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Sheridan Bradley inside Auburn November 11, 2020, 10:54 PM

What are your experiences with homeless individuals in Auburn? I am a homeless individual in auburn
What input would you give City officials to address homelessness in Auburn? There needs to be place where we are able to set up tents safely and legally

Mark Zetterberg inside Auburn July 27, 2020, 11:49 AM

Think about your favorite city center, downtown, or “main street” (i.e. a historic shopping street). What are the first words that come to mind when describing those places? What’s it like to walk along their streets? Cities that have been my favorite downtowns are those that support the arts and provide a venue for street performers to showcase their talents. Cities like Boulder, Colorado (the pedestrian mall that was featured in Mork & Mindy), Las Vegas (the Fremont Experience), Austin, Texas (singers in every park), Nashville, Tennessee (2nd Avenue open mics all along the sidewalks) and New York City (entertainers on EVERY corner) are among the best! Live music, mimes, jugglers, artists, magicians, acrobats and buskers of all kinds, entertaining for people - who show their appreciation by throwing them a few dollars. It's exciting and fun!!!
What words come to mind in describing today’s Downtown Auburn and Main Street, specifically? DEAD! Members of the City's Planning, Budget, Licensing groups have now conspired to make all street performers pay a $100 licensing fee/year (there was NONE until I asked about it!), along with a Federal $250+ Business Licensing Fee and a State of Washington Licensing fee to be able to perform in Auburn. In addition they have stated that performers will have to file for permit requests - with fees as yet unknown. Street entertainers simply don't have that kind of money and are unlikely to recoup those fees during the year, which will drive them away and leave Auburn's downtown a culturally desolate, grey, ghost-town! One wonders how much they are/will soon be charging the homeless people sitting at our highway interchanges or begging along the streets OR the fees they will be charging the Boy/Girl Scouts to sell their cookies OR the fees they will be wanting to charge little girls to run their neighborhood lemonade stands OR fees for the "Bible thumpers" selling their religions house-to-house OR the ladies hosting their Tupperware/sex toy parties OR the Auburn sports boosters for running their raffles, etc., etc., etc... After all, everyone should be treated equally, right? Given the City's current administration, I'll be surprised if they don't put a licensing fee for breathing attached to free speech.
What are you excited or concerned about for Auburn’s Main Street? Right now, there's absolutely no reason to go downtown. Although the pandemic isn't helping, the dirty streets, empty shops, and vacant lots don't make you want to go there. There's simply no place to gather for any type of entertainment or fun purposes, unless the City Council decides to promote their own agenda of events - like the Veterans' Day Parade, Auburn Ave Theatre, etc...
What are the ways you would like to see Main Street improved? Many cities have a small registration fee ($10-20) for buskers/street performers and sign-ups for heavily played locations to ensure that no one entertainer is able to claim a spot as their own, but these entertainers are NOT businesses that should be subject to stringent business licensing or restrictions! They are talent showcases, a chance to rehearse materials and and opportunity to be seen and entertain folks. Street performers have been around for centuries and have never been subject to municipal taxation and repression. That age old tradition should be respected and nourished, instead of being driven out of existence!
Are there any other thoughts that you would like to share? ALL performing artists are currently OUT-OF-WORK, by edict of our government and need to have some opportunity to wrangle a few dollars to support themselves or have a beer. All of these people are forbidden to go back to work until Stage-4, and (at the rate we're going) it's a long, long time until that happens.

Name not shown inside LEA HILL July 11, 2020, 1:25 AM

What percentage of retail purchases does your family make outside of Auburn? 50 - 75%
On average, how often does your family shop in Auburn? A few times per week
How much does your family spend each month on retail and restaurants (total, inside and outside of Auburn combined). $500 - $1000
When shopping outside of Auburn, where exactly do you shop? Other nearby cities and shop at the grocery stores in Covington or Maple Valley but shop mostly online.
If there were better retail choices in Auburn, would you shop here more often? Yes
What specific retailers would you like to see in Auburn? A Costco, home depot and holistic health, pet and garden supply stores.
What are Auburn’s greatest economic development assets? Boeing, Schools, housing, muckleshoot, the airport and trains. Farming and agriculture
What are Auburn’s primary challenges? Crime and safety, homelessness, healthcare, grocery retail..Voting and elections awareness, shares 2 counties, waisted tax dollars agricultural decline. Low income funding and outreach.
What are the City’s greatest economic opportunities? Police dept. Healthcare, retail and environmental. Farming and Ag. More business taxed funding and outreach support.
What have been Auburn’s greatest economic successes in the last 10 years? Boeing, Muckleshoot ,Amphitheatre, new schools
What have been the biggest economic setbacks in the last 10 years? Letting the river, environment and natural resources go, homelessness, crime, congestion, over population. transportation noise, lack of grocery stores, lack of safety among lower income neighborhoods. Poverty, Waisted tax dollars and funding from limited sources
What qualities of Auburn do you value most? Historic buildings and areas that are left, GRCC, natural, protected environments and wildlife, our police department. Farming and agriculture.

