you can conveniently dine at In-N-Out), to Campbell (where you have to drive far to dine at one) two years ago. This location would be amazing! I’ve seen many different locations where In-N-Outs reside in LA and when there are more patrons (e.g lunch break) In-N-Out staffs up, sends an employee outside to take orders in person on a tablet, and the drive thru works super efficiently! Design of the drive thru & parking lot is well thought out too! Don’t kill good businesses. Do let a stable, community supporting, highly enjoyed business join our great city. We are lucky they are even willing to put up with so much push back & haven’t taken their business to another city! Please approve In and Out Burger. It is my and many peoples favorite as you can see from the constant attendance by the airport. We need a good burger for a reasonable price closer. It is a great area just off the freeway, close to downtown Campbell but not interfering with the main street of Campbell. Campbell citizens want to trust our city to make decisions that are good for the general welfare, rather than for isolated commercial interests. So I suggest that we prioritize some of the most common needs of all citizens and RETHINK the burger proposal. Here is my sense of those needs. 1. Less traffic congestion and risk of accidents 2. Greater exposure to nature; less to asphalt and unnatural structures 3. Relief from pervasive commerce and strategies to get at one’s wallet 4. Healthy food, cooked and served at home 5. A stable climate, like our current one that is slowly disappearing 6. A spirit of equality – we are all equally human 7. Caring for others as we would want to be cared for I suggest that every one of these fundamental community values argues against the “burger proposal,” and that the Planning Commission should … 1. Proactively generate a list of alternative uses for the property, and 2. Evaluate each against the needs of us all in common. Perhaps they could best accomplish this by forming a team from the general citizenry. Alternative uses of the property could include: 1. A city park, not one of children’s artificial playground equipment, but rather of a peaceful, natural setting for adults to relax and meditate while leaving their cars at home 2. A homeless shelter for the homeless that we already have in abundance 3. An alternative food market focusing on real foods that are good for the body and the environment, rather than on manufactured food-substitutes My husband, Dan and I are very much hoping that In and Out will be approved for the Elephant Bar location. We have been Campbell residents since 1981 and homeowners since 1994, so Campbell is near and dear to our hearts. We feel that an In and Out will bring in sales tax revenue to our town and is in a great location near the Pruneyard and other shopping centers. In and Out just seems like a wholesome, reasonably-priced, well-run franchise that will enhance our town of Campbell. It will be replacing a dilapidated, closed restaurant that is currently creating a lot of blight on that corner. In and Out seems to do a great job with maintaining a clean, friendly, and welcoming environment and will provide a fun place for our community to enjoy delicious, reasonably-priced burgers. Anyways, we just wanted to say we are really hoping everything works out and the Campbell Planning Department approves this fantastic, yummy restaurant so close to our home! A huge thank you to everyone who has prioritized funding to research this fantastic idea. I am against the building being demolished to construct an In and Out Burger Drive Thru. It is already a very congested corner near the freeway. I live in Campbell and would avoid that area and the stores around it if In and Out were to open there. In and Out might fit nicely on Camden Ave near Taco Bell and Jack in the Box. It's a shame that such a beautiful building couldn't be occupied by another restaurant chain. A parking lot, open kitchen, bar and patio are a rare find in restaurants these days and I always thought it was nice that there was one right in Campbell. It added charm. I think the In n Out Burger should be approved because it is a great attraction to have in the community, so many people love this restaurant and no burger place compares. It’s a pain having to go all the way to Newhall or Santa Teresa to get to an In N Out. The only thing that I see some people may think is a con is they’re concerned about it increasing traffic in the area, but realistically there already is some congestion and anything that goes in that location may cause an addition in congestion; that being said I think that it is something that’s worth it and will make a lot of people and residents in the community happy. Also, it could potentially decrease some amounts of congestion on highway 17; as it would mean less people would have to drive a further distance to reach an In n Out Burger. Myself and tons of community members have always said- Campbell would be a much better area if they had an In n Out restaurant! Please please consider the approval for the happiness of us residents, we would love to have something in the area that we truly love and enjoy :) And the taste of their food is definitely worth a tiny bit of congestion if it were to occur! I know traffic is bad in that area but I think In and Out Burger would be a good addition to Campbell AGAINST In/Out Burger Campbell citizens want to trust our city to make decisions that are good for the general welfare, rather than for isolated commercial interests. So I suggest that we prioritize some of the most common needs of all citizens and rethink the burger proposal. Here is my sense of those needs. 