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What changes can you envision for S. Main St. to(1)improve safety & connectivity for motorists, pedestrians, & bicyclists(2)address increased parking demands associated with Depot Park+Cade(3)improve the identity & visual character of the corridor(4)balance the flow & accessibility for all users

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Name not shown inside Gainesville

August 30, 2016, 12:20 PM

Down with vehicle infrastructure! East side is mostly bikes and buses, so why not reflect that in the street design? Encourage safer cyclist travel, covered transit shelters (which seldom exist off university campuses...?) and walking space to travel to and from public spaces. Encourage people to leave the car at home. Quit paving paradise to put up a parking lot!

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SHARON WOODRUFF inside Gainesville

August 30, 2016, 10:30 AM

Current roads structure with 4 lanes of traffic plus bike lanes are the best option for Gainesville. We urgently need the openness, the vista, the freedom of the current 4 lane layout. If traffic lanes are stolen or removed in any way we can never get them back. In the increasingly cluttered, tight, cheap, oppressive mean little streets and roundabouts we are diminished as people of freedom and lovers of Florida's vistas of openness... and we are increasingly forced into the dark caverns and enclosed corridors of downtown Chicago and New York. Let the Cade Museum be the symbol for bursting into the relief of wide streets with open lanes that need not be filled to capacity every minute. We do not like bumper to bumper traffic and South Main is the only relief we have left downtown. Do not take it from us, please. Full 4 lant traffic south of Depot Avenue is the only vista appropriate to Cade Museum and the citizens of this enrgetic, unconstricted town.

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Michael Selvester inside Gainesville

August 25, 2016, 3:34 PM

This design balances the safe access of pedestrians and bikes with the needs of motorists. Wider-than-usual bike lanes and sidewalks make for safe and comfortable use of the shared space (the transit station on the eastern side represents a sidewalk as well). Traffic exclusion domes ensure extra protection for what are likely to be very busy bike lanes. In addition, reducing traffic to one lane in each direction will calm traffic and enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety. The central, planted median can be interrupted where appropriate for crosswalks or vehicular turn lanes. Transit, while, important is less emphasized in this design since the Rosa Parks transfer station is just north of the park. Perpendicular parking will allow for the greatest number of cars for the park and nearby businesses. Though not on this design, well-marked, flashing pedestrian crosswalks would ensure safe, easy access to buildings on the western side of the street from the parking on the eastern side. Development on the western side of south Main should prioritize urban mixed-use with bottom floor retail and concealed parking garages.

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