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What name do you select for Dunwoody's newest park? The city of Dunwoody broke ground and began construction of the city’s third new park in two years! With the creation of this new park comes the important job of finding the perfect name!

Thank you for participating!

City Council decided to revisit park name at future date.

The Name Your Park contest site received a total of 804 visitors and collected 262 responses/votes with 63 votes coming from District 1, 108 votes coming from District 2 and 49 votes coming from District 3 while 42 votes came from outside the city limits.

The potential park name selection voting results are detailed below including the number of votes received for each selection:

  • Pernoshal Park                                             19 votes
  • Hightower Trail Park                                     11 votes
  • Muskogee Park                                            24 votes
  • Old Buck Park                                              3 votes
  • Magnolia Park                                              16 votes

There were 189 various write-in name submissions which either did not garner enough votes to surpass existing totals of the five park name selection choices or failed to adhere to the contest rules and considerations detailed in the contest portal. 

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