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McMillan Mesa Natural Area Zoning Map Amendment Feedback Opportunity.

Thank you for participating!

The City of Flagstaff received 79 responses during the public comment period. Overall, the majority of respondents, approximately 84%, indicated that they support McMillan Mesa Natural Area's rezone to Public Open Space from Public Facilities, Rural Residential, and Research & Development. In comparison, only 8% stated that they did not support the proposed rezoning. Respondents indicated in written feedback the need for the zoning change to meet the voters' intent for the Greater Buffalo Park. Most preferred minimized or no developments or improvements to the Property and keeping the Property in a natural state. There were some concerns related to increased use and the deterioration of the Natural Area. Over 80% of respondents indicated support for additional funding to support McMillan Mesa Natural Area's management, with 49% specifically supporting an additional fee (less than $2.00) on City municipal bill.

Community feedback submitted during the 60 – day public comment period through the Flagstaff Community Forum Survey and from attendees of the two neighborhood meetings will be submitted as content for the record of the proceedings. You can review the neighborhood meeting summary by clicking on the embeded link. The next steps for the proposed rezoning of McMillan Mesa Natural Area to Public Open Space include a new legal description for the Natural Area, completion of a cultural survey documenting historic and prehistoric archaeological resources, additional city staff review of the rezoning application, a public hearing with the Planning & Zoning Commission, and City Council review and decision.