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Should Scott County allow rural farmsteads and farm wineries to become destinations for large scale weddings and events? If no, tell us why. If yes, what types of restrictions do you support to lessen impact to neighboring landowners and the community at large?

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I hit the wrong thing; showing my name is fine. Gary Wardell Spring Lake. If they provide on-farm parking and do not have super loud music, it should be fine. Weddings are fine. Rock concerts are not. we don't have enough low cost event sites in Scott County. I think allowing event centers or wineries are a great use of the space. We should be proud of and take advantage of Scott County's farmstead, wineries and farmers. Heck, yes, those types of venues should be used to bring money to the owners and Scott County. Yes, we should encourage it. I support the idea of letting property owners and businesses host large-scale events, provided they have a plan for parking, mitigating traffic or disruptions to traffic, and limitations on noise late in the evening. They need to proactively work with neighbors, too, so everyone is informed of limitations, expectations and schedules. I believe the visibility generated with event visitors will help tourism and business in our local communities. No, Lack of regulation, traffic, testing of drinking water, need for extra large septic systems, extra burden on county sheriff and staff paid for countywide not the township its in, lack of any oversight in township setting . Absolutely not! We presently live next to one of these venues and for anyone of you that support it you should be required to live next to one for a summer! We bought our property 12 yrs. before this nonsense started,we bought it for the peace,quite and serenity of rural life and we actually live here unlike the business owner.We used to be able to hear a pin drop on any given night.Now we are forced to keep our windows and doors shut every Fri.,Sat & Sun. night from May til Nov. due to the excessive thumping of bass and amplified music and dust from the gravel road it is on.At the conditional use permit mtg. we brought up all of our concerns,not unfounded fears but issues we had already been forced to live with as this business had already been allowed by Scott county and Belle Plaine township to operate for an entire summer without a conditional permit for fear of lawsuits from brides and grooms.At the conditional use permit mtg. we waited a half hour for the business owner to arrive at her own mtg. and she was given 45 mins. to make her case for it.The people against it were given 3 minutes! There's democracy at work, huh?The points we brought up and the pictures and police reports we brought were'nt even looked at nor considered for 3 seconds before it was voted on and approved! One of the township board members,prior to mtg said and I quote "this would never go on next to my place" unquote. I guess its ok next to mine as he voted to approve it!Almost every condition of operating a extended home business has been disregarded by Scott county and their zoning dept. so that the business can remain open.Whatever agreements were made at the Cond. mtg for this venue to open have been swept under the rug, so if you believe the contracts these people sign will be upheld you will be sadly disappointed.When we bring issues to our township mtgs. we are told and I quote" If you don't like it you can move" just what you want to hear after you work over 30 yrs to afford your land! When brought to the attention of the owner she told us she would come down and discuss possible solutions. That was last Sept. and still a no show! If anyone believes these are unsubstantiated issues just Google "neighbors who have problems with wedding barns" and you'll find over 700,000 responses as these things are destroying the quality of life for thousands across the country. I do not support Scott County allowing rural farmsteads and farm wineries to become destinations for large scale weddings and events in areas that are zoned residential, which would include the following zoning classifications: RR-1 = Rural Residential Reserve District RR-1C = Rural Residential Reserve Cluster District RR-2 = Rural Residential Single Family District RR-3 = Residential Suburban Single Family District. Barn weddings may conjure up a lovely bucolic image, but the impact that this type of business has on the surrounding neighbors and residents is profound. This is a for-profit business that will be hosting hundreds of people on site in addition to generating noise from bands and hiring outside liquor vendors to provide alcohol in a residential area. The criteria for approval of a business must conform to zoning ordinances. Chapter 8 of the Scott County Zoning Ordinance regulates home extended businesses. In chapter 8-2, it states that the use will be sufficiently compatible with, or separated by sufficient distance from, or screened from adjacent agricultural or residential land uses so that there will be no deterrence to the use or development of adjacent land and uses. It is important to note that homeowners should not have deterrence to their use of their land. I do not see how a large scale entertainment venue could not adversely impact residential residents. Large scale entertainment venues not only impact the enjoyment and use of resident’s homes and backyards by generating loud music, traffic and possible problems related to alcohol abuses but also impact the value