1. Less traffic congestion and risk of accidents 2. Greater exposure to nature; less to asphalt and unnatural structures 3. Relief from pervasive commerce and strategies to get at one’s wallet 4. Healthy food, cooked and served at home 5. A stable climate, like our current one that is slowly disappearing 6. A spirit of equality – we are all equally human 7. Caring for others as we would want to be cared for I suggest that every one of these fundamental community values argues against the “burger proposal,” and that the Planning Commission should … 1. Proactively generate a list of alternative uses for the property, and 2. Evaluate each against the needs of us all in common. Perhaps they could best accomplish this by forming a team from the general citizenry. Alternative uses of the property could include: 1. A city park, not one of children’s artificial playground equipment, but rather of a peaceful, natural setting for adults to relax and meditate while leaving their cars at home 2. A homeless shelter for the homeless that we already have in abundance 3. An alternative food market focusing on real foods that are good for the body and the environment, rather than on manufactured food-substitutes 4. A simple extension of the existing apartment complex with abundant off-road parking (in contrast to the existing on-road parking already allowed by the City). Thank you for considering my suggestions. Richard Hawley Like hundreds of other residents, I replied to several online questionnaires & discussions, about 1-2 years ago, about whether or not I think In & Out at that particular location is a good idea. (Ie.Nextdoor had 2 queries asking for opinions.1). Have all our responses been included in the responses? If not, many people will assume that our vote has already been submitted. 2). I am opposed. Mainly for traffic impact. 2a). For nearby residents as well as all long-time Campbell businesses along Hamilton, this is unfair & unnecessarily bad planning. 2b). For all the rest of us unable to get into Campbell via Hamilton Avenue; to get to the businesses on Bascom & Hamilton; to get onto the freeway on Hamilton either direction. 2c). An already large retailer, Kohl's, in the adjoining parking lot shared by another major & busy retailer, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, now receives Amazon packages for pickup. Amazon online sales are increasing & pickup/ return locations will mean increasing vehicles entering & exiting on the same street as In & Out customer's vehicles. 2d). Los Gatos closes freeway entrances/ exits during summer months. *Camden Avenue/ San Tomas entrance/ exit is already at maximum bottleneck mess. *Add In & Out vehicles coming off the same freeway for take-out then trying to get back on at Hamilton Avenue...& that clogs up the only major exit/ entrance into Campbell. *Next freeway exit/ entrance is Valley Fair & major mall/ theatre/ shopping/ restaurant/ residential areas. So for many months a year there are no usable exits/ entrances onto the freeway from the Santa Cruz mountains all the way into Santa Clara. 2e). Given the vehicles trapped for miles through L.G., Campbell, Santa is not safe. We have sat in this stagnant traffic in 90° plus heat & seen accidents; seen police, fire, ambulances, tow trucks unable to get through. Why add to an already overburdened unsafe situation? Campbell has a choice to reject this business in favor of something that is not geared to heavy traffic & profit dependent on the volume of vehicles entering & exiting. Please weigh the opinions of stakeholders like ambulance drivers, paramedics, fire, & police against the financial interests of one business. Please weigh the wishes of one business against the long-term stress & frustration of every resident & already-established businesses who rely on that freeway interchange & the major thoroughfare, Hamilton Avenue. Sincerely, Margaret Harada Mori I have already submitted an open-minded and thoughtful comment against the burger proposal to this site. The only thoughtful comment in favor is the one implied by the in/out burger company: we want to make more profits; citizens of Campbell, spend your $ with us! For those of you who wax nostalgically about the glory of yet another tasty morsel of beef; would it really change your lives? Never mind that your neighbors who live close to the