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Do you approve of the proposed changes to the vision and core value #5?

37 registered responses

Do you approve of the proposed vision?

Response Percent Response Count
Yes 47.2% 17
No 52.8% 19

Why or why not?


Do you approve of the proposed Core Value #5?

Response Percent Response Count
Yes 38.9% 14
No 61.1% 22

Why or why not?

Mary Muchane
April 16, 2018, 3:14 PM
  • Do you approve of the proposed vision?
    • Yes
  • Why or why not?
    • Very similar to the original vision which has guided the town thus far.
  • Do you approve of the proposed Core Value #5?
    • Yes
  • Why or why not?
    • The expanded language helps inform the future of the town.
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Proposed vision:
Davidson remains committed to controlling our own destiny as a distinct, sustainable, and sovereign small town. Our sense of community is rooted in citizens who respect each other, in racial and socioeconomic diversity, and in pedestrian orientation; all in the presence of a small liberal arts college. Our history and character guide our future.

Proposed Core Value #5:
Davidson is a small, historic, college town. We are a town that celebrates our rich cultural and architectural history. Our unique character is reflected in our land use, managed approach to growth, and preserved in our architectural history. Our land planning will reflect historic patterns of village-centered growth, connections between our neighborhoods, preservation of our rural area, provision of our public spaces, and new development will honor our historic character.

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