Name not shown inside Auburn July 11, 2020, 12:08 AM

Should the City of Auburn be required to fulfill the current request of all documents since 1891? No
Please explain your answer Like that's $500,000 that could be spent just uploading everything so everyone has access and or helping the homeless and disabled.

Name not shown inside Auburn July 10, 2020, 11:57 PM

How do you interact with the City of Auburn? I am an Auburn resident
How often do you visit the website? One or two times a week
Overall, does our website meet your needs? Sort of
What types of information or services do you come here to find? Current Construction projects, crime data and city codes.
Did you find the information you were looking for? No
How visually appealing is our website? Somewhat appealing
How much do you trust the information on our website? A moderate amount
Do you have any other comments about how we can improve our website? Make city codes easier to search again like you had it before.

Name not shown inside Auburn July 10, 2020, 11:37 PM

Multiple concerns were raised regarding street lighting to improve safety. Do you live in an area in which street lights or poor or non-existent? No
There were concerns raised about unlawful, disruptive or inappropriate activities in the parks on Lea Hill, what experience have you had regarding those concerns? That there's too many unused parks and the crime has increased and I'd never feel safe going to any of them!
There were several issues mentioned that presented competing priorities due to funding limitations. Please drag the following items in the order you believe should be prioritized. Increased traffic calming, Increased police presence, Increase or improve street lighting, Increase economic development
It was announced that a police substation will be located at the Seasons development (paid for in full by the developer). The police requested that they would need police volunteers to help staff the substation. Would you be interested in volunteering? No
Does your neighborhood currently have an active Block Watch? Yes
Does your neighborhood currently use a communication tool like Facebook or the Nextdoor app? Yes
There were multiple questions raised about how the City prioritizes spending, the laws that we operate under for growth and development, how the 911 system works and what constitutes illegal behavior. If the City were to offer a Citizens Academy on how local government operates would you attend? Yes
Since you have lived on Lea Hill, have you called 911? Yes
If you answered yes above, what was your experience when calling 911? Why did you call? What was the response from police? Was your issue resolved? Approximately how long ago did you call? Within the last 3 years. Responses were impressive and issues were resolved.
How long have you lived on Lea Hill? 11-15 years
What is your overall impression of Lea Hill? I loved Lea Hill prior to the last 2 years. Now there's too much noise 24/7 coming from the downtown construction, the train and the traffic. My house and neighborhood started vibrating in 2019 sometimes all night and for days and weeks straight. I've lost sleep for over a year now and wish I could just move. There's too many unnecessary construction projects going at once and many more to come. There's far too many parks and the crime has gone up. Our property taxes are to high and I feel like I'm being taken advantage of. It's not the Lea Hill I've always loved anymore, but I sure don't want it getting any worse.

Name not shown inside Auburn March 2, 2020, 9:02 PM

What are your experiences with homeless individuals in Auburn? I live on 12th ST SE and I have seen a large increase in homeless people over the years. I have found needles and crumpled foil all over the area, which is especially concerning being there is an elementary school on 12th ST. Theft has also been a consistent issue over the past five years and I have put up cameras because of this. My neighbor just had thousands of dollars in tools stolen from his work truck.

My wife doesn’t feel comfortable walking to the library because of the number of homeless that take over the area. The random police presence at the library does nothing to alleviate the concern of those walking to it.

I work at night and If I take my bicycle to work I have to swerve around people sleeping in the sidewalks on A St and on the interurban trail. I usually take my car because of this.
What input would you give City officials to address homelessness in Auburn? Please do something about people sleeping in public spaces. Anti-panhandling laws would discourage people from staying in the area. The biggest thing would be a zero tolerance policy on drugs. Prosecute everyone found with drugs to the fullest extent of the law.

Name not shown inside Auburn September 7, 2019, 12:36 PM

What are your experiences with homeless individuals in Auburn? Littering our sidewalks, sleeping in vehicles on our residential streets, scary situations in Brennan Park, camping out in the vacant lots at I Street NE /40th NE, panhandling, etc...All negative.
What input would you give City officials to address homelessness in Auburn? Move Ray of Hope to an industrial district, give them somewhere to park at night instead of in front of our homes. They have no where to go after the facilities close for the day.

MOLLIE BROWN inside Auburn August 5, 2019, 7:44 AM

How do you interact with the City of Auburn? I am an Auburn resident
How often do you visit the website? A few times a month
Overall, does our website meet your needs? Sort of
What types of information or services do you come here to find? Utilities info, pet info, misc info
Did you find the information you were looking for? Other - More pet info needed
How visually appealing is our website? Somewhat appealing
How much do you trust the information on our website? A lot

Name not shown outside Auburn June 28, 2019, 11:41 AM

What are your experiences with homeless individuals in Auburn? None so far. I just moved into the area
What input would you give City officials to address homelessness in Auburn? More wrap around services and more outreach to better serve individuals