disastrous intersection – their lives would be harmed daily. Unless you have such an invested and involuntary interest in the proposal, why not just remain quiet on this subject? This is one time when all voices should not count equally, since the worst impact of the proposal would fall disproportionately on those who live closest. By the way, are any of you supporters aware that the beef industry is one of the major contributors to climate change? Had enough of super hot days lately? Bad idea at that location. Not good for city logistics. It is much too close to one of the busiest intersections as well as freeway exit/entrance and would cause too much congestion. Consider the proud feeling of a currently happy community with well-planned street traffic navigation along with all the housing growth, etc. Focus not JUST on revenue but in.. KEEPING CAMPBELL CLASSY!! I'm tired of hearing repeated complains about traffic concerns based mainly on fear. If the EIR gives a passing grade, then the project is approved. Concerns are just concerns until proven. Based on my observation of other InO locations, they maintain their facilities well - this is one of better fast food chains I'd say. This location is private land. As long as the project does not violate city codes and regulations, any business can setup shop here. Unless there are legislative changes for Campbell, the City can't pick and choose businesses based on subjective views. I like In-N-Out Burger. I welcome In-N-Out Burger to Campbell. NOT at this location. Some basic research on the customer experience at In-N-Out Burger will show they are well known for their drive-through lines. The proposed queue for cars waiting in line at the drive-through at the Elephant Bar location will not suffice. Cars WILL hang out on the street (just like they have done for years at the Delta Queen car wash just 1/2 mile east on the SAME street) causing traffic jams, and creating an unsafe corridor for bikes and pedestrians, as cars work to drive around each other because of back ups. It is already an unsafe intersection as cars exit Hwy. 17 South onto Hamilton Ave. west in parallel with other westbound traffic on Hamilton Ave. trying to merge right to get to Kohl's and Bed Bath and Beyond. The only In-N-Out Burger locations who don't experience drive-through lines hanging out in the street are those located in large parking lots, like the Gilroy location at the outlet mall or the Palo Alto location off 101 Fwy. at Rengstorff. Now that the Carrows/Baker's Square (?) location is vacant just 1/2 mile west on Hamilton Ave., could In-N-Out Burger consider that location instead? It would be better for the safety of our Campbell community for In-N-Out Burger to be located a little further away from the freeway exit. This probably goes against their business strategy to be closer to the freeway exit. I'm hoping community safety can be prioritized over corporate real estate strategy. I am disappointed by the current variables considered by the City of Campbell traffic review. In a previous Town Hall meeting it was explained the City of Campbell traffic assessors see no concern that In-N-Out Burger would increase traffic in Campbell. One of their key variables related to the number of housing developments happening in Campbell, as if only residents of Campbell would be patronizing In-N-Out? Please open the span of your considerations to recognize the patrons of In-N-Out Burger will come from all neighboring cities, not just the City of Campbell. Patrons will absolutely come to visit In-N-Out from Hwy. 17, bringing a steam of cars to that intersection every lunch and dinner period. Oh, and in case you didn't already know, most of us who live east of Bascom Ave. (east border of Campbell and everyone who lives in Willow Glen) and used to travel Hamilton Ave. to get to our homes, stopped driving Hamilton Ave. 5 years ago for traffic reasons. We choose to use Campbell Ave. instead to get to our homes during work commutes from San Tomas Expressway and on the weekends when we go to Target or the AMC Theaters at Hamilton/Prospect and Saratoga Ave. We avoid Hamilton Ave. at all costs. You should expect if In-N-Out Burger comes to Hamilton Ave., more and more residents will bring congestion to Campbell Ave. and downtown Campbell overall (between Winchester Ave. and Bascom Ave.) as a "pass through corridor" to avoid Hamilton Ave. The impact of In-N-Out Burger at the Elephant Bar location will be much larger than I think the current traffic assessors currently understand. Thank you for your consideration. I feel like in-n-out would be a great addition. I completely understand that it may effect traffic but they would clean up that corner so nicely. The lot is currently a mess with tons of loitering. In-n-out is always clean, quiet, and best of all alcohol free!!! Please do not allow In-N-Out to come to Campbell! Elephant Bar could be another sit down restaurant. The location will be a nightmare for traffic if it becomes any sort of drive