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Milton Rd & US 180 Master Plans - Corridor Improvement Qualities Survey

What qualities should be most important when planning improvements for Milton Road, Humphreys Street, and US 180 (Fort Valley Rd)?

Actions for Carbon Neutrality

Imagine it is 2030 and Flagstaff is carbon neutral.  What actions did we take to get there? 

45-foot Building Height Maximum in the Northend, Southside, Sunnyside

The Community Commercial (CC) zone allows for a maximum building height of sixty (60) feet. Do you support changing the allowed height to forty-five (45) foot maximum building height in the Northend, Southside and/or Sunnyside neighborhoods?

Southside Community Plan Q&A

Do you have questions about the Southside Community Specific Plan?

Mountain Line Downtown Connection Center

Help Mountain Line Plan the New Downtown Connection Center

Questions and Answers on Multi-Family Housing Development

Q&A with the Flagstaff Planning Director, Tiffany Antol, about a multi-family housing development, Towns at Lone Tree (Tract 22 of Pine Canyon).

Strategies for the Southside Community Plan

Help prioritize strategies developed for embracing the heritage and enhancing the future of the Southside Community

2019 Museum Fire

Please share your experience with the 2019 Museum Fire

McMillan Mesa Natural Area Management Chapter Review

Please leave your final comments on the McMillan Mesa Management chapter before January 10th, 2020.

Bus Rapid Transit Survey

What should Bus Rapid Transit look like in Flagstaff?

Zoning Code Amendments that Implement the High Occupancy Housing Plan

What is the best way to amend the Zoning Code to implement the strategies identified in the High Occupancy Housing Plan? Please provide your comments on this topic. Comments will be accepted until the end of the day on September 15, 2019

Graffiti/Art Wall

What do you think of the handball courts at Thorpe Park being used for a temporary graffiti art wall?

Electric bicycles and electric scooters

Where should electric bicycles and electric scooters be allowed; and where should they be prohibited

New City Court Update Public Open House

New City Court Update - Public Open House February 20, 2019 4:00 to 6:30 PM Staff Conference Room Flagstaff City Hall 211 W. Aspen Avenue, Flagstaff AZ

Bike Share: Pilot Program Feedback

What did you think of the bike share pilot program?

Southside Business Owner/Manager Survey

What is important to your business and what do you want for the future of the Southside?

Cheshire Park Playground Equipment

Which playground concept do you like for Cheshire Park?

Flagstaff Trails Initiative Trail Survey

Help us plan for an extraordinary trail system in Flagstaff for all users.