of their homes. Not only does this type of business reduce the value of a neighboring home, it also greatly increases the amount of time it would take to sell that home. Please remember that these are our homes. We live here. For most people, a home is their single largest investment. Please keep large entertainment venues out of our residential areas. Scott County should not allow rural farmsteads and farm wineries to host large scale weddings. These types of events affect the quality of life for any surrounding neighbors by increasing traffic and noise. This can actually become dangerous for neighbors with horses or other large animals that can be easily startled or upset. Large business venues next to or near private homes should not be allowed. When I bought my home in RR1, I did my homework and read the Scott county ordinances for RR1. I loved my home, the community and was comforted, by Scott County's own ordinances, that I would never have something like this or any large business moving in next to me. Since then I have had to spend MANY hours to keep a wedding venue and two other large businesses out of my community. It's decreased my quality of life in Scott County. We are a good law abiding family who pays our taxes, works hard and loves thy neighbor. I'm sure many counties would love more of us in their communities and Scott County should feel blessed to have many like us here. I am a small business owner, myself, and I rent space in an industrial park. I do this because the last thing I ever want to do is upset my neighbors and destroy their quality of life they have grown to love. I believe if a business of this size ruins just one neighbor's serenity and quality of life then it is WRONG and should NOT be approved! We have rules, regulations, and ordinances for a reason. When we overlook or make exceptions to those, we open up Pandora's box. These kinds of venues bring in additional traffic (are our roads ready for that and who pays for the repairs due to this additional traffic?), bring strangers to the community (who will be there to protect our families, homes and animals from the possibilities of crime?), and it will bring in drinking and require more overhead to the county to watch our roads. Taxes should not go up for this and communities deserve to feel safe. I truly hope those who have the overall decision making in this thinks about what they are doing and the risks they are taking at the expense of their whole community, not just a few businesses. Thank you. I do not support this type of business activity, unless the zoning restrictions allow it already. It is a costly, frustrating, and time consuming thing for each and every neighbor to these proposed venues if they want to oppose the IUP/CUP permit applications. We found this out, as one of these entrepreneurs came to our neighborhood to start up one of these wedding event venues in our neighbors century-old farm and barn. Traffic impacts, road deterioration, noise, drinking, and 600 - 1000 guests per week traveling down our gravel road and affecting the serenity and security of our family and our neighboring families. I say NO. M I do not think a good idea to have the tranquility of the rural setting disturbed by what is considered a business activity. It may help a few, but would hurt many. Do think that the County could zone in a few areas that are already closer to existing city or business properties where this type of activity could be done. Keep it out of the truly rural areas though. If you have enough parking so people aren't parking on the road and if you have plans for handling the waste water (residential septic systems cannot support large events (need porta-potties) and if the noise isn't too loud for too long, then it shouldn't be any problem at all. Farmer's create all kinds of their own nuisances. If you've bought the land and invest in the property, you should be able to make use of it and hosting weddings or other events periodically should be allowed. I believe people can use their land buildings and property for any lawful purpose they see fit. Government should not have a say in how they are used. If neighbors can prove actual harm verses annoyance, then they can seek redress with the offending neighbor directly. The government can only make a one size fits all rule. Leaving it between neighbors allows the maximum flexibility. No. Too much consideration goes into the approval of this activity. I could argue this opens the door for me to open up a venue in my garage and back yard for late night parties and bands any time I feel like it as well. If you approve it for one, then arguably it can be done for all. This type of venue belongs in a much more rural setting miles from populated neighborhoods. Traffic and noise to the surrounding community are too problematic in a city such as Jordan. For those of you that complained about being plagued by this already, my advice is to start a 'business' of your own and hold parties at the times the offender next door does, just on a night they would like to have some peace. What's good for the goose...... We should be happy these folks want to put as much time and effort into these wedding barns and wineries!! Not everyone wants to get married in a church. They are bringing people into our towns to spend money! Our small communities need this. It is very unfortunate that neighbors that just like to complain have to make this an issue for everyone. The real underlying issue is disgruntled neighbors.

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