through, especially one that often has lines 13 cars long. Campbell is a small town, leave it that way! Keep IN-N-Out ...OUT of Campbell! As a Campbell resident that drives through this intersection at least twice a day, I believe the traffic burden created by In N Out would be a complete and utter disaster. Traveling eastbound on Hamilton can already tax the patience of a saint. The far right through lane, which exits at 17 Northbound can back up for several stoplight intervals. Cars will use the second to right lane to jump ahead of traffic and then bully their way into the right lane to make the exit ramp, which causes even more delays for those who are abiding by the traffic rules. In my 23 years of living in Campbell, I have never seen a citation written for this. If you are traveling westbound on Hamilton and wish to make a right turn at Almarida Drive you have about a 50/50 chance of being either blocked from moving to the far right turn lane or being honked at from cars behind you while waiting for an opportunity to get to the turn lane in those SCANT few feet prior to the corner. I cannot even imagine how we can add one of the most popular drive-through fast food restaurants on the planet to this mix and expect everything to be fine. I urge the council members to PLEASE vote no on the approval to move forward with construction of this restaurant. I oppose this project. This project is not appropriate for the location and will result in conditions that will harm the community, such as increased traffic from the many cars that fill the area, more garbage from the people who will use this fast food restaurant, the smell, and the crowds of people who will be there late into the evening. The location borders on a residential neighborhood and is NOT appropriate for this type of business.if yo uh visit other InNOut locati ok ne, you will see the problems and also note that these other location are in strip malls or other business areas adjacent to freeways, that do not abut residential areas. This location is NOT adjacent to the freeway and putting it here will create far more problems that we do not want or need. I oppose this project. I’ve been a downtown Campbell resident for 22 years and I strongly oppose the In-N-Out Burger @ Hamilton Avenue. The infrastructure of Campbell, with just major streets (Hamilton, Bascom, Campbell and Winchester) cannot withstand the traffic congestion created by an In-N-Out burger. Crime has also risen significantly in Campbell and In-N-Out will attract more homeless and crime. Right across the street from proposed site, there’s a VTA lightrail stop @ Hamilton which will attract more homeless to In-N-Out. This problem currently exists at the Safeway parking lot @ Winchester (across from VTA lightrail stop @ Winchester). I’m now awakened by helicopters flying overhead searching for criminals involved with shootings etc. Our community has been destroyed by the building of condo’s on Railway Ave forcing the wildlife (coyotes) from the creek and into our downtown. Theses coyotes are killing people’s pets. I’m fed up with the parking at the Pruneyard and the long lines at Trader Joe’s. I really dislike what is happening to our beautiful little town. In my opinion, Campbell is no longer the nice, safe and friendly community it once was. Campbell’s infrastructure and community cannot bear an In-N-Out Burger. Please vote against it. Empty buildings become an ever increasing eyesore. This happens while A FEW of the neighbors oppose any and all development of the property. This loud minority forgets the fact that whatever they live in was opposed by the neighbors that were there before them. If a development meets the local zoning laws and building codes, let the owner get it done!! And traffic, come on. It virtually can't any any worse. PS: Not a big "In and Out" fan. Chik-Fil-A is much better. :-) This will be a horrible place to put an In-N-Out, I do not have anything about the fast food restaurant my concern is all the traffic we will have on that intersection, it's already bad as it is. Thank you for providing this forum. Please find another location for this business. Given what seems to be a majority not in favor of this location, what’s the next step for concerned citizens of Campbell to take? As a resident of the east of Bascom area of Campbell I look forward to more restaurant options in this area. Right now we have this location and the former Hooters both vacant as well as many vacancies in the Whole Foods shopping center. Although there will be more traffic due to In ‘n Out, it is only a small increase over the current amount. I support approval of this request. I believe In&Out will cause too much traffic in this location. This area is already impossibly clogged each afternoon traveling east on Hamilton. It's completely idiotic to add that level of traffic to this intersection! I am IN SUPPORT of an In-n-Out restaurant at the proposed location. The Final EIR shows gross underestimating of vehicles traveling to the newly proposed