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What's next for the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)?

What's next for the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)? CRA Strategic Planning FY19-23

Northwest Urban Core Survey

What are the likes, dislikes, hopes, and concerns for the future of the “Northwest Urban Core" surrounding the greater Stephen Foster area?

Contribute your big ideas & help design our best Gainesville!

What are your big ideas to improve the Gainesville community?

Bike Share Naming Contest

Bike share is a convenient, accessible and complementary transportation option that facilitates commuting and recreational trips. What is your suggestion for naming Gainesville's new bike share program?

Gainesville’s Budget for our Citizens

Help the City of Gainesville design a budget for you!

City of Gainesville Hours & Methods of Availability

How can the City of Gainesville effectively meet the citizens' needs through its hours and methods of availability?

Rails-to-Trails Site Furnishings

What type of site furnishings would you recommend to best support the West 6th Street Rails-to-Trails?

Building Department Customer Service Survey

How can we improve the services offered by the Building Department?

Pickleball at Northside Park

Should the City add pickleball court lines to the existing tennis court at Northside Park?

Skateparks Along Trails - PART 2

Should small skateparks be built along City trails?

NE 8th Avenue Crosswalk

Where should the City of Gainesville build a signalized crosswalk to assist pedestrians with crossing NE 8th Avenue in the Duck Pond area?

South Main Street Visioning - PART 2

Are we on track with our proposed South Main Street Planning Process Statement and 5 Guiding Planning Principles?

Skateparks Along Trails - PART 1

Should small skateparks be built along City trails?

South Main Street Visioning - PART 1

What improvements to South Main Street could be done to enhance the area around Depot Park?

Walking and Bicycling

What could the City do to encourage you to walk or bike more?

Bicycle Parking

Where would you suggest the City install additional bicycle parking?

Small Business

What principles should the City follow and what actions can the City take to better support small business growth and development?

Rebuild SE 4th Street

How should the City of Gainesville rebuild SE 4th Street?