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How do you feel about the 13/21 reconstruction project's goals and priorities?

Thank you for participating!

The Prior Lake City Council approved the recommended layout (roundabouts at 13 and Arcadia) on November 6. They are now moving into final design, and working on putting together community advisory committees to weigh in on construction details (staging and streetscaping). For complete and up-to-date information, check out the website at

Robling  clair

Communications and Legislative Coordinator Claire Robling

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Scott County Commissioner Michael Beard

Lisa kohner

Public Affairs Coordinator Lisa Kohner

Capitol dome orange 75x75

Planning Manager Brad Davis

Capitol dome orange 75x75

Patricia Freeman, Parks and Trails Planner

Vermillion  lezlie

Scott County Deputy Administrator Lezlie Vermillion

Jon ulrich

Scott County Commissioner Jon Ulrich

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Scott County Commissioner Tom Wolf

Shelton  gary

Scott County Administrator Gary Shelton

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Scott County Commissioner Dave Beer

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Scott County Commissioner Barbara Weckman Brekke