In-N-Out. Why weren't these numbers corrected? Shouldn't Campbell, CA hold new construction projects up to a high standard? Pang Engineering appears to have made thorough and professional responses to the Draft EIR yet the responses in the Final EIR are lazy and blatantly ignore facts presented. Campbell, CA owes it to the citizens of this great city to provide better answers than "The assessment by Pang Engineering was based on traffic counts at a single point on a single roadway (Hamilton Avenue) and thus is not necessarily reflective of the entire study area" In-N-Out is quite literary being proposed on Hamilton Ave. The City's study grossly under represents the traffic volume in the existing condition and in the proposed condition of the area. That is highly irresponsible and inappropriate for government officials representing it's citizens acting in this manner. I highly recommend the Pang Engineering's study be taken seriously. In n Out is one of the only fast food chains that offers real unadulterated meat in its burgers. Wendy’s is the other one. Those of us who eat Keto or low carb eat at In n Out when we need a quick Meal. Right now we have to Travel to S SAN Jose or Sunnyvale. Please bring them in to CAMPBELL. This is the worst location for an In-N-Out. Have you ever seen the local news segment on People Behaving Badly getting off the freeway at Hamilton? Imagine that issue growing exponentially. Seriously everyone, are you kidding? Without traffic, Campbell is 10 minutes away from the Coleman Ave In-N-Out. The impact this will have is largely negative, will attract late night rowdy crowds and will heavily impact traffic as well as neighbors. I’m all the way out on this decision. I have read the very through and IMHO complete reason why there shouldn't be an In-Out Burger on Hamilton. I've read some of the comments. But I've yet to see one comment about AIR POLLUTION. If we are so concerned about our environment, then WHY is having hundreds to thousands of cars idling waiting for a burger a good thing? Beyond CO2 <not a big deal really.... there is CO/Carbon Monoxide and equally bad toxins, piling up in the apartments. This is a serous health hazard for the residents, has a study been done on this?? There was a statement about sales taxes being generated....NO, there is NO sales tax on take out food. So this revenue stream is nonexistent and quite probably not worth the increased traffic in the area. Garbage pollution, people are already using our environment to dump their trash, just look at freeways, even Mexico isn't as bad as the Santa Clara Valley. Imagine what the trash will look like on Hamilton because people are too lazy to take their trash home and dispose if it properly. Then there are the huge environmental danger of plastic straws....Ok this one is sarcasm but it's trash and they will get into the bay. This business isn't right for the area and it's fairly easy to see that.....IF YOU THINK! I do not support In-N-Out at this location. Has the city forgotten that 8X8 is moving their headquarters across CA-17 from where In-N-Out wants to build? Our quality of life in this city should not be further impacted by burger joint traffic in a blatantly obvious bad location. And they do not need to be located just off a freeway to be successful. I lived behind the Sunnyvale In-N-Out location for 2 years. That is a very busy restaurant from open to close. I believe the majority of us would not mind having an In-N-Out in Campbell but you probably could not find a worse location not only in Campbell but in the whole south bay area. I'm asking the city council to do the right thing and not allow this project to proceed at this location. I strongly believe that as long as a project/business abides by local zoning and building codes, it should be approved without long delays. In this case the property has been unused for an extended period of time. It serves as blight in our city and generates almost NO tax revenue for the city. Traffic in the area is bad. A new business in the area can not make it any worse. While I believe that In-N-Out is a respectable business and one that fits the standards of a family community such as Campbell, the location choice will make an already horrific traffic situation even worse. The Hamilton/880 section of town is one of the heaviest traffic areas in Santa Clara County. To believe that adding an In-N-Out won't have an impact on traffic is not logical. It reminds me of the plans to extend light rail when the VTA argued that leaving the Hamilton Station at street level wouldn't impact traffic. I'm regularly stuck in traffic jams at the crossing at Campbell Ave downtown where the Light Rail is. Thankfully the PUC made them raise the station. There are several good burger options already right in town and I can think of several businesses that would be great additions instead. I like In-N-Out Burger, but I do not support it going in at the old Elephant Bar location.

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