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Imagine it is 2030 and Flagstaff is carbon neutral.  What actions did we take to get there? 

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Fully realized multi-modal transporation

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September 7, 2020, 10:54 AM

This is already laid out in the CAAP, I believe, but I think protecting our bike lanes better and strengthening our pedestrian walkways (maybe even permanently closing streets/lanes to cars) would go a long way towards helping people shift away from cars. The number one thing I hear as a cyclist/bike commuter from other folks is that they are afraid of being hit by cars--which is valid, because that's the highest risk for cyclists. I understand that moving towards supporting other modes of transit will cost money... but it's also been a goal for the city since the mid-90s, if not before. It's time to invest in trails that actually help people get to work and to the resources they need, as well as the urban trail system for recreation, and specifically to PROTECT street bike lanes or offer alternatives that are safer.


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