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What Do You Think About Smoking and Tobacco Use in Scott County's Regional Parks?

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The present policy is sufficient. I am a non-smoker but do not believe smokers should be subjected to stricter regulations. Smokers taxes pay for the parks the same as non-smokers. The current policy is fine, assuming that it ever gets enforced. At a large park complex in a Scott County city last week for a softball game there was an individual smoking a cigar, despite the signs at every entrance to the park complex and 15 feet from the person on the concession stand stating that the entire park was tobacco free/no smoking permitted. Two staff members were on site at the concession stand and walking through the grounds while the individual was smoking, yet neither they nor anyone else confronted the person smoking, let alone actually enforced a penalty for violating the ordinance. If anything were to be changed in the ordinance, both at the County level and at city levels, it should be that there is no lax enforcement, no verbal warnings given, just issuance of the applicable penalty when necessary. A bonus would be if those who smoke would universally be polite enough to chose a location downwind from others while smoking. The current regulations are sufficient. I am a Scott County resident & a non-smoker and I do go to the local parks (mostly Cleary Lk) and I believe the current regulation meets the intended goal. An outright ban is not necessary, nor would it be practical to enforce.

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